Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally Got Something Planted

I was finally able to go get our seed potatoes and I had time to plant them this evening. I have been wanting to for the past couple of weeks, but the weather has been horrible and I have had a sick kid. Not that the weather was fantasic today, it was just good enough that I could be outside with Logan and get things planted. I only planted my potatoes and peas. He loved helping and helped me with the water. In fact I had to do the planting by myself while he played in the water.
When I told him we had to go inside and he moved for the first time since he soaked himself and he started whining. He realized that he was wet and cold. I thought it was funny and just laughed, like I usually do at his misery. But I love how he wont listen and has to learn lessons the hard way.

My potatoes two rows of reds and I of whites.
I cant wait for the harvest.

This is where I got the idea for my garden this year. I didnt quite do it like this, I just got my idea from this picture. I made eight squares and did walkways in between all the squares. I put my grass clippings on the walkways to hopefully keep the weeds down. Each square will have something in them and a few will have a couple different veggies in them. Now I have to figure out my watering system. I am going to use PVC pipe and valves. Not quite sure whats a head of me but I am excited to be inventive and make something that will make watering easier. I JUST LOVE GARDENING !!!!!
This is my version of the above garden layout.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Day Out of the House

I feel like I have been shut up in the house for the past three weeks. The first week Logan had a fever of 102 for five days before it finally broke. All he wanted me to do was hold him, which I did because he was a miserable little guy and I felt bad for him. Although I didn't get much done, at least he got feeling better. The second week was just filled with bad weather. It was always cold, windy, rainy and I think that we even got a little snow. Then this third week Logan got sick again, this time he was throwing up and had diarrhea. I have been going crazy being cooped up inside all day it seems like for these past three weeks, so I went into Twin yesterday and spent most of the day with my mom. First I stopped by my Grandparents house so that they could see Logan and they aren't doing so well, and I am not quite sure how long they will be around. So it is always good to see them.

Then we meet up with my mom. We hung out with her at her house while she mowed her lawn and Logan played outside in her dirt pile. He loved it, filed a dump truck full of dirt with his little shovel. Then we went to lunch, walked around Lowes, then went and got groceries. It is always fun to have someone with me to tend Logan so that I can concentrate on getting the things I need without a fussy child. Then we went back to her house and just talked and played with Logan. It sure was a fun day.

Here is Logan's adventure with Grandma:

She kept trying to get him to help her mow the lawn, because he kept chasing her around the yard. But when she would put him behind it he would freak out and come running to me. I guess that he isn't ready to be assigned mowing the lawn as one of  his chores. I will have to give him a few years.

Although we didnt do anything super big and crazy it sure was nice to get out of the house and go do something.

Finally Easter Pics!

I love this picture! He had gotten into my cousins Easter baskets and pulled out all of their grass. He had the best time making a mess. I think it is because he is really good at making messes :)!
Just look at that smile.

Out hunting eggs is the good ol' Idaho wind. He sure didnt mind it, but he never really does. He just loves being outside. He made me laugh, he would say ball and pick up the eggs and put them in his basket. Then while he was trying to find another "ball" he would take one out of his basket and throw it.

Was talking to him trying to get him to look up and my sister took the picture. He just wouldnt cooperate so this is our only picture together. Matthew was able to be there because he had to work that night and was at home sleeping.
Heres is a little video that I took so that Matthew could see Logan at his First Easter Egg Hunt at Great-Grandma&pa Peterson's House

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 YEARS!!!!

It has been 3 years since Matthew and I had the opportunity to be Sealed For Time and All Eternity in the Bountiful Temple. I can still remember that day and the feelings and thoughts that kept running through me. I was so happy and couldn't believe that I had found the one that I would spend the rest of my life with. It was the happiest day of my life!

Looking back over these past three years, it is amazing to see how far we have come. We have had some pretty good memories, we have sure laughed together, cried together and definitely fallen deeper in love with each other. We have surely had our share of trials and hard times, but we have received our share of blessings . We definitely wouldnt be where we are today without the love and support of our families. Hopefully things will only get better from here. Cant wait to see what our next three years have in store for us. I am one lucky girl!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just An Update

I dont know if I have posted this yet or not but, I offically dont have to go to work any more. Thats right I get to stay home and take care of Logan and Matthew everyday of the week now. YEAH! I think that it will take a little getting used to, because working is a part of me (i have done it since I was little). I think I like to be constantly busy doing some kind of physical labor, it might be nice for a little break. I am going to keep myself busy with a huge garden this year, an active 18 month little boy and with Matthew working all the time and going back to school, and me starting a little side hairbow business and stake girls camp; I think keeping busy will be pretty easy. We cant complain about life, it gets tough somedays but we are pretty blessed and cant wait to see all the changes and blessings that this year brings.

I will post Easter pics as soon as I get our camera back. I left it at my Grandparents house in Twin and havent gotten it back yet.