Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Random Rugrats

Some fun random happenings from this month. Love these kiddos and the fun things we get to do together.

A sweet moment Mishagan had with Grandma Lisa and Grandma Rie
Mishagan enjoying a cupcake at Ashlees Party

She wont touch it because she doesnt like to get her hands dirty.

Ashlee in her dress she got for her Birthday!

Excuse Mishagans messy hair but she just had to get her picture taken with Ashlee

A quick family picture for Lisa so she could get a project done.

This was a fun project that Logan and I made for his teachers Christmas present. Ms Oglesbee''s favorite color is purple so we made her a purple box. I think I will be using this idea throughout 2016.

The ugly sweater that I threw together the morning of our party.

Playing with their new notebooks and markers.

They had to go help me clean Silverlining one weekend. Such good little helpers!

We did Christmas toes. Mommy, Ashlee, Mishagan and even Grandma Rie stopped by to get her toes painted.

Playing in the snow, best friends Logan and Ashlee 

Jason and Danielle drove up from Texas and we got to spend the day after Christmas with our adopted family-The Garners. We always enjoy going over there and the fun we have. 

Jane, Ashlee, Logan, Jane, and Mishagan

Saturday, December 26, 2015

12 Days of Christmas

We look forward to my mom doing her 12 Days of Christmas. It is always fun to see what she has come up with. This year she said she geared it more to the kids. Let me tell you they had fun and she didn't disappoint. 

Day 1- Christmas Binder to keep Christmas Stories

Day 2- Christmas Accessories

Girls Christmas Bracelets
Day 3- Gingerbread Fun

The kids had fun making their gingerbread people
Day 4- Notebooks, pens , markers, pencils (probably one of the kids favorite)
Day 5- Fence Post Samta
Day 6- Snowman Lot
Day 7- Reindeer Day
Reindeer Craft
Day 8- Idaho Santa
Day 9- Christmas Mice 
Day 10- Christmas Cows (the kids loved the cows they turn into blankets, the softest blankets ever!)
Day 11- Christmas Tree 
Day 12- Mangers and Christmas Stories

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas!!!!

Looks like Santa decided to stop by our house this year! We all must have been good at some point this year. Cant wait to see what he thought we needed.

Logan waiting for his sleepy head sisters to wake up.
Logan was the first one awake, he got up about 7:30. He was so excited that Santa came!!! I tried to tell him that they can all wake up sooner, but he said he didnt want to wake up while Santa was there so he slept in. So I let him look in his stocking before the girls woke up. He wasnt sure about it, and said Mom I will act surprised when the girls wake up and I wont tell them that I looked. He is such a good kid. He did finally get to wake Ashlee and Mishagan up once dad got in from taking care of the calves. Then it was time to open presents!!!!
Ashlee and Mishagan finally woke up to see if Santa came.
These two sleepy heads can sleep all morning. When they finally got up they came out and found that Santa and brought them both a Rody horse, Mishagan was so excited for her horsey that she took the present that was leaning against it and moved it so that she could get to it. I think they are two happy little girls. Great job Santa!!!


Ashlee's Stocking
Mishagan's Stocking

Logan's Stocking

Matt's Stocking

My Stocking

Now it is Present Time!!!
This year was the first year we had the kids get each other gifts. It was a great learning experience for them. it is definitely time for them to learn about giving and not just receiving. They were excited to get to buy, help wrap and put the presents they picked out under the tree. It added a little bit more excitement to opening gifts. We all got fun stuff and no one complained about what they didn't get. We had a very enjoyable day getting to spend it together at home.
Ponies from Santa

Karaoke Machine from Santa

Magformers from Santa

Quad-copter from Santa

Laptop from Santa

Power Ranger MegaZord 2 pack from Santa

All the other loot from Santa, towels, games, books, tech stuff.

Kevin from Ashlee

From Mom and Dad

From Mom and Dad

From Mom and Dad

From Mishagan

From Logan

From Logan

From Ashlee

From Mom and Dad

Frrom Mishagan

From Me

From Matt

We had a great day! We even got a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson, and Uncle Dylan as they made the rounds to see what everyone got for Christmas. We also got to skype with Grandpa Duck and Grandma Cyndi, and also Aunt Shell. We just lounged the whole day, eating whenever we wanted and just playing with all our new stuff. The big hit was the game Sorry that Santa brought us. We played it well into the night, but had the best time. We sure cant wait for Christmas next year when we get to make more incredible memories with each other as well as spend it with our soon to be newest little addition, Porter.

Merry Christmas 2015!!!