Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Garden

I am so excited that it is Gardening Season. Although it has still been pretty cold and rainy with very few sunny days in between, I have a few things planted. I have to say a million thank yous to Zac because he roto-tilled our garden for us, because Matthew was sick and I was chomping at the bits to get into my garden. I feel bad though because Laura is still waiting for hers to be roto-tilled.

So my dad went to this Gardening seminar this past winter and he sent me this book that the guy who taught their class wrote (I think anyway). I have read almost the whole book and have realized that I do a lot of things wrong in my garden. Mostly I water everything wrong, and after reading a looking back to last years garden I can see where I went wrong. We had beautiful plants last year, but the harvest was a little disappointing, and according to the book thats what was supposed to happen with our poor watering job. So I have read the book and outlined my garden plan and my watering schedule. So I hope that it will help me have a bountiful harvest this year.

So here is my garden layout and the watering schedule.
So the book told me how far apart the rows should be and how to plant and water everything. So I am trying it like is says in the book and I will see what works and what doesnt. The cool weather plants such as my carrots and potatoes need water twice a week. My cucumbers, onions, peppers, beans, corn and pumpkins need watered once a week, and my tomatoes need watered every 10-14 days. The water is supposed to sit in the furrows (or corrugates as I call them) for at least an hour and that is all the water they need. 

Here is the garden all laid out and grass clippings around the border.
 I am so excited because this year we actually did a watering system. It isnt anything special, but it works for what we have. And all we have is the hose coming from the house. So what we did was get 1/2" PVC pipe and then a piece that attaches to the hose for all four sections of our pipe and then an end plug. Then we simply drilled holes in the pipe for each furrow. The sections are split so just the right amount of water comes out so that we can water for the right amount of time. All we have to do is adjust the pressure at the faucet on the house. It is pretty simple and pretty sweet. I was like a kid on Christmas when we got it all put together. Yep thats me easily excited and entertained :)! 

Here are a few pics of the watering set up:

It made my whole weekend last weekend :)!!!

I just think it looks cool. I am so excited to work in my garden this year :)!!!!!!!
I have to say that my carrots are coming up, the onions are really coming up and a few potatoes and corn are starting to come up too!!!! I just need a little bit more warmer days so that I can feel comfortable to plant the rest of my garden. Oh its going to be a fabulous gardening season. I can already taste it :)!!!!

A few cute little stories about Logan helping me:

We were making the furrows with our hoes and we were only about half way done and Logan walks and puts his hoe down at the bottom of the rows and says "Mommy, I tired." Then he goes inside and gets his cup with milk in it. I couldnt stop laughing. What a cute little boy!

A while back Logan went with me to buy the onions and I bought one package of white onions and one package of yellow onions. He insisted that he carry one package to the counter and ever since then that has been his package of onions. So when we went to plant them, he gave me mine and he kept his. I couldnt even get his away from him so that I could open it to plant them. Anyway, we were planting them and he had to help so I would mark in the mud where he needed to plant them and I would say "boop" and he would put one right where I would show him. He then would say "boop" everytime and give me the biggest smile. I loved it. He is such a big helper and I love that the garden gives us time to work together and have fun.

Thats why I love gardening. It is relaxing and we all have fun doing it :)!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have to say that I am definitely a person who loves change. Change is good for me and even though it can be overwhelming in many ways, I always love it. I was released from Young Womens today, which is sad because I have loved all the girls that I have gotten to know. We really have had a good group of girls. I loved teaching them on Sundays and we always seemed to have fun activities on Wednesday. I am going to miss working with them, but I have quite the adventure coming up. I was called to be the PRIMARY PRESIDENT! I am thinking the same thing that everyone else is thinking, REALLY? I am completely scared to death, nervous, I definitely feel inadequate in every way, so this will definitely we a great experience for me. I think the unknown is good for me. I haven't been in, or done anything with primary for over 15 years! So to say that I have no idea what is going on is an understatement. I am going to jump right in and I hope that I picked the right ladies to help me through this new journey. I will definitely be asking for help from anyone I can, so anyone with any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aidens Birthday and Helping Friends

So today is Aidens 2nd Birthday. They had a birthday party for him yesterday, but he got sick so we didnt end up going. I feel really bad for not going, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AIDEN!

We ended up going over to help some friends pack their stuff, because they are moving to Arizona. It was rainy again and not many people showed up to help so it was a good thing that we swung by. We spent a few hours loading their uhaul and getting their car loaded on the trailer. Glad we were able to see them again before they left this morning.

Cute Miss Ashlee 5 Months

Daddy and Ashlee

Shauna, Danielle and Logan enjoying homemade banana cream pie!

Logan only ate the whipped cream on top of the pie and wouldnt even try the banana cream.

Maceys Birthday!

So Maceys 1st Birthday was on Tuesday the 10th and we went out to a BBQ/ Birthday Party. I didnt get any pictures of the cute Birthday Girl, but she is so stinking cute. So Happy 1st Birthday to Macey!

On the way home we saw a beautiful double rainbow, because once again it was another rainy day. The rainbow was beautiful and we stopped so that Logan could see it.

Mothers Day Weekend!

