Monday, February 28, 2011

It Has Begun

So its official our weight loss competition has begun. We have weighted ourselves, which we wont be disclosing our weights as to save us from embarassment. We will just shamefully know to ourselves how much unwanted fat we have to work off. So I did my first workout today which totally kicked my butt. Which is a good sign, and only leaves a ton of room for improvement. It felt good to get up and doing something more than my everyday tasks. So although I am sore, it felt good to workout. I sure hope this first month goes fast and that I (we) will see some big results. There is no turning back now it has begun!

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Few Randoms

A Little Friendly Family Competition
So Matt and I decided that we need to help motivate each other in our weight loss goals. So we are going to start our version of the Jacobson Biggest Loser. We are going to officially start on Monday February 28th. We both have decided that we are surely gaining a little unwanted weight. We haven't hit the fat stage yet, but we are both well on our way. We need to do something and sooner is better than later. We are going to weigh ourselves every Monday and see who loses the most weight over a months time. We will do it for 3 months. We haven't quite decided what the prizes will be for each month, so please give us some suggestions. I think a cash prize would be great so that I can buy some new clothes once I am looking and feeling better about myself (because of course I am going to kick Matt's butt in this). I am pretty excited to get started, because apparently I am not as self-motivated with exercising as I should be. It will be interesting to see what we are going to accomplish these next three months. I will try to post pics, but I am not sure I really want to see what I really look like until the 3 months is over. Stay tuned for updates.


What Logan saw this morning. SNOW!!!

Just looking out our back door:

And here I am hoping for SPRING, not quite yet I guess.

I think he loves being a big brother don't you?

Showing her how to play.

Love these two little ones :)!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


 So we finally took Logan to Hop 2 It, which is a building that has a whole bunch of the big bouncy house type things in it. We got to meet up with Lance, Courtney, Addyson, Blakely and my Mom. It was a blast and here are some picture to prove it :)!

He just loved to jump everywhere.

Still Jumpin'

Addy was showin him how to go down the slide.

Love this picture!  She is too cute!

She love jumpin too!

If you can see Logans head, Addy finally got Logan to follow her up the steps and she was trying to help him up them. It was precious.

Both up the steps and ready to go down the slide.

Blurry but he finally went down.
Addy led the way to the BIG slide.
Logan was a little slow up the stairs, but its hard with the bigger kids nipping at the bit trying to get around you.

But he got the hang of it and did it all by himself.

He just kept following Addy up the stairs over and over again. They had a blast.
He was a little nervous so he would turn over and slide down on his belly.

Then they both would.

Then it was a race to make it back up the stairs for another go round.

All smiles :D!

This was I think Logans favorite. He loved sliding into the balls and just throwing them, even though they got mad about it.

Wanting help out.
In Heaven

This is a whole lot blurry but I thought it looked cool.

We truly had a blast. We spent most of the morning playing at Hop 2 It, then we got to go eat lunch together. So it was a wonderful Presidents Day for us. We missed Matt, but hopefully he will get to go next time. Thanks for working hard Matt so that we can play hard. We Love You! And Thanks to Lance, Courtney, Addy, Blakely and Mom for spending the day with us!

The Best Toy Ever!!

So some may recognize this box from an earlier post. This is the huge box that our first order of diapers came in, and I intended on throwing it out. But Logan got a hold of it and started playing in it and I just couldn't throw it out. Although it is pretty much in the way ALL the time. It sure has been cheap entertainment :)! He has used it to climb up on things, he has sat in it to eat and watch movies, he has hid under it and climb through it. For the weeks of entertainment it has provided, it has been through a lot and will have to be put to rest shortly. But I believe a replacement box is in the works in the near future. So this little boy wont be too disappointed.

Good Ol' Box

We were playing hide and seek and I was the seeking. Love playing the game with little ones. I called his name and he started giggling and poked his head right out :)!

Look at that smile. He sure has been enjoying his box.


So Logan love to go outside like I have posted a million times before. He could care less what he is wearing as long as he can sneak outside. Usually his choice of appropriate attire is his gloves and monster shoes, (and most the time his cowboy hat). He never wants his coat or anything, so it makes me laugh. It is freezing cold outside and he really could be in just his underwear and as long as he has his gloves, shoes and hat, he is ready to go.

Caught him trying to escape.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Valentines Day

So this is a little late, but I thought that I would write what we did this year. Well we are not big Valentines Day fans here. We havent done much on Valentines Day since we got married. Which is okay with me. This year I cleaned house and took care of Logan and Ashlee, Matthew went to work. Then I made chicken enchiladas for dinner and we went down and had dinner with Flint, Lisa and Dylan. Then after dinner Matt and I played a little on the kinect. I made sugar cookie dough but never got around to making them. So I will have to make them again for Easter so that Logan can help me cut them out and decorate them. Then we came home and we all crashed in the living room while watching the Proposal. So once again this year it was a low key, very relaxing Valentines Day.

Our Wonderful Kidos!!!

A Thanks to Lance, Courtney, Addyson and Blakely for the cute Valentines outfits :)!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!

I Hope You Dont Mind

So I have this friend who has a blog that I just love to read. She is very talented and so I thought that I would share it with those who read mine. Her name is Kimberlee (Kim). I hope that she doesn't mind. I am not saying that you have to read it, just if you want to. I wish that I could be as creative as she is with hers. I just love it!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fun Day For All

So Today was also Tanille's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and Ty had a little surprise party for her down at 1000 Springs Resort. So we all got to go and eat and swim. It was a fun day :)! Here are a few random pics that I took. So I hope no one cares. Logan actually did okay this time. We definitely need to go swimming more, especially since he LOVES water in general.

Just getting in and getting used to the water :)!

Kiddie Pool!

Hangin out in the pool.


Havin fun with daddy.

She loved the water, not the best picture, she just wouldnt look at the camera.

Havin fun in the pool.

All tuckered out.

Too much fun for Macey :)!

Chillin with mom by the pool.

Didnt plan this picture but if you look real close you can see Michael Jordan or I mean Ty in the background shooting the basketball :)!

Freaking out because daddy went under water.

Eatting some birthday cake yummy!