Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Little Niece.

My brother Josh and his wife Lauren had a little girl on July 26th. Little Miss Harper Grace Peterson is just as precious and cute as any little girl should be. I can't wait to actually meet her, but it might be a while, because they currently live in South Carolina and are moving to Connecticut soon. Just thought that I would share some pics with everyone.


Oh No! Logan is walking all over the place. You can't keep him out of anything. He sure terrorizes everything, no matter where we go. Here is a small video of Logan:

Swimming, Swimming In a Swimming Pool!

We officially took Logan to a swimming pool. Ty and Tanille invited us to go to 1000 Springs Resort (formally Sligars), so we went. Flint, Lisa, Dylan, Tianna, and some friends of Ty and Tanille's were there. Logan just screamed his head off, which was a bit of a shocker, seeing that he loves his baths sooooo much. You can't keep the kid out of the bathroom, once you turn the water on. But he just screamed bloody murder and had the grumpest face that I have ever seen him pull. He literally was mad, up until about 20 minutes before we got out. In his defence, he did fall asleep in the car on the way there and only got like a ten minute nap. Oh well, hopefully we will be better parents in the future and take the little tike when he isn't soo tired and maybe he will enjoy it as much as he enjoys his baths. Good thing swimming is something that you can do more than once in a lifetime, because it sure was a sour first experience.

1st Canning Project of the Year!

The other day we were over at Flint and Lisa's and the phone rang so I answered it. It was some poeple from our ward calling to ask Lisa (R.S President) if there was anyone in our ward that wanted apricots. She wasn't there so I said that I would ask her when she got home. Then I got to thinking maybe "Hey I should try to do something with apricots for our food storage." We didn't can apricots growing up and I had no clue what in the world to do with them, but I asked anyway. So I went and picked up what they had left and spent two evenings juicing apricots.

First I had to wash all of them, cut them in half and get rid of the pits. This doesn't look like much, but this is only about a third of what I did. Then I put them in my moms steam juicer (I am so glad that my mom has all of this neat canning stuff, it sure made my job easy). I steamed them for what seemed like forever. The first batch (the apricots in the picture, gave me 4 quarts of apricot juice and then the second batch I did gave me 8 quarts. I am soooo excited. I am not quite sure what I am going to do with it, or if we are even going to like it. I got a few ideas from family about what I can do. But if there is anyone else that has any ideas of what to do with apricot nectar/juice please let me know. It was worth a try, who knows we may want to do more next year. I just love canning season!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Yeah...... Its Done For a While!!

Matthew has graduated! He graduated on July 15th and finished his preceptorship hours that following weekend. He is excited. One year down and another one soon to follow. He decided that he wants to work as an LPN for a little while before transitioning into the RN program. We sent off his paperwork and now all that we have to do is wait for his temporary license and then he has to study and go take is boards in Boise sometime this month and then he will offically be a LPN. So excited and proud of him.

I got to put Matthews pin on him.

The guy standing next to Matthew was his best friend through the program (Devin). Matthew would always come home and say,"Devin and I..., Devin said this, Devin did this,." I am glad they had each other to help them get through the program. He is a great guy and I think Matthew made a good friend.

What more can I say about these two?

We are so proud of Matthew!

Oh by the way Matthew received an award of excellence from the care facility that he worked for here in Buhl. He was one of a few to receive one. He worked hard and it looks like it paid off.

Utah Here We Come!

The week after the fourth of July I got to go to Utah with my sister Michelle. We went down to Provo and stayed with my Dad and Cyndi. We were there from Wednesday to Saturday. It was a blast. We had something to do every day. On Wednesday we got to Utah about 5:00 pm and so we just met up with my dad, Cyndi and my dads old mission companion, Lance Willingham, and we ate dinner at the Myan. It was good food and we also got to see a little show while we ate. Then we went back to my dads house and just sat around a talked for a little while and then went to bed. Then on Thursday, Dad and Cyndi both had to work so while they worked Michelle and I went and did a little shopping. First we went and had lunch with all of Michelles old co-workers. We went and had Chinese food it was great. Then we went on our shopping spree. We went to IKEA first, because Laura, Lisa and Tianna all told me how fun it is to go there. We spend most of the afternoon there and we had a blast. Even though neither of us had much money to spend it was sure fun to look around. Then we went back to my dads house and had a BBQ with Cyndi's kids. They also taught me a new card game "NERTS" sooo fun. Then Friday Michelle and I did a little more shopping while Dad and Cyndi worked. She took me to this amazing little place for lunch ( I cant remember the name). Then that evening we all loaded up in my car and headed for the Park City Outlets for more SHOPPING! It was fun and we stayed there until closing. Then on Saturday morning we got to go eat breakfast at this plave called Magelby's. I have to tell you that I had the best breakfast that I have ever had in my life. We had french toast with buttermilk syrup (in my opinion 100 times better than maple syrup) and a bowl full of strawberries and cream.

Look at us just shoveling it in (or it could be just me), and check out the bowl of strawberries YUMMY! It was all just a taste of heaven. Then we took Logan to the Hogle Zoo. Then headed home.
He loved this monkey! With Grandpa.

He noticed the water more
than the animals.

We couldn't get him away from
the water.

This little boy ran up beside me
and said " Just smile and wave
boys, just smile and wave.
(For all you Madagascar Fans.)
I think he got bored
looking at the people,
so the next best thing
was the brick wall.

Biggest squirrel and turtle that I have ever seen.
ALL IN ALL: I had a blast and it was nice to get away, just wish Matthew could have gone with us.