So Mothers Day weekend was busy. First of all Matthew had been sick all week, which was no fun around here. Then Friday morning he woke up and told me to look in his throat, so I did and it looked pretty disgusting. We both were pretty sure that he had strep-throat. So we got him an appointment here in Buhl at the Family Health Services. When we saw the dr and she looked in his throat she was like WOW! We are definitely going to do a strep test and it came back in just a few minutes positive, which was no surprise to us. Then she told Matthew that he had two choices, that he could either have a one time shot with the antibiotics (which is going to sting) or he could take antibiotics for 10 days, twice a day. He chose the shot and the dr was shocked and said really ?! So the nurse came in to give the shot and when Matthew looked at it he said it looked pretty thick. (Me I am just laughing to myself, because I definitely would have chosen the 10 days of antibiotics). So the nurse says ok I need you to pull your pants down a little bit because this shot goes in the butt. (I am laughing even harder to myself now). So Matthew does and the nurse winds up and gives him the shot like she is throwing darts and I saw him flinch pretty good, but he didnt say anything until the nurse left. Then he said it felt like he got hit in the butt with a baseball ( Now I was laughing out loud). He thought that he was pretty tough and the shot sure got the best of him. But in the end he said that he would get the shot again because within 12 hours he was felling a whole lot better. So his weekend was spent laying on the couch resting.

However, after his appointment we went into Twin because I needed to run some errands and I made him go with me so I could keep an eye on him. He rested at my moms house while I met up with my sister to run our errands. First we stopped and got Matthew some throat spray and some juice then we went and bought my mom some flowers to plant in her pots in front of her house, because that is what we do for her every Mothers Day. So we did that and then stopped and grabbed everyone lunch and went back to my moms house to plant flowers. We hung out there for a while and just talked and let Logan play outside.

My sister Michelle with Ashlee.

This kid loves water I think more than anything. We couldnt get him away from it.

He watered the rocks, his feet, all the flowers, trees and the sidewalk.

It was fun to just watch him play and have fun.

Then we all left so that Matthew could take a nap and we ran into the mall to just walk around and look. It sure was a nice day and a fun day to celebrate Mothers Day with my mom. We sure love her for everything that she does for us and our kids.

Then we stopped by my Grandparents house, to spend a little time with them. I guess that I didnt take to many pictures there, but I did get a few more of Michelle with the kids.

Then Saturday my dad and Cyndi came up from Utah, so I loaded the kids up and headed back into Twin to spend the day with them. We sure had fun despite the rainy weather we had all day. We talked, had a delicious turkey dinner and then pretty much played games all afternoon. We had fun hanging out with them and my grandparents. We got a late start home that night, because I had promised our Sunday school class that we would bring them oreo cupcakes to class and I still had to make them. So I stayed up until 12 that night baking oreo cupcakes. Finally I got those done and went to bed.

Sunday morning came and I was the only one going to church. I was going to take Logan and Matthew was going to keep Ashlee home with him, but Logan was still sleeping at 8:45 when I left so he missed church too. So I went to church and we had a great Sacrament Meeting, I thought. Then I had to teach our Sunday School class, but it was a good thing that we played review jeopardy and then ate cupcakes. Then I had to teach young women's, which I really enjoy. Then I came home and ran some cupcakes to Lisa for Mothers Day. A small thank you for all the wonderful things she does for us. Then we headed over to the Garners and had dinner with them for Mothers Day.

Shauna, Hal and Trent all watching How to Train Your Dragon with Logan.

So it was a busy but fun Mothers Day weekend at our house this year!

Haileys Birthday!

So on April 30th was Haileys 2nd Birthday Party. It was out at Flint and Lisas, and Brandon and Maricela had a bounce house and a little train. It was a windy day but the kids had fun.

Here are a few pictures of the kids going down the slide of the bounce house.

Logan had a blast.

Cute Miss Hailey wouldnt go down without help.

Liams facial expressions were priceless.

Matthew, Ashlee and Dylan hanging out watching the kids go down the slide.

This was the awesome train that Brandon had to drive around a lot because the kids just loved it.

Logan lovin every minute.

He definitely loves to smile for the camera :)!

Jace having fun!

Hailey opening presents with a little help from Carson.

More toys!

Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Hailey!

Her Spongebob Birthday Cake.

It was a fun day and the kids had a blast.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good News

So yesterday we headed to Boise for another test. That is a test for Matthews schooling. This was his Life Span Psychology. He was not feeling good and had been sick for two days. He never really gets sick and this was bad. We couldnt get out of it, because you have to give 24 hours notice to cancel or you lose you testing fee which was $250. So there was no backing out of it. So we loaded our kiddos in the car and headed to Boise. Both kids slept the whole way up which made the car ride easy. It was a pretty boring ride for me because Matthew was studying, kids were asleep and I couldnt listen to the radio. So I said it utter silence. We did make it to the testing center in time and Matthew took his test and PASSED! He didnt do as well as he wanted to but he said that he had a hard time concentrating. So he passed and its time to get ready for his next one. :)!

So while he was taking his test we went to my Uncle Jerrys house and played in his yard. It is great that he lives about 5 minutes from the testing center and I was able to let Logan stretch his legs and Ashlee get out of her carseat. It was a fun hour or so. Planes kept flying over head and Logan kept telling me that there was an airplane and then he would point them out to me. He just got so excited. He really is such a good little boy. I love all the time that I get to spend with him.

Then we pick Matthew up from his test and headed back home. We stopped in Mountain Home at the Subway and grab a bite to eat. Logan got a small cup of ice cream and was the happiest little boy ever. He wanted a cookie to but we negotiated and just got the ice cream. So although it was quick trip because I had a sick husband, it was a fun trip.