Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Big 26th to Matthew

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Matthew!!! We sure love you!

His Birthday Cake this year was a lemon roll cake.

The Birthday Boy Himself :)!!!!

Still full of hot air ;)!

One happy little boy glad to be home to spend time with his favorite person in the whole world. DADDY!

Not much for gifts this year, but he needed new shoes.
Happy Birthday to my best friend and the most wonderful husband and father!

We love you,
Niki, Logan and Ashlee

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ten Days In Utah

After Matthew was gone on his 50 miler for a whole week, we got to see him for three days and then the kids and I packed up the car and headed to Utah. We left Wednesday the 17th and didnt get back home until the 26th. So it is officially the longest the kids and I have been away from home and away from Matthew.

The reason for the trip was that my aunt and uncle wanted to go to New York on vacation, but needed someone to watch their kids so that they could go, so they called me and I thought why not. So we were headed for Utah and a fun 10 day get-away. We stayed at my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Donny's house from the 17th to the 24th. It was a fun and crazy time. I thougth 2 kids was quite a change, taking care of 4 was definitely harder, especially since 2 of them werent mine. I had fun with them though, it was a fun and relaxing time. We went to swimming lessons, played at the park, played games, watched movies, and just had fun hanging out. Bill and Abbey were a lot of help. We also got to meet my Uncle Donnys sister Jackie and her daughter Alex. Alex got accepted to BYU and they came from Georgia to get her settled in. It was fun to get to know them both. So it was a great 8 days with them.
Ashlee and I hanging out on the grass at the park while Logan and Abbey played.

Abbey and Ashlee. Abbey was a great helper and helped my pick out Ashlees clothes and Hairbows everyday. It was fun to watch them together.

Abbey and Logan pushing Ashlee on the swing.
 It was sad saying bye to my Aunt and Uncle and Bill and Abbey, but we had plans to go spend a few day with my dad and Cyndi since we dont get to Utah too often. So we spent the evening of the 24th together, the 25th and then I got up and headed home on Friday the 26th. I figured that since Matthews birthday was the 27th that it would be nice of us to be home to celebrate it with him :)!!!! But we had a great time with my dad and Cyndi. We spent the 25th doing lots of fun things. First we meet up with Julie (Cyndi's daughter in law) and her two kids, Trevor and Jacob, at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. It was really a fun place to go and Logan loved it! Then we went and ate at this amazing hamburger place that I cant remember the name of, it wasnt the healthiest, but they have pretty darn good food. Then we headed to the Living Aquarium. It was a pretty amazing place. Logan loved all the animals and even Ashlee got excited to see all the different animals. We got to see them feeding the anaconda that they had. It was eating a guinea pig, which was pretty awesome to watch. I hate snakes and I was glad that it was behind glass. They told us that she was 12 feet long and would get up to 25 ft. Does anyone else think that a snake shouldnt get that big ?!! It was cool to watch it eat, but I never want to come across one face to face ever in my lifetime. I was however pretty fascinated by the octopus that they had. I just thought that it was pretty cool to see one up close and personal. They are pretty amazing creatures. We just had such an amazing time hanging out with my dad that day. There sure are a lot of fun things to do in Utah, but glad I just get to visit every once in a while (just too many people for my taste). After the Aquarium we did a little shopping, we looked at toys, clothes and we went to this store called Gygi. It is a bakers and cooks paradise. I loved it and could have spent all day there if I would of had time. So if you are ever in Utah look it up and stop by. I just cant even describe how awesome it was. So a big thanks to my dad for a wonderful day and a big thanks to Cyndi for letting him take the day off to spend with us.

Pretty cool T-Rex
My favorite at the Aquarium

The two cutest and most wonderful kids ever!

Cyndi and Ashlee

My dad, Ashlee and Logan
It sure was a wonderful 10 days, getting to spend time with family we dont see as often as we wish we could. But it was sure good to get headed home, we missed our beds, or normal routines and of course we missed daddy the most :)!!!!! Thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful 10 days.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Week Without Daddy

So Matthew got the privlege of getting to head to the mountains for a week with the boys from our ward that went on the 50-miler. He was pretty excited because he enjoys it and it had been a long time since he has had the opportunity to go. It was also good for him to get a break from life and just have some fun. He has been so busy study and working that he really doesnt get much time to just relax, so I was glad that he got this opportunity. They left Sunday the 7th and returned Saturday the 13th. We missed him very much the whole week he was gone, but we kept ourselves busy. We were glad to have him home, and to hear some of his stories from the week. He had a blast and he sure enjoyed being out there with the boys. There were only six boys that went this year and then Flint, Matthew, Bishop Lani Schofield and His dad were the leaders that went. And as far as I can tell it was a pretty good week! Now I am not sure that I will be able to keep him from going every time they go, but I am not sure that I will stop him :)!!! I am just glad that he got to go and that he had an enjoyable time.

