Friday, November 27, 2009


I can't believe that I kind of did the Black Friday thing. I kind of got a tip on how to beat the rush to get things that I wanted this year. My brother works at Wal-Mart and they are open 24-Hours. So they had all day sales and door busters (5-11AM). Well I didn't know that the items on the all day sale started at 12:01AM (like many many people here in Twin.) So most of the items I wanted this year were on the all day sale so my sister and I were at Walmart at 10:45PM, because we had nothing else to do. And were there to get the items we wanted at 12:01AM. There were only like a handful of people there so we were able to get everything that we wanted with out having to wait in lines and there was tons of elbow room. Then we went back that morning to get the door buster items that we wanted. So with less things to get when the crowds were there, I am happy to say that I was able to snatch everything that I wanted to get this year. Although, I debated to tell everyone my new found secret, it is just too good not to share with family and friends (well share with those who were like me and didn't know). You will have to stay tuned to see just what awesome deals I got. I cant wait for Christmas! Oh how fun the madness was!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why? You Might Ask....

I don't know if you have noticed but I have new music playing on my blog. I just have to tell everyone. I don't know if any of you notice the name of the artist (Jon Schimdt),or have even heard of him. I had never heard of him until my sister asked me and my mom to go with her to a concert he was putting on at CSI. It was a concert to benefit the Boy Scouts. I just have to say that it was such an incredible concert. It was worth every penny. He is such an incredible pianist and he brought along a celloist(?)by the name of Steve Sharp (Nielson ?). Anyway, they really know how to put on a show. They entertained and played great music. They didn't just sit on stage and play, they interacted and talked with the crowd. I would love to go see them again next year if they come around and this time I will take Matthew and maybe Logan. So I recommend if anyone has the chance to go listen to either of them in concert, you wont be disappointed. This isn't really the type of music I listen to, so even if you don't like this type of music it would be worth it. It was kind of nice to get out without having to pack Logan and all of his stuff with me. I really needed it and it was nice to hang out with my mom and my sister. Another recommendation is what we did after the show. My mom treated us to dessert. We went to Chili's and had their White Chocolate Molten Cake. We usually get just the Chocolate Molten Cake, but decided to try the White Chocolate one because it is new. I have to say that they White Chocolate was 100 times better. So there you go if you want to try something new. It is always fun to do something and experience something that you don't do everyday. What great memories this will be.

Monday, November 23, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

The hospital puts on a Festival of Trees to raise money, not quite sure for who or what, but for the past two years my mom has volunteered to be in charge of decorating the tree that the Operating Room Staff donates. So she enlists my help and we have fun coming up with an idea and decorating the tree. Last year the theme was a Child's Wish and this was our tree:

On afternoon we spent several hours melting wax and crayons to make our own homemade ice cream cone ornaments. It was sure a lot of fun. The we added candy and shiny ribbon. It turned out great, and the best part was that mom and I had fun doing it.

This years theme is Silver Bells, because it is the 50th Anniversary of the Festival of Trees. So we decided to do silver bells and angels. We put them together and got the line from its a wonderful life, " Everytime a bell rings an angel gets its wings." So here is what this years tree looks like, hopefully it will bring in a lot of money.

Then mom made a little angel doll and she always does such great work. She has made a few of these dolls in the past and I didn't remember them until I saw this one, I just love the hair (She curled every individual strand with a small curling iron).

Whoever buys the tree gets everything that is with it, so we added some more angels. So they get the beautiful tree and all the angels.

Overall I think this tree is beautiful and that we did a good job this year. I can't wait to see what happens next year.

I Finally Understand....The Wisdom Of Little Boys.

My mom gave me these from the newspaper and told me that they remind her of Logan. I think that maybe all little boys think this way. Not that Logan is a horrible little boy, but he sure is determined and you can't change his mind for anything. These sure help make it easier to understand what his little mind might be thinking or will be thinking in the future. They sure made me laugh. Just gotta love Dennis the Menace! :)!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carseroni Time

Logan and I had the privlege of playing with Carson for two afternoons this week while Laura was in Utah and while Zac was working. We had soo much fun! We got to make cookies and Carson helped me mix the cookies and roll them in the cinnamon and sugar. He did a great job. Logan just sat and picked cookie dough out of the bowl. He thought it was yummy! Here are two pics of them helping.

They were both such great helpers, and of course Logan wanted to do everything that Carson was doing. So Carson figured out how to climb into Logans crib so then I had to put Logan in with him.

They were both good, but they kind of picked on each other. I thought that it was funny and only had to step in a few times. I just love how kids only want to play with the toys that other kids have. It sure was fun, but two kids sure wore me out, but it was good for me (I think)!

