Friday, August 31, 2012

Man He's Getting Old

Before I move on to September, Matthew had his 27th Birthday!!!!! Cant believe he is getting so old! 

He sure got spoiled this year, but it is only because we love him!!

His Pride and Joy
 I worked really hard this summer, doing little jobs here and there, earning some extra cash and I was able to save up enough to buy him a new TV, stand, and blue ray player. He also got the Avengers on blue ray and he wanted the animated Avengers Seasons 1-4. I think he loved his birthday this year. 

I also took his advice and made him some plain lemon cupcakes with a light lemon cream cheese frosting. I will have to agree with him that sometimes simple is better. They were pretty good if I do say so myself. 

He sure works hard for our family and we love and appreciate him. We just hope that he know what a wonderful father and husband he is. 

Happy Birthday Daddy (Matthew)!!!!!!
We Love You!!!

We also got to spend an evening out with Flint and Lisa, it was fun to get to go to birthday dinner with them! Thanks for the great evening!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August In Fast Forward

I am not even sure I remember August. It went so fast, and I think I took a total of maybe 10 pictures the whole month. So it must have been a busy month or just a boring one. I do know that I have been canning a ton, but havent really taken the time to take any pictures. I will just take one of my food storage when everything is put away and I can just take a step back and look at what I got done. I have just a few pictures of the kiddos. I just have to say that it has been a busy summer, but I sure enjoy all the warm days that we have spent outside playing. I just love getting to spend so much time with Logan and Ashlee. They sure do make life enjoyable.

Ashlee sporting her new fun purse full of goodies. She loves it!

Cheeser!!! She sure is a fun little girl!

But she can be naughty too! She sure thought it was fun to color on herself :)!

We have spent a few days hanging out at the Garners. Here are the kiddos enjoying some yummy popsicles!

Look how handsome he is! Just love him to death. He sure is a sweet little boy!

Her hair is getting long, it just needs to fill in. It sure looks cute in piggies!

Gotta love that cheesy smile :)!
I cant even remember much about August. I have just been working on Primary stuff, canning, being a mom and wife. All that sure seems to keep me busy. Matthew was able to go on a High Adventure with some of the young men in our ward. He sure had a fun time. They were techno-hunting, skeet shooting, zip-lining and a few other fun things. He sure had a fun time. We also were able to head to Pocatello the last weekend in August to be there when Val and Richard were ordained to the Priesthood. It was a neat experience for Michelle and her little family. So glad that we could be there to share it with them.

That pretty much sums up August. Can you believe it is September? I Cant!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun Playroom!

Here are the picture of the playroom at Lisas. The trim still needs to be painted pink and put up. Hopefully I can get around to it soon so that the playroom can be completed. I think it turned out awesome and the kids love it.

The yellow wall, the chairs in the picture were our inspiration for the colors.

Logan enjoying the fun new playroom :)!

Random Kid Moments

Here are some random pictures of Logan and Ashlee from July. It has been a pretty busy summer.

My Two Cute Fire Fighters
Ashlee sporting her Junior Fire Fighter Hat that she got from Uncle Fred.

Logan wearing his fireman hat and he even found his very own fire truck.

Mom and I attempted another garage sale, since our last one in June got rained out. We did a Saturday only on the 14th. It was a good day. Although it rained again at the very end of the garage sale. Mom sure knows how to pick a rainy day for a garage sale. Next year I will have to pick the weekend :)!

Logan came outside and said mom Ashlee has chocolate everywhere and this is what I found.

She is a freak about having dirty hands, she absolutely hates it.

Yep, the two cutest kiddos ever!!!!

Ashlee got a new Nike outfit and I tried to get her to sit still for just a few pictures and this is what I got. She has such a fun personality and we sure do love our little girl.

What a little monkey!

We went with daddy to feed the horses and this is the kids watching him from the car.

Life sure is enjoyable having these two sweet kids around.