Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home and Garden 2010

So every year my mom and I like to go to the Home and Garden Expo at the CSI Expo Center. Kimberly Nursery always has a super cool landscape display set up. It was really fun to take Logan this year. As we walked around to all the different booths he kept saying Balloon, Balloon, but we could find anyone giving them away. So finally as we were leaving we got him one from one of the booths, he was such a happy kid. But what made it fun was that the Kimberly Nursery people let Logan play in there awesome water display. Here are the pics.

This was the coolest water display that I have seen. I asked them how much it would cost to put one in, because my mom thinks that it would be cool to have one in her yard for the grandkids, but it costs $6,000, so I told her that she better start saving :)!

So you can see from the pics that this kid LOVES water! I couldnt keep him away from it. He would give you the biggest smile when you asked him if he wanted to play in the water. The people from Kimberly Nursery were very nice to let him play. He sure had a blast and made everyone who was watching him smile. When he first got up there to play he bent over one of the spouts and it shot him right square in the butt and the KN boys called him "squishy pants" and said that they were just dying went he got shot in the butt. He sure did get wet but what a fun day it was. Thanks for taking us Grandma, we sure had fun!

A Few Random Pics

So this is a picture of my little brothers wife Courtney and his little girl Miss Addyson.

So this past weekend, my dad and Cyndi came up from Utah. Since Matthew had to work, I just stayed in at my grandparents house so that I could see everyone and be out of Matthews hair so that he could get some sleep. Well Logan needed a nap and so I went and laid him down in his bed. He was screaming and then the next minute he was quiet. Which in my mind wasn't quit right, so I stepped in to check on him and this is what I saw. I totally laughed and then I had to grab my camera. He had gotten a hold of a box of nerds that was apparently too close to his bed and was just quietly sitting there eating them. What a little troll, he sure does love candy a little too much.

Like many other kids, Logan fights sleep super bad. He was really whinny so I put him on our bed to watch a movie and as soon as his head hit the pillow he was OUT!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Counting Our Blessings!

So Monday night as Matthew was heading to work about a half mile to a mile away from our house he hit two cows. He is alright and he didn't get a single scratch. Needless to say the cows weren't sooo lucky. One cow was killed and the other had a broken leg. It was about 9:30 pm and the cows were black and standing in the middle of the road. Matthew said that he didn't see them until they were right there in front of him, he tried to hit his breaks and swerve to miss them, but where do you go to avoid hitting two cows in the middle of the road. He told the police that he was going 45 when he hit them, and they told him that he was pretty lucky that they were small because if they would have been any bigger they probably would have went through the windshield and we would have been dealing with a completely different situation. I am not glad that he hit two cows, but I am glad that Matthew was alright and that it was only as bad as it was. The car will get fixed, life will move on. I am just glad that Matthew is still here to enjoy life with us! So once again we have many blessings to thankful for, especially this one!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lifes Simple Pleasures

So I bought Logan a bubble machine a few weeks ago and it took like a day to use up all of the bubbles. Apparently I am a horrible mom and every time I go to town I forget to buy more. So everyday since we ran out of bubbles, Logan looks at his bubble machine and says "Bub, Bub" and I have to let his little heart down and say "All Gone"(because mom is a idiot and apparently cant remember to buy any more). Then he cries and throws himself on the ground and then we move on. Well I must have gotten some pretty good sleep last night because I think for the first time is a few weeks my brain is working: Hey why dont I just make some homemade bubbles!!! Pretty Darn Good Idea says Logan!!!! So I want to thank Jessica for posting the recipe on the family website and for that little voice inside of me :)! Now there are no more tears and Logan can get back to being a kid and enjoying one of lifes simple little pleasures BUBBLES!!!!

(Please take a minute to notice the Heavenly glow radiating off of the rim.)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am going to start blogging the mutual activities that we do this year, that way years down the road if I am ever in young woman's then I can look back for some ideas. So this post is going to be one of many that I do.

We have decided to focus on personal progress the first Wednesday of every month. So this week we worked on Faith Experience #6. The girls are supposed to make a drawing or something to explain the Plan of Salvation. They have a list of scriptures they have to read and then they have to teach the Plan of Salvation to someone. So I came up with a little visual aid that the girls each colored and cut out. Then we put them in an envelope along with a copy of the plan of salvation lesson from Preach My Gospel. We had the missionaries come and teach the girls the Plan of Salvation at the beginning of our activity then we made our own visual aid. So in order for the girls to finish this experience they had to go home read the required scriptures then teach the Plan of Salvation as a Family Home Evening. So we will have to see how many follow through.

More Bows!!!!

I am getting excited. I found a wholesale website where I can buy ribbon at really cheap prices. So I am going to try to get alot and try to make bows and sell them, locally as well as on ebay. I am hoping that I can make some extra money. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that things work out. I think where I have found ribbon for an incredible price that I can hopefully sell them cheaper than what others are selling them, giving me an advantage. But I have to figure out how to creative and make different ones then are being sold by everyone else. I figure why not give it a shot. So here are a few new ones since last time I posted pics.