Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday!!

So I once again braved the Black Friday Celebration/Craziness!! What was I thinking?! Every year I go and every year I say that it is my last. I will have to see what next year brings, but people are getting more and more crazy and I am not sure that it is worth it. I go with the attitude that if I get it great, if I dont it will probably go on sale again before Christmas and I will just get it then. I did get a few things and am happy with what I got, but I really need to decide if its worth it. I hope others enjoyed Black Friday, but I was there at 10pm and home at 1:30am and sure glad to be home in my bed. So until next year Happy Crazy Black Friday to all!

Thanksgiving 2011

This year for Thanksgiving we spent the day at Flint and Lisa's. It was Flint, Lisa, Tianna, Dylan, Matthew, Me, Logan Ashlee, Brandon, Maricela, Hailey, Jayden, Vicki and Anna. So it was a pretty full house. We sure had good food, played a few games, watched football, looked at Black Friday ads, and ate some more good food. It was and always is a fun day. It is just always nice to be surrounded by family and just relax and have fun! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

This was Ashlee's First Thanksgiving and I sucked at taking pictures so here is all I got :) So enjoy!

She looked cute with her bow and pants on, but I just didnt have my camera out.

Here is Logan and Hawee Lookin at the piggies!

So every year after Thanksgiving the boys usually go get our Christmas trees. This year it was decided that it is just too much hassle to go get one in the mountains, plus the selection just isn't that great anymore. So this year we had to start a new tradition and it will continue from now on. We went to a parking lot and picked out a tree. This year Logan and I were in town and met up with Flint and we picked out our tree and Flint brought it home for us in his truck. I have to say that Logan and I picked out a pretty tree this year. He was so excited and if you ask him "His tree is pretty awesome!"

It is pretty big and takes up a lot of room in our living room!

The proud owner of the 2011 Jacobson Christmas Tree!!!
Christmas Tree 2011
It sure is going to be a fun Christmas Season this year!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Little Piggy

So the dairy is home to 5 new little piggies! They are right outside our fence, which means that they have a frequent visitor, LOGAN!! He loves them. The other day Matthew took him out to see them and they were snorting and Logan kept saying that they were farting :)!! We couldn't convince him otherwise. It is sure going to be fun having them around.

I just think that they are super cute.

I like this one because he is the only one with a black face.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Sick Little Girl

So yesterday, Ashlee woke up about 5:30am with one heck of a fever. So we gave her some tylenol and Matt gave her a blessing to help her get through the next couple of hours until the peds center opened. We made it and got her into see the doctor to find out that she has a double ear infection. Yep poor little girl! Logan never got an ear infection so this is a first for sicknesses around here. Good thing we got her in now hopefully she will be feeling better for her First Thanksgiving!!! :)!!!!!