Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

 We carved pumpkins Tuesday (30th)! We grew our own pumpkins this year and Logan couldn't wait to carve them. So there is nothing like waiting until the last minute. We had fun! 

Logan gutting his pumpkin and daddy getting his pattern laid out on his pumpkin!

This year I printed our patterns off the internet for free!!!

What good looking pumpkins!
Matthews Pumpkin
Logan's Pumpkin (Carved my mommy)
Ashlee's Pumpkin (carved by mommy)
They wanted their picture taken by DORA!
As you can see I do not have a pumpkin, because after I carved two, I was done! We did have fun and to see the excitement in Logans and Ashlees faces makes it worth it!

Halloween Costumes and Fun 2012


Captain America

Cute Girly Elephant
We had a fun Halloween. We went to our ward party and got to enjoy a good dinner, fun games and a trunk or treat. Then we went and visited my mom and Tim and then Great Grandma and Grandpa Peterson. It was a fun day and the kids were passed out by the time we got home.

Then on Sat Nov 3rd we had a Jacobson Family Halloween Party. We had yummy soups, rolls, fun games, and candy. It was fun to be together!!

Happy Halloween 2012!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Utah Vacation 2012

So we haven't had a real family vacation since Matthew and I went on our Honeymoon 5 years ago. Which I think means that life has been pretty busy. Oh well. At least we finally took the time to head to Utah as a family. It sure was nice to have Matthew go with us. The kids and I have taken a few trips together and left Matthew behind because he had to work. We headed to Utah to go visit my Dad and Cyndi. They had a few fun things planned for us, and I have to say that we had a fun time. We left Friday (26th) after Matthew got done working at the schools. Then Saturday we headed out for our day of fun!

We first headed to breakfast at Magleby's to enjoy some french toast, buttermilk syrup, and strawberries & cream. It is officially my favorite place to eat breakfast. Too bad I have only eaten there twice and will maybe be lucky to eat there once a year :)! Oh well, I will take what I can get.

Then we headed to WITCHFEST!

Proof that we were all there!
 It was a pretty cool event to go to. There was the little village will all these little shops that had clothes, books, toys, etc. The people that worked there dressed up like witches, and people that came even dressed up like witches. Next year Cyndi and I decided that we will have to come down again and dress up like witches. There were also witches placed all around the village. They also told us that in December they do an elves thing around the village. We might have to check it out one of these years :)!

Here are some of the witches:

This one made me laugh!
We sure were having fun!


 We were able to head to the Living Planet Aquarium. We all loved it! 

Logan was able to poke his head up and look at the otters!

Ashlee had to too!

The otters were probably the best part of the Aquarium. They were so fun to watch. They were just so playful and active.

Trying to pet the stingrays!

Logan and Ashlee with Grandpa and Grandma!

We stopped to grab a bite to eat and Logan and Ashlee got to have some playtime with Grandma Cyndi.

 We then headed to do a little shopping. It was a long day and the kids had fun, but were pretty exhausted. We made it back to the house and then we stayed awake and played a few games. Then it was time for bed.    The next day we got up and got ready for church, we only stayed for sacrament, because we wanted to stop by and say hi to Aunt Vicki and Uncle Donny. We had a wonderful, short vacation. It is always fun to get away from everyday life and have fun and to visit family. Thanks again Dad and Cyndi for the fun weekend!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Angels Among Us!

I just cant believe how lucky I am to have such wonderful kids. I truly believe that they are my two little Angels. 

Angels In Disguise!

These pictures were taken the End of September as I was inside processing my last batch of potatoes. I couldnt believe that they were outside running through the water, but they were sure having fun and it was a nice day. Apparently the last good day to run through the water :)!

Random Pictures 

She sure is growing up, into a beautiful little girl!

Suckers sent to them from Aunt Shell.

Cutie Pie!
I know its not even, but something new I tried, and  she just wasnt going for it and wouldnt hold still. 

My favorite 3 piggy tails!

Had to take a picture of Logan with his orange blankie!

Love this little boy!!!!