Long Nights Ahead

So last night Matthew officially started working for Home Health. He has the 10pm to 6am shift. I think last night was a little rough, and it is going to take him a few nights to adjust. He will work tonight and maybe tomorrow night and then next Thursday he will be evaluated to see if he can work by himself. His schedule is 3 nights on and 3 nights off.

Logan and I survived our first night alone. We locked all the doors and turned on a movie. It doesn't bother me when Matthew is gone during the day, but it is always nice to have him home at night. It always seems that my mind is always a little more creative at night when I am by myself. I seem to think of all these scenarios that could happen, but never in a million years would. I think that I just need to relax. We have never had any strange things happen when we have all been here, so I don't know why they are going to happen when I am here by myself. Maybe I will get used to Matthew being gone at night, but until then I think that Logan and I are going to have some long nights ahead.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

We finally did it!

Today was a great day. Matthew and I accomplished many things on our TO-DO list that have been on there for quite sometime. First of all one side of our sink has been clogged for quite awhile, and not to mention it is the side with the garbage disposal. I have been telling Matthew that we need to get it fixed and so today I made him help me. We took apart the garbage disposal which took longer that I thought it would and then we cleaned all the pieces and put it back together. Then we poured some liquid plumber down in it and now not only does the sink drain, but my garbage disposal is back and working great. I was afraid that we were going to have to replace the disposal, but luckly our $4 bottle of liquid plumber and some man power and we are back in business. YEAH! We can now add to our list of occupations -PLUMBER!

And as I posted earlier that our water supply for our food storage is lacking and has been since April. We now have water. We are the proud owners of a 50 gallon tank filled with you guessed it water. And I also purchased some cases of bottled water. What a relief to know that we finally have water. We finally did it!

Seeing as summer is winding down and things need to be put away. We spent a few minutes outside putting some of our things away for the winter. We put our grill, bikes, and lawn mower away. Now all I need to do is roll up our hoses and put them downstairs, and maybe mow our lawn and remove the leaves.

I love getting the things done on my TO-DO list. What made today special was that I got some help from Matthew, he even helped me clean the house. Made things go faster and Our house looks great. Glad to say that we finally did it!


I had to figure out a last minute idea for mutual the other night and this is what I came up with. I had the girls do a picture scavenger hunt around the church. It took a while for me to come up with some ideas but I came up with a list. The rule was that at least one person had to be in every photo and most of them two girls were in them. I wasnt sure what the girls would think of it, but they had fun and they were pretty creative and we got some great pictures. Here are some pics:

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After this activity the girls went around the church and took pictures of the alphabet. They found letters in some pretty odd things. That was fun but the pics didn't turn out very clear but they had fun with that too. I guess that is why I love the working with the beehives, they are out to have fun no matter what. The girls I have a just a blast and I love doing things with them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Hobby

My mom is very talented when it comes to sewing and making anything. So I decided that I would have her teach me all she knows. She is starting me out easy, here is a baby blanket that I tied. Next week some time we are going to go get some fabric and we are going to sew some pumpkins. I also have a pattern to make Logan his own little chair for Christmas. I have a lot to get started on, but first I have to learn how to sew. I am actually excited, because I need something fun to occupy my time. I just hope that sewing will be fun for me and that it wont be something that I get frustrated with (I have no patience, which might pose a problem). For now it seems like a good thing for me to get into, but we shall see.

First project.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Random Pics!

Mowing the lawn with Grandma.

Loves drinking out of straws.

Playing in his room.

Pull the dandelions out of the lawn and letting the little seeds fly away.

Freaking out because he couldn't get out.

Me and Mom

Got him his own electric toothbrush and he loves to copy me when I am brushing my teeth. He cries when you take it away.
He sure is getting big. I kind of miss the little baby stage, but sure enjoy how he is learning and growing. I just love that we get to play and I just get the biggest kick out of him. He is the cutest and the funnest kid to be around. I just love him to death.

A Day with Dad

Getting ready to go feed horses with Daddy.

Just lovin' it being outside by all the horses and cows. Hearing them "moo" and "nay"
sure did bring a smile to his face.

Thought it was the coolest thing to watch daddy give the horse some hay.

Thought the horses eating the hay was pretty cool too.

A job well done!


Just Lion Around....

Logans first Halloween. Or at least the first one where he is was actually awake. Last year he slept throught the whole thing ( I guess that I will give him a break he was only about 2 months old).
Me and my cute little cub!

The cutest Lion in our pride.

Hanging out with Grandpa.

I am already trying to figure out our costumes for next year. Next year all of us will have a costume. Matthew didn't want to dress up this year, but there are no excuses next year. I hope everyone had a great Halloween. We sure had fun.