So it sure was a busy week for Logan, Ashlee and I. I am not sure that we Stayed home much, but we spent a good week with family, so it was a good busy week.

Monday 8th- We just stayed home and straightened the house. I didnt get as much done as I wanted to, but I did however make more time to spend playing with Logan and Ashlee. So it was a pretty relaxing day.

Tuesday 9th- We went in to Twin and I help my mom lay a paver walk-way. It was pretty hot, but we got it done. She is fixing up here house and has done some pretty sweet things, she has painted her siding a sage green with white trim and red doors. It is looking great! This was my first time laying a paver walkway and it sure was a lot of work even for just the little bit we laid. I sure wouldnt want to lay anything bigger than this. But glad we got it in and it looks great!

Wednesday 10th-I mowed my lawn and did some stuff around the house and then Michelle came out and spent the day with us, we also went down and I mowed the lawn for Lisa to help her out. Michelle and I then played games and played with the kiddos. So another busy yet fun day.

Thursday 11th- I had an appointment in Twin in the morning and then I met up with my friend Shauna and we got to eat lunch at the Burnt Lemon Grill. SO YUMMY! Then we went back to her house and just talked and let the kids play in the little kiddie pool she has. So it was another great day.

Shauna and Ashlee

Logan and the kitten (this poor thing was glad when we left)

Friday12th- We went back to Shaunas house and hung out with her. We made some cute fabric flower hairclips, let the kids play in the hot tub, ate good food, and talked, laughed and had a great day :)!

We sure had fun and look at all these cute flowers :)!

One very cute little fish-She sure enjoys the water :)!

The cutest boy ever, lovin the water :)!

Saturday13th- We finally finished cleaning the house and waited patiently for daddy to arrive home. There was one very excited little boy to see his daddy after missing him all week. Ashlee wasnt so sure about him, but it didnt take to long for her to warm up to him again. :)

It was a good week for everyone, but it was sure nice to have everyone home together :)!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jacobson Camping Trip 2011

Jacobson Camping Trip 2011
August 4,5,6

This year we weren't able to head up into the mountains, but we got to camp at the next best place, down at 1000 Springs Resort. It was quiet, we were next to a pool and the river. We had a fun time.

Kids playing on the stairs, which they did a lot.

Resting after getting camp set up.

The green tent is the tent we stayed in this year.

Getting ready for some fun on the boat.

Tianna getting instructions on how to wake board.

1st time wakeboarding :)!

Matthew not too excited to take Logan on the boat, because he was whining, but he did anyway :)!

It was really pretty where we were.

Nothing better than boating.

Building sand castles with Uncle Dylan.

Grandma always up for entertaining the grand kids.

1st time camping and she did GREAT!

Playing cards, I was playing too, but somebody has to be behind the camera.

Taking naps, everyone is pretty tuckered out.

Grandma still entertaining the grand kids.

Pretty sure it didn't quite goes as she had planned, but they all sure had fun doing it anyway.

Logan with a big smile on his face.

He really didn't want to go and me being a mean mom made him. He had a blast once we got going.

Having Fun!!!

Me kneeboarding.

I love knee boarding!
So we had fun eating, boating, talking, playing games. It was a fun weekend and to finish things off we all went for one last swim before we headed back home. It was a good way to end the weekend.
What a good lookin bunch, wouldnt ya say?!

Dylan riding the whale :)!

Dylan and Logan riding the whale.

Aidens turn on the whale.

Everyone enjoying the water.

One cute little boy. He did really well with his new water vest. He just did his own thing and really didnt want anyone to help him.

Grandpa helping Miss Ashlee.

Ashlee Nicole Jacobson :)!
It was another fun year of camping and spending time with family. We cant wait until next year :)!