Friday, November 26, 2010

A Year of THANKS!

Looking back over the past year, 2010, we sure have a lot to be thankful for.

  • Matthew finding a day time JOB so that we can have more time together as a family :).
  • When MATTHEW hit some cattle in the road, he was not harmed, just a damaged car which got fixed without any complications.
  • LOGAN has only had a broken arm, no major surgeries or sicknesses :)!
  • Both Matthew and I have been HEALTHY.
  • We have great FAMILIES, who we have enjoyed spending time with (Holidays, Camping, Birthdays, and just because)
  • We have wonderful PARENTS who are great examples to us as well as Logan.
  • We have a wonderful HOME where we LOVE to be together as a FAMILY.
  • Matthew works hard so that I can stay home and be a MOM to our wonderful little boy.
  • Matthew is a wonderful HUSBAND and an amazing FATHER.
  • I like to think that I am a wonderful WIFE and MOTHER.
  • We have everyday blessings like, FOOD, CLOTHES, CARS, we are able to pay our BILLS, and we have almost made it through another year together as a FAMILY.
  • We are very thankful for the GOSPEL in our lives and in our home. We truly have been blessed.
  • To finish off our year we will be welcoming a precious little girl into our family. Hopefully she will be here soon. We are so excited to meet our little girl, ASHLEE.
It truly has been a wonderful year for us. We have many things to be thankful for. We are just so grateful to have such amazing FAMILY and FRIENDS that have blessed our lives in so many ways. 2010 has been a wonderful year and we cant wait to see what is in store for us in 2011.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Yesterday after church, while I was fixing lunch Matthew took Logan to go help him feed the horses. We had to bundle them both up because it was cold and there was a few inches of SNOW. I am glad that Matthew takes the time to take Logan to go help him, because we sure have a little boy who loves spending time with daddy :)! This is the first year that Logan has actually gotten to experience snow. We didn't get much last year so he never really got to play in it. So we are off to a slow start. He is pretty cautious and I am not quite sure that he knows what to do, but he is slowly getting to like it. It is just going to take a few more days of playin outside with daddy.

My two cute boys!
Logan made me laugh because he was so bundled up that he was walking funny. But he stayed warm and that's what I was worried about.

First time on his sled. He kind of freaked out like he always does with something new.

Lookin out my kitchen window. This is such a wonderful sight to see. Helpin daddy feed the mules. Too bad they dont need fed all day long, because he sure could help all day long.

All finished feeding horses.

Sled Ride
They wouldnt look at the camera at the same time so this is what we got
 A good one of daddy.

A grumpy one of Logan.

A Few New Decorations

So our ward had a Fantastic Friday, and I signed up for a couple of projects. I wasn't able to be there because I had a sleepover at my house the same night for my beehives. I really wish that I could have been at two places at once. Some days I need two of me. I heard Fantastic Friday went well. They had yummy food and a lot of fun projects going on. But I have to say that I had a blast with my girls. We yummy homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade rolls. Then we played games all night and watched movies. It is always a great time or at least I hope the girls had a great time. But I wanted to share the projects that I finally finished.

These are the H-A-R-V-E-S-T blocks that I did. I am not sure if I am going to add ribbon and buttons or just keep them simple, like they are.
Then when you turn the Harvest Blocks over, You get:

Let It Snow! Two Decorations in one. I can put them out in November and leave them out until Jan or Feb.

This was the Thankful Jar that I did too:

It say We Are Thankful on the outside with black vinyl letters. Inside are little pieces of paper that say I am Thankful for (different things)! And then has a small fun activity to do together. Examples:
Make some treats to deliver to anyone!
Listen to music or play some music. Dance and have fun!
I thought they turned out great and I had fun putting them together. I think that maybe I should start making a few more crafts to add to our home. It was fun and way cheap. Who knows what project I may start next.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cold Weather

So the cold weather has finally arrived, and needless to say that our outside boy is not happy about that. He still tries to escape sometimes, but always comes back in and says "BRRRRR". He sure makes me laugh. I think that he still wouldnt mind going outside if I bundled him up and could stand to be out in the could myself, but seeing has how I am 36 weeks pregnant, really nothing sounds fun (especially being outside in the cold). So I have been trying to come up with new fun things for us to do inside. I havent come up with many, because it is hard for me to get down and play, and tackling and fighting are definitely not that easy to do anymore. So I pulled out a few games that I wanted to teach him, and we found one that he will sit and play with for quite a while, LETS FOR FISHIN'. We tried Chutes and Ladders but he doesnt have a long enough attention span for that one yet. But we sure have fun fishin' and occasionally he catches one without using his hands. So here is our FUN FISHIN ADVENTURE:

He figured out that it was much easier to catch them with his hands.

Fishin is way better than Chutes and Ladders.

Still using his hands, and so focused :)!

He was telling me that he caught an orange fish.

He is sure learning so much lately and he is definitely learning more words and talking in little sentences. I just love it all that we get to do together. I couldnt ask for a more precious little boy. And as Logan would say "BYE, BYE see ya ater!"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not Too Old To Learn

So my brakes needed replaced bad and not just the front, the back ones also. So I took my car to have the brakes checked and I got told that it would take about $860 to change all four brakes. I about died. I thought there is no way we can afford that. So I was talking to my dad and he said that he would help if we just picked up the parts. And I thought that is do-able. So he came down this weekend and Logan and I spent the whole day Saturday learning how to change brakes. We hit a few bumps in our road, but we did figure them out and now my brakes are as good as new (and we saved about $800 not to bad for a days work). Now I am at least a tiny bit aware of what a brake looks like and how to change them. I will not be attempting it on my own by any means but I think that I could do it with someone there to help. It was a great learning experience for me. It was also great to spend the day with my dad, he sure enjoyed getting to see and spend some time with Logan since he lives in Utah. They played and had a great time.

He kept trying to push Grandpa off the bed.

This boy loves to climb.

Couldnt get them both to look at the camera at the same time, but a cute pic anyway.


The story of the ishy (fish in Logans language). Well the water has been turned out of the ditches here on the dairy, and there is a canal that runs at the back of the dairy. There is a little bit of water still trying to make its way out of the canal and what little water is there has been keeping the huge ishy alive. Friday Matt, Brandon and David saw the fish and tried to catch it but didnt. And if I can remember it right I think one or a few of the three reached their soprano scream when they saw it, I wont disclose any name on account of embarrassment. :)! Anyway, then Saturday Matt and Zac where out working and saw it again and Zac got the net and caught it. Matt was impressed with it size and wanted to take a picture of Logan by it. I think this is the first time that Logan as been up close to an actual fish and he was scared. He sure didnt know what to do but climb up me trying to get away from it. So I had to hold Logan while Zac held the fish for the picture.

Poor Logan! Just look at his face, he just didnt want anything to do with it.

Matt with his moment of glory!
Zac with his moment of glory!
The fish was 22 inches long, 14 inches in diameter and weighed 5 lbs. Pretty good for livin on mud and moss. Or maybe he just took a wrong turn at the wrong time. Either way I think it fed a few mouths.