Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday WeekendHailOpen

I am very excited to say that Matthew went to his first yard sale with me. A family in our ward is moving to Hawaii and so they were trying to get rid of things so that they don't have to pay to ship them there. I knew they had a lot of church books and Matthew is always wanting more to read. So he picked out quite a few and I think we got a super good deal on them

We couldnt pass this up because Ashlee fell in love with it and wouldnt get off of it. But  $2 wasn't a bad deal.
 We also got a set of 20lb dumbbells, some canning jars, a few clothes for Ashlee and a Frisbee for Logan.
It was fun and I just love Yard Sales. I dont really go to very many, but I am sure going to try to go to more this year. Maybe I will be able to find some of the things we need for cheap :) I guess that it is worth a try!

After the yard sale we got the kids ready and Matt took Logan down to Dylans (thats what he calls Grandma and Grandpa Jacobsons) so that he could go play with his cousins because they were all coming out to celebrate Haileys Birthday. I stayed home and let Ashlee take a nap and I cleaned house and got ready, then we headed down for the party.
She just wouldn't look at the camera. Little Stinker!

Playing with Aaliyah

There was a pinata but I didn't have my camera dang it, because all the kids were so cute hitting it.

Haileys Awesome Birthday Cake  
Macey, Hailey and Logan

Hailey and her Cake :)!

Opening presents with all the help she could ever need!

She got all the Shrek Movies

 It was a fun Saturday! Happy Birthday to Hailey!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hot Sunny Days

Logan wanted to go to the park and so we ate lunch and headed into town. It was a pretty hot and muggy day so we just played at the park for a little bit. I promised Logan that we would go back on a day that was a little cooler. Logan and Ashlee sure had fun.

Logan is such a sweet little boy and such a great big brother, he would wait for Ashlee and help her get to where ever  he wanted her to go. They just play so well together, that I love to just sit back and watch them :)!

Poor Miss Ashlee took a header into some rocks a few days back and scrapped up her forehead and nose. But I have to say she is one tough cookie. 

Ashlee went down the big slide above and I wish that I could have taken a video and been at the bottom to catch her at the same time, because her face was priceless. I finally think that our daredevil was just a little afraid, but she wanted to go down again. Crazy little girl!

They played and had fun and then we went to a few stores in Buhl. First we went to the Youth Ranch and I found a pressure canner for way cheap. I am pretty excited, now I have two that just need to be tested to make sure they are okay and then I will be able to can twice as much and faster this year :)! Then we went and met Shauna and Brandon at Kings, then we all headed to Arctic Circle for a yummy Milkshake. It sure was a perfect treat for a very hot day. Shauna offered to take Logan for the night. So the next day, Ashlee and I got up and headed to go get Logan and hang out with Shauna.

These two sure love water. 

They played in the water for most of the time that we were there. Then we had to get ready to head to Twin with Shauna. She had a few errands to run and we didnt really have anything to do that evening so we went with her. Logan and Ashlee both fell asleep on the way into Twin that Shauna had to run a few errands by herself while I stayed in the car with the kids. They finally work up and we were able to run into Bath and Body Works with her. Then we headed back to Shauna's house and on the way back, we stopped and picked asparagus on the side of the rode for dinner. So it was a fun couple days :)!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day At The Garners

We were able to head to the Garners and we spent the whole day with Shauna and Brandon. The kids had a blast. We played inside for a while and then we headed outside to let the kids swim in the pool as Logan calls it.

Cute kids ready to go swimming :)!

Logan loves his water wings and he is now fearless and will swim all by himself.

Miss Ashlee sporting her new swim suit :)!

Having fun, hanging out in the pool.

Logan was jumping off the step and making quite the splash!

Having fun together!

Ashlee got so relaxed that she would close her eyes.

Funny Boy playing with the jets. See Ashlee asleep :)!

See the eyes closed, so we took her out and she went right to sleep.
 After playing in the pool for a little while we went inside and Logan watched a movie, Ashlee took a nap. So Shauna and I left the kids with Brandon and we headed to town to get some strawberries to plant at their house. We left and Logan saw us leave and it wasn't soon after we left that we got a phone call from a sobbing little boy, so we promised him we would bring him a treat back. So we got the strawberries and then picked up a little treat for Logan, starbursts (his new favorite candy) and some ice cream drumsticks. Needless to say our sad little boy was happy when we got back. So we ate snacks and then we headed outside to plant strawberries and work on getting their garden spot ready. It was such a beautiful day that we had tons of fun working and playing outside.

After finishing the outside stuff we went inside and Shauna helped me make some cute bracelets for Ashlee.

She is going to be one stylin' little girl :)!
So we finished bracelets then just talked and ate some yummy food. Then the kids wanted to swim one last time before we headed home. So they did and then we headed home. We sure were tired, but what a fun day we all had.

This is the kids playing for the second time in the pool right before we headed home.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love of Spring

So I LOVE spring for the fact that all plant life starts to turn green and because sunny days and cool breezes give me the excuse to get outside to do yard work and to start gardening :)! Two of my favorite things! 

I had to show the fence because for the first time this part of our lawn looks great, only problem is that Matthew  was trying to burn the weeds in the garden and it got away from him and burnt the entire length of vinyl fence along the road! So now a new and not so fun project this spring :(!

See the fence :(! Not the point of the picture. We were able to get a few raspberry starts!

Finally some strawberries, let hope I fixed the soil so that they will actually grow this year :)!

Yep! I finally got to get in my garden and start planting! I planted, carrots, radishes, cilantro, lettuce , celery, peas and potatoes today. So it was a prefect day in the garden and I cant wait to get everything else in :)!

My Little Helper, I just don't think I could plant things right without his help. 

The same garden space, but different layout this year. I will be posting my  layout  soon! 

Did I mention that I LOVE gardening?! I am so excited that it is Spring again! Happy Gardening to ALL!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Shoshone Falls

So Logan and Ashlee were able to spend most of Monday with Grandma Shauna and Papa Hal. They had promised Logan that they would take him to see the waterfall that he had happened to see on the phone book that was in Papa Hals truck, when he went with him to go get some raspberry starts. Little minds never forget a promise, so it was finally a nice day and Hal was home so he and Shauna took advantage of it and were able to spend the day with Logan and Ashlee. This gave me an opportunity to go and do yard work for my grandparents without having to worry about the kiddos. They sure had a fun time and here are the pictures to prove it!

Having a picnic with Papa Hal

Hanging out with Grandma Shauna

Running all over the place!

Looking at the little waterfalls

More Running!

Crazy kid is a talker, cant get him to keep quite for a minute!

Little Miss Independent trying to walk down a hill by herself and not wanting papa to help her by holding on to her hat!

Logan, Ashlee and Shauna in front of the Big Waterfall

Logan, Ashlee and Hal in front of the Big Waterfall

From Logans Point of View

Two of the best kids a mother could ask for!

Beautiful Ashlee

Handsome and Crazy Logan
Logan had a blast and tells everyone that he got to see the Big Waterfall! Thanks Shauna and Hal for spending time with Logan and Ashlee! We sure love having you in our lives :)!