Thursday, February 28, 2013


On February 23, 2013 all the Jacobson Family got together before Dylan left on his mission, and we were able to get family pictures. Crazy to think that we will not be able to all be together for another 2 years, but it is for a good cause. Anyway Tianna and Richard and Baby Owen were able to come home from Mississippi and we got to spend so time with them. It is fun being able to be close to Matthew's family because we really do get along and we have a lot of fun!

Before we headed to the Church for official family pictures, we had Ty take a few of us at Flint and Lisa's.

I LOVE them! I really am blessed and I have a pretty wonderful little Family!!
Matthew Jacobson Family 2/23/2013

These two are wonderful parents and I couldn't have asked for better In-Laws!
They started as a Family of 8!
Now they are a group of 24 (Emma isn't pictured) with 2 more on the way!!


US!! Matthew-Niki-Logan-Ashlee

HOLD ON TO FAMILY-TIME SPENT WITH LOVED ONES CREATES AN EVERLASTING BOND: Families are special creations made up of people who love each other and are tied together with threads of common experience, memories, and values.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Camping Out In the Living Room

On random occasions, the kids want to sleep on the air mattress out in the living room. Why not! We set up camp turn on a movie and then Matt and I go to bed while the kids enjoy their movie and fall asleep. Then at some point in the night one of us gets up and shuts off the TV. I love moments like this and I hope that they will remember things like this when they get older. Its nothing big but I think they are the fun times!! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

We had a wonderful Valentines Day. We aren't really into getting each other gifts, so this year we just got a family gift. It was a pretty cool gift this year, and something I knew that everyone would love. Matthew has been wanting one and Logan loves root beer pop so what better gift to get than a Soda Stream! 

Holding his first bottle for ROOT BEER POP!

Ashlee claimed the grape Kool-Aid as hers.
Then for dinner Matthew made his homemade buffalo chicken wings! His is a really good cook! So it was a wonderful day to just relax and enjoy our family time.

So I just have to tell about the great deal I got on my soda stream, just so that I can remember how excited I am. So one day I thought that I would get online and see just how much they were and see if it was something that I wanted to get. So I checked Walmart and Target and they were about the same price about 79.99 and you would get a few samples, the machine, a bottle and a CO2 tank, which isnt too bad. But then I just did a Google search to see if it was cheaper somewhere else. Sure enough I was lucky to find an incredible deal and where. The Home Shopping Network. I have never shopped on their site before but I was able to get the best deal ever. If you look back at the first picture we got the Soda Stream machine, with  one bottle the CO2 tank, and 18 samples, 3 flavored water samples, 2 additional Liter bottles, 2 half liter bottles and 3 full size Kool-Aid flavorings for 79.99 and I was able to get free shipping to my house. When I saw this deal I second guessed getting it but decided that it was too good to pass up. I then went back a few days later and the price was back up to 129.99 with $15 shipping. Don't know how I lucked out to find such a great deal, but I am sure glad that I did because the kids and Matthew love it. (I haven't had carbonation in over 13 1/2 years, so I cant quite breakdown yet to try it even for a Soda Stream). Nothing better than finding a great deal on something you want.

A Day of Love

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just the Two of Us

It's not too often that we get a picture of just the two of us. We had just dropped the kids off at the Garners and we were headed to the Temple. So I thought it would be a great time to take a picture. Although, Matthew was not to thrilled he let me take a couple any way. So here is what we looked like on Feb 2, 2013. Who knows when we will get another one of just the two of us!