Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Annual Jacobson 4th of July Feast & Fireworks

This year we had our annual 4th of July Feast and Fireworks out at Zac and Lauras. Everyone was there this year except for Ty, Tanille, Jace and Aiden (whose presence was missed, but there is always next year.) We did however get to see them at the Buhl Parade. In there place some of Lauras family got to join us. Tad, Kris, Jill, Ryan and Kasey (hope I spelled her name right). We had fun playing volleyball, while the little ones played in the pool and the older ones sat and enjoyed the scenery. All in all it was a fun relaxing day with the family. Every year someone goes and gets fireworks from Wyoming after making a well needed stop to see everyone in Swan Valley. I personally could spend an entire day looking at fireworks and finding out what they all do. They are pretty sweet. They where good this year and Logan loved them.

We have recently come to know that Logan loves Otter Pops and Uncle Dylan was kind enough to share his with him. He usually throws a fit after he finishes his first one, so we always make sure to have a second one close by (he gets a limit of 2).

He loves the water and could have stayed in the pool all day. He is definitely going to be a water boy and I am excited so that we can go waterskiing, kneeboarding and tubing as he gets older.

Logan loves playing with Carson and they had fun filling the pool. At one point Carson was trying to dump water on Logans head. He had a frissbee and filled it with water, but the water would all be gone before he got it above Logans head, and he would just laugh. You got to love them, they are just tooo cute.

This is when I really knew that he loved water. He didn't care that it was hitting him right in the face. I absolutely hate when water hits me in the face. He takes after Matthew on this one.

Here is Little Miss Hailey in her very first swimming suit. She did okay with the water, but it was a little colder than her bath water I think. So it was kind of a shock to her. Oh well it is a cute Mommy and Me picture.

Here is everyone settling in for the fireworks, after a long day of fun.


Friday, July 3, 2009


I just wanted to post of pic of Matthew in his Whites. There is also a picture of everyone in the program with him as well as his instructors. Only 12 days until White Honors Night.