Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Long Exhausting Experience

May 20- I went into town to get somethings for mutual that night. We were going to make Personal Progress Journals and so the president and I went into town to run off all of the pages and get the binders and what ever else was needed. When we were done, I stop by the hospital to take Logan to see my mom (in the OR), and on the way in he started screaming and I thought that maybe it was the wind hurting his ears. So I covered them and started back to the hospital. When we got to where my mom was, I tried to hand Logan to my mom and he just screamed and clung on to me (which was very unusual). So she had to get back to work so we left. He still screamed like something was really wrong on the way out. I was thinking that he was in pain, because he was teething and also because he was slightly constipated. So I took him home and put him down for a nap. When he awoke I put him on the floor to change his diaper and noticed that he wasn't moving his left leg and he was just screaming and would not stop. So I called Matthew and he came in from work and we decided to take him the the ER. We got there and sat in the waiting room for what seemed like for ever. We finally got into the ER to have to sit on a bed out in the hall. It took forever for someone to finally come talk to us. The did some x-rays and drew some blood. Then we sat for a long time before we got the results and they were, " Well there is nothing showing up on the x-rays and the blood work is normal. We think that he just has viral synovitis." So they gave us some prescriptions and told us to see a pediatrician the next day. We sat in the ER for at least 4 hours, and that was what we got, FRUSTRATING!
May 21- So after a long night of painful screaming and really no sleep, we went to go see the pediatrician. My mom went with me so Matthew could work. She had talked to one of the orthopedic docs that she works with and he was going to meet us at our appointment and look at his joint. We had told the pediatrician that and he just ignored us. So after the pediatrician did his examination, he told us that he didn't think that it was a viral synovitis and that we needed to see a orthopedic doctor. My mom said that one was coming after he finished his surgery. The pediatrician said no he needs to be seen in the orthopedic clinic and sent us on our way. Ten minutes after we left the orthopedic doc showed up at the pediatricians office. These doctors sure have big egos that they need to let go of and just do what is best for the patient. So we had an appointment to go see the orthopedic doctor the next morning. So yet another day with no answers and another night of screaming and no sleep.
May 22-So it is off to get some more blood work and to go see Dr. Wright (the orthopod). So we were getting blood drawn at 9'ish and we had to wait until 11:15 to see Dr Wright. Logan was still just screaming and showing no sign of getting any better. So my mom called Dr Wrights assiant and we got right in to see him. They did xrays, and doctor Wright noticed some extra fluid in Logans left hip joint. So now all Dr Wright needed was for the lab results to come back. He thought that it was a septic hip and just was waiting to see what Logans sed rate and c-protein marker were at. So he sent us home until he got the lab results back. We waited for a while and got a phone call and Dr Wright wanted to get Logans hip aspirated (fluid drawn off) and the fluid sent in for cultures. This would also help determine if it was a septic hip and just what was causing it. So there was a lot of stupid stuff going on between doctors and departments at the hospital, but finally we were able to get in about 2:00pm. We had to go to the ER and they got him ready for the aspiration. They had to put in an IV because he had to be sedated. So the ER nurse tried a couple of times and got nothing but a screaming kid. My mom couldn't take it and she told them to stop poking him and she went and got stuff from the OR so that she could try to start it. It ticked the ER nurse off, but if you know my mom she didnt care and personally I was glad that my mom was going to try. She got it in the first try but then he moved his hand and it kinked (we weren't very good holders), so she tried again and no luck. Then they brought down some nurses from the NICU and they got it in. Finally after five pokes we were ready to go. They took him up to the Radiology Department and did the aspiration. It seemed like it took about 5-10 minutes is all. Then it was back to the ER, when we got back there, the results were back and the fluid was clear no sign of infection. So they decided to admit us and keep us there for the weekend. We were still not happy that we didn't have an answer, but I guess it was okay to have them watch him. So we were head for the 4th floor, when just as we got up there, we were told that we had to turn around and go to the OR, that Logan was headed for surgery. Wait a minute, WHAT? (It was about 6:00) Earlier that day Dr Wright had gotten Logans lab work from the ER and also was sent another copy which should have been the results for early that morning. They both had the same results and had shown no sign of infection, but that evening Dr Wright had recieved a phone call that told him that Logans sed rate was 90 (which the normal value is below 20) so it was up, way up. This told him that there was an infection. Dr Wright was pissed that he didn't have this information earlier. So they took him to surgery and right when he cut into Logans leg pus shot out. So there was an infection and they sent the pus in for cultures. The aspiration should have drawn some pus, but come to find out that the radiologist didn't get into the hip and had only drawn out some intersital fluid. So had the lab work been correct and had the aspiration gone better, things would have been taken care of sooner. It was overall a frustrating day,but a least we got some where (thanks to my mom pushing the doctors to do something).
TO BE CONTINUED..................

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thanks Everyone.

This is to everyone who left me a comment. I am not smart enough to figure out what format to post a comment in the comments (it also wont let me), so I just got frustrated and decide to leave a post for everyone to read. I am having fun trying to figure this blogging thing out (except for leaving a comment). I love reading everyone elses blogs and hopefully I will get to know everyone better and keep up on what is going on with everyone.

Oh, The Little Joys In Life!

Today, Logan and I went into Twin and spent time with my mom. It was such a beautiful day, so my mom and I went to a yard sale. I bought one item and it made my whole day. I found a 2 qt. ice cream maker with a wooden bucket for $15. The lady that sold it to me said that it was a $50 ice cream maker, and that she had only used it once or twice. So it is in really good condition. I have been wanting one for such a long time. Now I will be able to make ice cream when everyone gets together at Flint and Lisa's and now we might be able to bribe people to come visit us. I cant wait, because summer is on its way and there is nothin better that homemade ice cream. The other little joy in my life is Logan. We put him in the grass at my moms house and (like most kids) he just wasn't sure what to think of it. But we got some cute pics of him outside. I just love sunny days and spending time with family. Lifes little pleasures you just gotta love em.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Soooo Quiet and Adorable!

I just wanted to post a cute little video of my new niece Hailey. She has the tiniest little cry, that I have ever heard. I would have to have her right next to me in order to hear her in the night. I am so jealous of Brandon and Maricela. Logan sure made it hard to sleep, you could hear him clear across the house. Oh wait you still can and it is still getting louder. I think his lungs are fully developed because he sure lets you know that he is in the room. Anyways, back to Hailey. She is so tiny and cute. I just can't believe how quiet she is, but who knows maybe when she gets a little bigger they will get the privilege of loud crying and screaming. But if not there is always next time!

Gearing Up For The Fair

I am getting an early jump on trying to get outfits for Logan to wear to the fair this year. The fair isn't until September, but I just couldn't resist buying him two plaid shirts that were on sale. I love going to the rodeo and I am super excited that we have a little one to take to enjoy the rides and the animals. Now all I need is some cute little boots, a hat and some wranglers. He will probably hate me after this, but oh well isn't that what moms are for. I think that he will look adorable all dressed up. Here is a preview, he is wearing Uncle Dylans hat.


This is our little one, Logan. He is almost 8 months old. He is trying so hard to crawl but he just cant quite get up enough courage to move his arms and legs once he is on all fours. He has really gotten the rocking back and forth down, so it wont be long before he is destroying the house. I can't wait :)!