Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lovin' This Weather

So Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL outside. It was typical spring weather, sunny and warm, with a slight breeze. But not enough to need a jacket, just a long sleeved shirt. So we took full advantage of it and spent pretty much the entire morning outside. We played tee-ball, went down the slide, played on the swings, ran in the front yard, had a picnic for lunch, drew on the cement,etc. We just took full advantage of the nice weather.

Eating Her Lunch

Some fun new toys so the kids can help with the yard work this year :)!

Drawing lots of little lines with his new chalk.

Ashlee has to do what brother is doing no matter what it is :)!

They made me draw and if you can tell everything had to have a smiley face on it, because Logan told me too, so they were all HAPPY! Silly kid!

Petting Phantom-one of his best friends!

Ashlee is pretty brave and isn't scared of Phantom even when he tries to jump on her. Good thing big brother is there to protect her too.

Chasing Bubbles. I love when there is a slight breeze, it sure makes it easy to blow bubbles. :)!
I think today is going to be nice as well, so we might have to stop at the park when I take a bow order to the post office. I hope the weather stays nice until after Ashlee wakes up from her nap so that we can go to the park. I just hope the weather stays this was for a few more days, because we are sure loving it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Cute Easter Project

So here is yet another idea from Pintrest, I wish I could take the credit for being so creative, but I cant. I am really enjoying Pintrest though. My plan is to eventually create a Pintrest Notebook. I think that way I can have all the things I like and have done all in a notebook for future reference. But for now, I have completed this really cute, cheap and simple Easter craft.

I just thinned out regular Elmer's glue, so it is kind of like modge podge but cheaper. Then I blew up water balloons and then wrapped some embroidery floss around the balloons and let the dry over night. I think that I am going to go get some glitter spray and make them sparkly. It was even a fun craft :)! 

All the eggs I made last night

I ran the floss around the width of the balloon in the yellow one.

All directions with multi-colored floss

Ran the floss around the length of the balloon.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Looking GOOOOD!

Wow how time is flying by! These two kiddos are growing up way too fast! Logan is 3-1/2 and Ashlee is 15 months. Love them very much and couldnt imagine life without them. <3

Logan is wearing his new pants and shirt and tie. Isnt he just a handsome little boy? :)! Ashlee is just a sweet and beautiful little girl!

Being little stinkers! Its a good thing they are cute :)!


So we dont do much for St Pattys Day, but we are going to start a few new traditions. First I had to find something in everyones closet that had a little green on it so that way no one got pinched.

Ashlee Sporting her Pink and Green and she even got a new green bow :)! Cute Girl!

Love This Little Girl

Wearin Green! Its a good thing Logan doesnt really care about what he wears. He was ok with his only green shirt :)!

Got a few new decorations. In fact then arrived on our door step around 10:30am on St Pattys Day!

Awesome New Hat :)!

Awesome New Wreath!

I got two of these cute Clovers :)!
 So a few traditions that we will definitely be adding to in the future. We woke up to green milk and green pancakes. Logan sure enjoyed drinking green milk and eating green pancakes. I have a few new ideas for next year. Holidays sure are fun when you have a wonderful family to spend them with :)!

So Happy St Patricks Day and Happy Anniversary Brandon and Maricela :)!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out and About

So Wednesday we needed to run into town (Buhl) to do a few errands, because we had spent the last 5 days cooped up inside because Logan had been sick. Poor little guy, just didn't feel good, he even ran a low grade fever. So it was a long 5 days and we were all in need of an outing. So we all got ready and lately both Logan and Ashlee HAVE to be wearing their "Monster Shoes." They both freak out if they both aren't wearing them. These are Crocs I bought before Ashlee was born, because there was a really good deal on the croc website. Ashlee is finally starting to fit into them and if you can tell Logans shoes have quite a few miles on them. He loves these shoes so much that when I was in Twin the other day, I offered to buy him some light up Lightning McQueen shoes and he turned me down. He just wanted to wear his Monster Shoes.

Looking Good In Their Crocs (AKA Monster Shoes)

Both Sporting their Vests as well (yes Ashlee still occasionally still has her bottle)

Having fun Playing on Logans Bed

Two Little Monkeys

Finally got both of them to look at the Camera :)!

Part of my out and about was needing to fix a few things on both cars.

