Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Garden is Finally In

We have offically planted everything that we are going to plant in our garden this year. I am super excited for gardening season this year. It is such an awesome feeling to have everything in. I cant wait to see everything grow and I am even more excited for the harvest. I cant wait to can everything. We have sure used alot up this year and I really need to replace everything. So I hope that everything does well and I will definitely have enough to stock up my food storage as well as share.

I know you cant see very much but I will definitely be updating pics
 as things start growing.

So far the only thing that looks super good are my potatoes.

I had to replant my corn, peas, and beans. So hopefully they will grow this time.

If everything grows I will have:

19 Tomatoes Plants
(6 Celebrity, 5 Better Boy, 6 Roma, 2 Cherry)
12 Pepper Plants
(4 Bell, 2 Sweet Red, 6 Banana)
3 Rows Potatoes
(2 Red, 1 White)
2 Rows Peas
2 Rows Carrots
4 Rows Beans
6 Rows Corn
8 Cucumber Plants
(2 Eating, 6 Pickling)
Of course Pumpkins for carving :)!

I sure hope everything grows so that we can share with those that need it.


YAY! We have finally had some sunshine these last two days. I sure hope if keeps going. Yesterday we got to spend the day down at Flint and Lisas and Ty, Tanille, Jace and Aiden came out. We pretty much sat outside all day and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a great sunday and it was really great to get to spend time with Ty and Tanille (we dont see them as much).

Then today I took Hailey and Logan outside to enjoy the sunshine. I have a little frog that you are supposed to fill with sand, but we dont have sand yet and we dont have a pool. So I filled the frog with water and they both played in the water. It was fun to just sit and watch them play.

Filling up the pool.

 The water was freezing and he wasnt so sure about it.

Hailey loved it and splashed until she completely soaked herself.

Bring on the SUNSHINE we are ready for SUMMER!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am so glad that Heavenly Father threw in a Sunday at the end/beginning of hectic weeks. It is so nice to have a day to go to church, relax with the family and have really no worries. I look forward to Sundays to remind myself of the things that are truely important in life. It seems to me that during the week I have all these things that seem to be important, and all these stresses and things that get me down. Lately I sure have been thinking too much about things that really in the grand scheme of things dont really matter. Then today rolled around (SUNDAY) and I have just enjoyed every minute. Went to sacrament, then listened to Matthew teach our 12-13 year old Sunday school class, and then I taught the beehives. It was a great day with wonderful lessons and reminders of the things that I really need to be concentrating on. Now I am sitting here at home, two boys napping and I dont have to worry about laundry, dishes, bills, yard work, nothing; other than to relax and get rested up for yet another stressful and trying week. I think that I am going to seriously take advantage of this day of REST. So grateful for SUNDAYS :)!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beehives Rock!

So this is my second year working with the beehives. They sure love coming out to my house and playing the Wii and xbox. We usually have sleepovers and they stay up til all hours of the morning. It is fun but sure exhausting for this old woman. Just kidding.

Well this time it wasnt a sleepover. We have two new girls that have recently joined us. So we kidnapped them and brought them out to my house and had cake and ice cream and played games. Lisa always lets me borrow her Wii and this time we played JUST DANCE. The girls loved it. They wanted to play Rock Band and American Idol on the xbox but we just ran out of time. But we sure have a good group of girls and they love to have fun.

Here is a blackmale picture and video that might be used at a later date (HEHEHEHEHEHEHE).

New Playmate

Maricela got a new job at the hospital and to help them out I decided to watch Hailey. I figured it would be easy for Brandon to bring her out everyday when he came to work and then just pick her up when he got done. So we are giving it a try, five days a week. Logan sure enjoys having a constant playmate. He is so cute with her but he can also be so rotten to her. I think my favorite part is when she gets here in the morning and he is awake. He will run to the door and greets her, and then he tries to get her out of her carseat. He just has the biggest smile on his face and say  "HAY". He just adores her. He is always trying to give her bottle to her (even when she doesnt want it). He will make a GREAT big brother someday.

Now the other side. It kind of made me laugh the first couple of days that we watched her. He sure got jealous. I would be feeding her and he would whine and want me to feed him (which he can feed himself, when he isnt being lazy). He would walk right through her, so I would scold him and pick her up and then he would cry because I was holding her and not him. He like every kid, whenever Hailey would get one of his toys he would just go take it from her. I would yell and him and tell him to give it back and he would say "NO" and run off (which in turn got him a spankin). He is better now and actually will give her a toy instead of taking it from her. I guess that I have to deal with the bad with the good.

For the most part it has been a good couple of weeks. It has really been trying on my patience, of which I have decidely lately that I have absolutely NONE! I especially have a had time when both Logan and Hailey are whinny constantly. I just dont do whinny. So it has definitely been a learning experience for me. They are very cute together at times, but they both have their rotten side. So I am sure things will keep getting better and easier as time goes by. It is fun however to have them entertain each other so that I can have just a few minutes to myself. I just cant wait for this weather to clear up so that we can have some adventures outside.

ToO CuTe!


Showing the nerd inside my child.


This is what 3 VERY CRANKY people do to overcome their crankiness.
(not sure what Logan and I are doing but we seem to sleep the same, WEIRD)
They were both so cranky and so I cuddly with them and had a movie going and we all seemed to have fallen asleep and Matt being the wonderful husband that he is took a picture. Thanks!