Friday, August 30, 2013

Fair Time Fun 2013

So here it is Fair time again. This year will be Ashlee's first year riding the rides and we are hoping Logan has grown up enough that he won't cry on every ride like he did a few years ago (last year we didnt take him on any)

Been ready all day!

Ready to go, just waiting for daddy to get off work.

Picked this from our garden before we left.
The rides!

Logan was so excited to go down the big slide and he did it all by himself.

Ashlee wouldnt go without mommy.

Riding the roller-coaster.

The Fun House.

Driving the cars

Looking at the horses.

They both really enjoyed the rides and we definitely didnt go on enough. I am so proud of Logan he went on all of the rides by himself and he had a blast. Ashlee had fun, but needed me to go on them with her. After riding on some rides and walking through some of the animal barns, we grabbed a snack and headed to the rodeo. It was a fun time, but next year we will just take the kids to ride the rides and then we will have to go to the rodeo without them, so that way we can enjoy the rodeo. Big thanks to my mom for watching Mishagan so that way we didnt have to worry about her. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Daddy and Me

This summer had a few Daddy and Me moments for Logan. I am pretty sure they are moments that he will hopefully remember for years to come.

First was their camping trip!

Second their matching BSU gear!!!

And yet another event happened on 8/28/2013

My two Handsome Guys!!!
 Headed out to the MONSTER TRUCKS!!!!!

 It was such a special event. Matt took Logan, Zac took Carson, Ty took Jace and Aiden and Papa Jacobson was there with them all :)!!!!

Thanks Uncle Ty for bringing everyone ear plugs!!!

All I know is that it was LOUD but AWESOME TOO!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So amongst all the baby craziness, Birthday Season at our house has officially started.

Matthew is 28!!!
Wow he is getting old!!

Couldn't imagine life without him. He is such a wonderful father and husband. We appreciate all his hard work in supporting our family, trying to finish his schooling, and fulfilling his church callings.
We love him very much!!!
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

This year I kept it simple. Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Frosting!
 Since he wouldn't tell me what he wanted for his Birthday, I had to come up with something. And this is what he got:

The kids decorated his awesome wrapping job!!

No Smiles
Helping Daddy open his present.
Yep New BSU gear!!!
Father and Son Matching Birthday Presents. Logan was so proud!

Ashlee wanted in the pictures too, and asked where her shirt was. So I will be shopping for one for her.
He also got two new pairs of shoes and the 2nd Star Trek Movie, and Epic.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Life with Mishagan

What a great BIG sister!!


I finally felt good enough to get up and do something besides lay around. So I put up the slip-n-slide and watched the kids play outside while Mishagan was sleeping. They needed it. 

Ashlee helping me change Mishagan

Nothing more precious than a sleeping baby.

Special Visit from Grandpa Brad and Grandma Cyndi