Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Coming To An End

June 25th is Papa Hal's birthday and they invited us over to have dinner with them. Logan loves when it is someones birthday and want to go visit them and take them a treat. So we saw this idea on Pinterest and decided that it was the perfect treat. 

Watermelon Sugar Cookies
 We sure enjoyed dinner and the company. Happy Birthday Papa Hal!!!

On June 27th, 28th and 29th Matthew was able to go to Utah with the youth from our ward. They went to the Manti Pageant and then spent a few days doing stuff around Salt Lake. It was good for him to get to take a few days off of work and go have fun. So since he, Flint and Lisa were going to be gone. Friday after swimming lessons the kids and I packed the car and headed to Twin to spend Friday and Saturday with Grandma Marie. We helped her do some work around her house, then the kids got to play in the swimming pool at Papa Tim's house. We went to a few yard sales, went shopping to get the kids a pool and just relaxed and enjoyed out time with Grandma. 

Saturday the 29th we had a small rain and wind storm, which came with a beautiful double rainbow that the kids were so excited to see. 

Cant believe June is over. Time truly moves too fast and needs to slow down!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Extra Emotions With Mishagan

Seeing as how this is my third pregnancy I have come to know that being pregnant is a time in life when I feel like I am on an emotional roller-coaster.

FIRST- I have to say that I know that being able to have kids is such a huge blessing and a miracle in and of itself. I am grateful for the two wonderful children that I have and I am grateful that we have another one on the way. Family is definitely the best thing there is in life!

BUT- I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of being pregnant. I don't care for the fact that I get fat because it sure slows me down and I hate when I cant do things that I want to or need to do. I don't care for the fact that hormones are all over the place, and it makes me more emotional than before. Mostly I am not a fan of the fact that at about 5 months, I get low back pain that makes it so that I have a hard time walking most days. 

ALSO- There is nothing more stressful(worrisome) than getting a baby here and once they are here the stress and worry don't seem to go away.  There are so many things that can go wrong with a pregnancy that, they are always on my mind. Really the only things that matters about pregnancy is that after 9 months there is both a healthy baby and a healthy mom. 

I have to say that both my pregnancies with Logan and Ashlee went pretty much the same. I experienced all the feelings above and I really never had much morning sickness. But baby #3 (Mishagan)  has definitely been a whole new experience for me.

First of all I have experienced morning sickness with her. For the first 4 months I believe I threw-up just about every morning and sometimes 2-3 times. Not something that I enjoyed or had experience with my other pregnancies. So I was pretty relieved to get through the first 4 months. Then I finally got to where I wasn't sick anymore, but that was just in time for the awesome back pain to kick in. Nothing worse than not being able to stand up or walk. I am just pretty miserable when I get to this point. But I just have to get over it because this time around I have two other kiddos that I have to take care of. So there is just no time to whine or slow down. I just have to work through it! 

So seeing as how we are off to a great start we might as well keep going. On May 31 I had my appointment to do my glucose test. I had both Logan and Ashlee with me and they both wanted one of those cool looking orange drinks that I had to drink. I would have gladly let them each drink it for me, because I sure didn't want to drink it. That following Monday I got the call that I needed to go back in and do the 3 hour glucose test. So I got a little worried after that phone call and that emotional roller-coaster started up again. So Wednesday night Matthew gave me a blessing to help calm my worries and my emotions as I was going to go in that next morning to do my 3 hour test. The kids were able to go spend the night at the Garners, so I didn't have to drag them around all that next day. I went in the next morning and was able to once again drink that even nastier orange drink. Then I had to get my blood drawn every hour for the next three hours. I was able to get quite a few errands ran in between running back to the hospital to get my blood drawn. After my last time of getting my blood drawn I was able to meet up with my mom (who was working at the hospital) and we had lunch at the hospital cafeteria. I was sure glad to finally get some food and it was great to be able to eat lunch with my mom. I then headed back to the Garners to spend time with them and the kids. I was also awaiting the results of my test.

