Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun Memories

This is just something that we do quite often at our house at night. We pop some popcorn and watch a movie. Logan gets excited to be having popcorn so we get out the popcorn popper and the red bowl and then he has his own little bowl that has popcorn decorations on it. He gets up on his chair and watches it pop and then hands me the butter spray and then we go sit down on the couch together and usually enjoy a movie that Logan has picked out for us. This particular night it was Spongebob. Gotta love these simple little memories!

March 21 - March 27

Yep this was SPRING BREAK! And all I have to say is that it sure wasn't much of a spring or a break this week.

Monday the 21st- We headed to Boise so that Matthew could take his Microbiology test. He was pretty nervous because this course had 41 chapters and a lot of information to learn, understand and memorize. The test was 150 questions and its always hard to know exactly what material they are going to ask you, because it is only about 3questions per chapter. But all nerves aside he PASSED. Yep that means one more test down and one step closer to him getting his RN. (Not sure if I posted this, but he has been offered and asked to be the RN over all the schools in Twin this next school semester, we don't know all the details or if he will be completely done with his schooling by then. He is really pushing now and hopes to be done by then. So we will see what this year brings :)!

Tuesday the 22nd- This week was also Brandon's spring break and so he wanted to get some hours of work in at the dairy so I watched Hailey for them, so that he could work. So I had three kiddos this week. It was a trying day I think. Logan and Hailey play somewhat well together, I think that they cause a lot of trouble when they get together. It was fun to have her here all week, because Logan has such a good time with her here. They played, destroyed my house daily, they fought, they cried, they laughed and definitely had fun together. Then that night Laura and Zac invited us out for games and dinner. Laura made yummy taco salad and we played Monopoly Deal. We stayed up late playing and had a great time. Thanks Laura and Zac. And Thanks Carson for entertaining Logan :)!

We got to play with cute little Hailey all week!

I had fun getting to do Hailey hair and now I cant wait for Ashlees to get longer so that I can try to do cute hair-do's!
Wednesday the 23rd- Yep this was the day 17 years ago that Dylan was born. So Happy Birthday "D"! So after a day of taking care of three kids and Matthew working, we got to head to Filer to go bowling with the all the Jacobson's! It was fun! Then we went back and had cake and ice cream at Flint and Lisa's and got caught up on Survivor and American Idol. Which made it our third late night in a row.

He was so excited to go bowling!

Wow Mr. Independent, he wanted to do everything by himself.

Tianna would bowl and he would say "GO NANA" and then when she knocked down pins he said "YAY NANA!" It was pretty cute.

He got to where he could bowl by himself regardless of where the ball went, he didnt want any help.

This is me taking a picture of Lisa taking a picture. I guess we thought of taking a group picture at the same time :)! And just because we give each other a hard time. Do you see Mr Ethusiastic in the plaid shirt? I sure wish he would smile more :)!

Thursday the 24th- So all the late nights caught up to me this day and I was a little sluggish, which drives me crazy when I don't have much energy. So I didn't do much really today, besides play with the kids and try to clean a few things here and there. Then we took it easy that evening and went to bed pretty early :)! SLEEP I LOVE YOU!!!

Friday the 25th- I did tons of cleaning and laundry today. I needed to catch up from the long week of being gone and all the other fun stuff that we did. Tianna came and brought some boxes to store in our basement and then we sat and talked for a while. Logan got to play with his puppy today even though the weather was pretty cold and windy. He just doesn't care what the weather is as long as he gets to play OUTSIDE! We took it easy again that evening. Which was nice to have a low key evening again :)!

Saturday the 26th- Yesterday was a fun yet exhausting day. I have to say that I just love to help other people around there houses, and I guess that I love to do stuff around my own, but its just not as fun as other peoples because I have to deal with my stuff on a daily basis. So Tianna and I got to switch around the rooms at Flint and Lisa's. We moved Dylan to another room, we turned Dylan's room into a play/movie room for the Grandkids and then we are going to turn Tianna's room into a scrapbooking/craft room. We got part way done but the rest will have to wait until Monday :)! I am excited because I love to help do stuff like this. Then that night Matthew and I got to leave our kiddos with Lisa (THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA!) so we could go out to eat and go help clean the Temple. It was a fun evening. We went and ate at a place called TSE, which is a Chinese food place here in Twin Falls. I love there honey chicken and Matthew just loves all Chinese food so we had a great dinner and the company wasn't bad either. We enjoyed talking about random stuff and just enjoyed out time out. Then we got to clean the Temple, which I always find to be fun. Its just such an amazing thing to get to experience, the feeling of being in the Temple for whatever reason is just awesome :)! So we got home from doing that about 11:15 or so. Yep another long day, but what a great day it was.
Sunday the 27th- Not sure what today has in store. Except that we had a great day at church teaching our classes. We got home ate a light lunch, everyone is napping while I catch up on my blog. Then who knows what we are going to do tonight. All I know is that it is great to have a day to just kick back and relax and prepare once again for another fun but busy week ahead.

Yep life is great when you have a great family and people to make it so :)!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

She's 3 Months Old :/

Where has the time gone. Ashlee is 3 months already (March 12). Cant believe that she is growing so fast!

We sure love her!

A New Member of Our Family


So for those of you who don't know Matthew, he truly loves the movie The Phantom of the Opera. Hence the name of our new puppy :)!