So the Pontiac or green car as we call it, needed to have some money retrieved from the cd player, that a cute but sometimes naughty little boy had stuffed into the cd slot. It has been in it for a while, because I was afraid to attempt to take it apart. So I finally just got in and took the dash board panel off and pulled the cd player out and apart. Matthew came out and helped me and we were able to get the money out, but we blew a fuse in the process. So we replaced the fuse and radio turned on but there is still a problem, we did something to the speakers. So good news we went from at least the radio working to now being in the car without music. Sure makes for long trips with whining kids. I can no longer turn up the music so that we can dance and cheer ourselves up :(! So looks like I will be taking everything apart sometime this week to see if I can find out what happened to our speakers.

So Logan and Ashlee Played outside while we were fixing the car. And they turned on some water and apparently Ashlee walked through it. She wasn't too happy about it :(!

She was so sad about it, but it sure made me smile.

There is the smile I was wanting.

Yep that's my girl!

So that is what is wrong with the green car, but we needed to fix a few things on our white car (jetta). The headlights needed changed. On one side the bright worked but the dim didn't and on the other side the dim worked but the bright didn't. So I headed to Napa to get new headlights. I also had to pick up a new wiper blade as well. So it was a fun learning experience for me. I had to figure out how to open up the compartments to get to the bulbs, then you have to be careful not to touch the glass on the light with you fingers because if you do they will burn out as soon as you put them in. So I was successful on one side and the other side Matthew came and took the battery out so that I could get to the other side. Needless to say both headlights are working properly and the wiper blade in changed. It was fun and a little frustrating. I sure am learning a lot of different stuff since we are trying to do things ourselves to help save some money :)!

I also used a little trick I found on pintrest to help clean the yellow grim from the outside of our headlight covers. There are special kits out there that cost quite a bit, but the secret ingredient to a cheap and effective way to cleaning headlights is TOOTHPASTE! It really works. I wish that I would have gotten a picture. You couldnt even begin to see the lights on the white car, but a little dab of toothpaste and a little elbow grease and they are almost crystal clear. Pretty sweet trick ;)!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Few Fun Activities

So we tried a few of the fun little activities that we found on Pintrest.

We poured some milk into a dish and then added food coloring.

Then I put some dish soap on a toothpick and Logan swirled the toothpick through the milk.

It was pretty cool and he enjoyed it.

He wanted to drink the GREEN Milk, but I explained that we couldnt because it had soap in it. (Going to have to have green milk for St Patricks day :))!

What a cute little boy :)!

Next was adding water to corn starch. It was pretty cool! It was hard when you picked it up and then it turned to liquid and fell through your fingers. The website showed putting the tray on a speaker to make it vibrate and it actually dances. I am going to have to figure out something to make it vibrate next time, but we had fun anyway.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Towels

Logan and Ashlee got some cute new towels. They LOVE them!

One cute puppy and one adorable kitty :)!

She loves hers so much that even after you get her dressed, she still wants to carry around her kitty towel!

Couldnt get Logan to stand by himself for a picture. But he sure loves getting out of the bathtub and wrapping up in his puppy towel.


Matthew brought home the Tuesday newspaper and it fit our family perfectly:
The first one of course hit what I think most days right on the head!
The second one hit what Matthew thinks most days right on the head!

This is what Logan thinks most day!
I don't think Matthew could have picked a better paper to bring home.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An Early Start to Spring Cleaning :)!

So Monday was a beautiful day. It was finally nice enough for Logan, Ashlee and I to spend a few hours outdoors. I guess I am just sooooo sick of being stuck inside because of crappy weather, that I did some yard work. Yep, I mowed our lawn, the awful looking weed patch in our front yard, and picked up all the trash that the wind blew into our yard. It was just so nice to spend sometime outside and I did something constructive. The kids were able to play and run in the yard. I think that we all really enjoyed our day outside.

But that is just what it was, ONE day outside, because the next few days were cold, and windy. We are so ready for nice weather to come and stay. At least I was able to get a jump on my lawn so that way it wont be like last year. I had to mow the lawn three times to get it to the length we like it, because it was such a wet spring. 

Since Tuesday was such a cold day, I stayed inside and did a lot of deep cleaning. I cleaned all but my living room and office. I was so motivated that I took down the all the blinds and washed them in the bathtub with bleach. Then I dejunked every room, meaning that I finally got rid of all the little stuff that we keep hanging on to. I now have a huge bag of junk to take to D.I. I also cleaned the ceiling fans. It feels good to get some of the major stuff off my to do list. Now I get to start tackling my projects list :)!

Now just get here SPRING and stay!