I got a phone call about noon on Friday (June 7th) that confirmed that I do in fact have gestational diabetes with Mishagan. Then came the extra emotions! I was upset at first, then I got to the point where I was okay, then I would think about it and then I would get upset again and the cycle repeated. I have to say that I was emotional until I met with the doctor at my next appointment (June 13th).

JUNE 13th 
Was going to be a long day! First I had to meet with a diabetic dietitian, to get my diet plan figured out. I usually go to my appointments by myself, but I made Matthew go with me to this one for two reasons. First I was pretty emotional still and I needed his support and second Matthew works as a LPN helping kids that have diabetes, so he was going to know what was going on and I also wanted him to hear what I was told, so that he could help with with my diet and whatever else I was going to need to do. So we made it through that appointment and I was all set with what I needed to do to get through this pregnancy with both a healthy baby and me. I was pretty depressed and broke down in the parking lot. It sure is a good thing Matthew was there with me, because he assured me that we were going to get through this together!!! Did I mention I have a wonderful husband :)!?! Then later that day I had my appointment with Dr Astin. Things are still looking good as far as my size is good, baby's heart beat is good, blood pressure good. So I just have to get my diet figured out so that I can get my blood sugar under control. I will also be having another ultrasound on  July 11, just to see how the baby is doing since I have gestational diabetes. It will be fun to see her again because I didnt really have ultrasounds this late in my pregnancies with Logan or Ashlee.

But until then this is my new little companion:

So emotions and my stresses have been a little higher than normal, but if we can just get Mishagan here safely, then it will all be worth it!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Garden 2013 and Project Mailbox

 Here is our Garden for 2013 

Plants Planted This Year:
23 Peppers (Green, Red and Yellow Bell Peppers, Jalapenos,and Banana Peppers)
23 Tomatoes

We are sure hoping that everything does well this year. I am needing to can a lot of a few different things this year and of course we cant wait for fresh salsa and hopefully we can get some watermelons worthy of eating this year :)! We got some advice from Brent Cannon this year to add some black plastic under our watermelons. They need way more heat that we get here, so we gave it a try and I sure hope it works. 

Happy Gardening Season 2013!!!

I also have to show that we finally got around to updating our mailbox this year. Our poor old thing has been hit, knocked down and who knows what else happened to it. Lets just say it was time to say good bye. There was a few nasty spider webs in the back and a wasps nest, the door was missing and on windy days I could find our mail in the borrow-pit. So here is the old beauty that we said good bye to.

Then I spent a few days gathering the supplies and putting together our new mailbox. Matthew cut the post and I did the rest. My mom gave us one of her old milk cans and then I got to work. I set the post in the milk can with two bags of cement that I mixed in our wheel-barrel with a shovel (which was a first for me, but wasnt to hard to figure out) then I just found some screws and put the rest together. I am excited as to how it turned out, and I know it is just a mailbox (probably not worthy of a post) but I am excited to have a new one and maybe I will get all of our mail :)!

Isn't it beautiful!
Here it is taking its rightful place on the side of the road!
  I am sure our mail lady with Thank us one day!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Its Great to Be A Kid

Logan is always asking me if I wish I could be a kid so that I can do all the cool things that he can do. I always answer YES!! Although I don't care to be 4 again, what I love is watching him and Ashlee be kids and have fun. Their outlook on life is priceless and I just love to watch them enjoy life. So although I wish I could be more childlike, I know that it is great to be a kid and I hope that they will continue to enjoy life!

They love being outside and getting to play in the water. I got us a new slip-n-slide again this year and they love to just run down it.

They kids got to go spend the night at Nana Shauna's and Papa Hal's on June 5 and then spent most of the next day hanging out with them and Brandon. They always have such a great time swimming in the cuzzi, helping Papa outside and playing or whatever it is that they are doing. This time when they went they got to use their overnight bags for the first time. They got them from Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson for Christmas and we finally got them out to use them. They were pretty excited!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson!

Just some random pics of Ashlee that I found. 

She doesn't have much hair but it is getting pretty long.
Sporting her new outfit. She definitely looks cute in blues and pinks!