I am not sure that I am super excited about getting a puppy but he is pretty cute and it is fun to see Logan with him. Also I find it cute that Matthew takes Phantom around with him in the mornings when he helps on the dairy. I am not sure if we got a puppy for Logan or for Matthew. Either way it is fun to watch them with Phantom :)!


Wow! I Am Behind

This is what we woke up to on February 25.

He was so excited to see the snow.

Looking out our door.

I love the snow usually. But I like it to be here for Christmas and then it can start to melt by the end of February. I wasn't liking the fact that it snowed at the end of February. I guess really I am just ready for SPRING. I am not ready for all the rain though. Really there is no pleasing me, is there. I guess I am just ready for SUMMER so that I can be out side, playing in the sunshine with the kiddos and doing my yard work and gardening. Instead of being stuck inside :(!

A Few Random Pics

She was sitting by herself :)!

My exercise buddy. He even has his own step.

Lovin the little sister.

Two Cool Dudes!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Potty Trained!

Finally! Logan is potty trained for the most part. And I say most part because he has a few bad days here and there. He is really good at telling me when he has to go, but sometimes I have to ask him and make him go. But that is because he is usually playing and doesnt want to stop. In fact he went poop on the potty all by himself today, which is a huge thing for him. It sure hasnt been the funnest cleaning out poopy underwear, but the whole potty training experience is definitely worth no more diapers for Logan! YAY!!!

Cute, Cute

Cute Little Ashlee (a week shy of 4 months)!

Cute Outfit

Big Bro and Little Sis
Two of the cutest kids ever!

Havin fun with Hailey

Hailey Loves Ashlee and we love Hailey :)!
These are just a few fun pics from yesterday. We spent the afternoon at Flint and Lisas and Brandon, Maricela and Hailey were there.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

So Laura did this on her blog and I thought to myself hey that would be fun to add a few of my favorite things to my blog. It will be fun to look back and see if these things will always be a few of my favorites.

These are not in any particular order:

1. Lindt Chocolate. I have loved this for as long as I can remember. My dad served a misson in Switzerland and he is the one who introduced us to this amazing chocolate. Growing up every year we got a bar of this chocolate in our stockings every Christmas. I could eat my whole bar in about 5 minutes and then I was left wanting more. I am still not quite sure that I have learned to save it so that I can savor it for longer than 5 minutes. Oh well, that's why you buy more :)! Yep definitely a favorite.

2. This has to be my favorite cleaning supply. COMET! I even go as far as buying the value pack from Costco. I use it on everything, I think because I love the way it smells after you use it.

3. I am a huge Country Music fan. I have pretty much always been and I don't listen to much else. I think I like different artists at different times but there is one group that I will always love no matter what. Matthew absolutely hates them, but I said that these are my favorites not his, right. They would be Rascal Flatts! I own every CD they have come out with, I think. I have even been to there concert in Boise and I loved every minute.

4. My all time favorite movie will have to be Pride & Prejudice. My favorite version is with Keira Knightley. I have watched about every random version that has been made and I have liked them too. I think that I love the whole story line and I love the time period. Just a great movie! Thank you Jane Austin!

5. We love Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade at our house. I cant keep it in stock. It is yummy and since I don't drink pop I had to find something other than water. Don't get me wrong I love water too, but Raspberry Lemonade it delicious!

6. MAURICES! Yep I wish that I was rich so that I could buy everything I find to be cute at this store. But it is fun to go and want and wish. Maybe someday I will be able to but until then, I will just enjoy going and looking at all the cute outfits that I wish I could have in my closet.

7. I love all things NIKE! Growing up I was going to become this amazing athlete that would sign an endorsement deal with Nike so that I could sport around the awesome logo of the swoosh. I love their shoes, their sweats, shirts, workout clothes whatever they make I love.

8. Monopoly Deal! Is now the greatest game I have ever played. It is the fastest and funnest way to play the board game which take hours upon hours to play. I know I go through spurts of which games I like from Settlers of Catan to Ticket to ride to Golf to whatever. I am definitely a fan of games.

9. All Romantic Comedies. Even though they have the same storyline. I love them all and I have to watch them all. A couple of my favorites: The Proposal and What Happens in Vegas.

10. Cricut Expression. I use it for a lot of things and I am looking forward to getting my cricut gypsy which I am sure will make me love my Cricut even more!

11. The Biggest Loser! Is probably one of my favorite shows and it is because of Jillian Michaels. I absolutely love her. I love how ruthless she is.

12. The Amazing Race! Yep another favorite. I love watching this show. We have watched every season since Matt and I got married. In fact his family are the ones who got me hooked.

13. Huggies! Yep I love these diapers. I have always love them but I love them even more now because I have won a years supply of free diapers from them. Thanks Huggies we love you!

14. French Fries! Yep I have a secret love of all things french fries. I know that they are completely unhealthy but I love them. I love them plain, covered in cheese and bacon, and I am pretty sure you could do just about anything with them and I would love them. Probably not a very good favorite but I am not sure that I am ready to give them up.

15. Oreo Cookie Ice Cream! Need I say more. YUMMY!

16. VOLLEYBALL- I will always love to play and I hope that all my girls will want to play it too. That way I can be there coach at some point. Volleyball mom here I come :)!