Friday, May 31, 2013

Mad Little Scientists

The other day the kids were bored from doing our normal everyday activities so I decided that I would try a few new things with them. Laura did this a while back with Carson and I thought that the kids would enjoy it and I have to say it was a big hit. We will definitely be doing this again. I just filled 2 cups with water for both Logan and Ashlee and then we busted out the food coloring. They added colors to their little hearts content, and I just kept dumping the yucky water and getting them fresh water. They just loved seeing the colors change. They ask just about everyday if we can do this fun activity.

I also bought this Discovery Kids chemistry kit at kings on clearance for a couple dollars. I had been holding it until Logan got a little older, but I needed something to do. So we pulled it out and we did a couple experiments and the kids loved them.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

M.M.J (BABY #3)

It's no secret that we would like to have our kids as close to two years apart as we can. We had family getting pretty suspicious and constantly asking if I was pregnant and we dodged their suspicions for as long as we could or at least we tried. Finally we decided that I needed to go in and see for sure and also to see how far along I was.

 So my first appointment was on February 21, we didn't have an ultrasound because I was actually 14 weeks and 4 days. They like to do the first ultrasound between weeks 8 and 10. I just don't really care to go in right away. I did with Logan because he was our first and with Ashlee I actually waited until week 16. So no ultrasound until week 20 with baby #3.

I had another appointment on March 21 and at that I appointment I scheduled the 20 week ultrasound to see what gender our sweet baby #3 would be. It was scheduled for April 5.

APRIL 5, 2013

These are a few of the incredible images that we were able to see that day! 

A beautiful profile picture. Everything looked normal and in proportion. That is the only news I wanted to hear!

Amazing to see them develop!

Yes we are having another sweet baby GIRL!!!
 We were able to take the kids with us to be there for the ultrasound. Our little Logan had been asked several times whether he wanted a brother or a sister and he was pretty set that he wanted a brother. So when we got our results he got a little teary-eyed and said I wanted a brother. We felt a little bad for him, but  what could we do, there was no changing. We offered him so good sound comfort that maybe (being the key word) our next baby would be his baby brother. It took him a little while to be okay with having another sister, but he is super excited to be the big brother of two little sisters and might I add they are going to be the two luckiest sister to have him as their BIG BROTHER! He is truly the best BIG BROTHER EVER!!!
And in case you wanted to know what Ashlee thought, she is more than excited to be getting a little sister :)!

Oh and we have decided on a name M.M.J which stands for:


I will give you the story on how we decided on the name, because I get asked a lot how we came up with the name Mishagan.

Matthew served his mission in Pennsylvania and while he was serving there he met a little girl by the name of Mishagan (not sure how she spelled her name) and he thought she was the cutest little girl and he fell in love with her name. So that is how our sweet baby girl got her name Mishagan.

For those who don't know Matthew's mom's middle name is Marie and my mom, although she goes by Marie, it is also her middle name. So she will be named after both Grandma's.

Jacobson is just a last name that she should be proud of, it is a pretty worthy last name to hold.

So we can't wait to meet our sweet baby girl August 19th or whenever she decides she wants to join us!!

End of May

I cant believe it is the end of May! Time surely moves faster now than it did when I was younger. I can look back and remember like it was yesterday that we were opening Christmas Presents and I cant believe that 5 months have passed and it is almost June of 2013. So I hope that everyone has had a great start to 2013, since we are almost half way through. We have had a pretty great year, and cant wait to meet our little girl in August. Life is to short not to enjoy your time with those you love! 

I took this picture at the beginning of May!

Logan Matthew- 4 years old
Ashlee Nicole- 2 years old

Last of the 4 Room Make Over

There are no before pictures of the office that we turned into our bedroom, but I am pretty sure you can use your imagination and and picture just what it looked like. The walls and ceiling were white and we had the computer desk in one corner and then just a whole bunch of junk piled everywhere else. It was the room that had anything and everything that didn't really have a place or if someone was coming over it was the room we shoved everything to make our house seem clean. 

So now that you have that room in mind here is what it looks like all cleaned out and decorated.

Well here is one before picture because we kept all the same decorations, but we did just change the wall color and the comforter on the bed when we moved into the other room.

A little more grown up (or at least we are trying to be).

Yes our closet is a little unorganized, but it was organized before i had to pull out my maternity clothes  and put my regular clothes on top, so excuse the mess.
Compare the upgrade from the before picture! A little more chic and grown up. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Room Fit for Logan... CHOO CHOO

Apparently I never took pictures of our room completed when it was painted orange. We loved our room orange (especially Matthew). I am sad that I never took pictures of it completed and decorated all cute but these pictures will give some idea of what Logan's room looked like when it was our bedroom.


We went the the theme of trains and something that he can grow into that we wont have to change for a while.

Comforter made by Grandma Marie!!!

Yes it is a chalkboard paint painted door. He loves it!

Logan loves it when we see railroad signs so I just had to find him hone for his room!

A cool railroad spike with a train on it found at a yard sale for $1.

Miss Ashlee's New Room

I guess that I never took pictures of the entire room when Ashlee and Logan were both in this room, but the color of the walls never changed, just the amount and position of the furniture. But it is totally a little boys room.

Now it is a room fit for Ashlee and her little sister :)!

I would prefer the crib to be white, but I don't have the energy so it will just have to be an eye sore . I also want to get a blanket for the crib that matches Ashlee's comforter. And the doors to her closet are painted with chalkboard paint!!

I need to add a couple pictures that I have above the bed and also a fun mirror. 

Up close picture of the comforter that my mom made for Ashlee. She actually found this material and this is where we got the color scheme for Ashlee's Room.

Once again another fun room to paint and then start adding all the elements. It sure came together better than I could have imagined. Thanks again mom for your creative expertise in decorating :)!

Family Room/ Office Make-Over

Before Pictures

This is what our living has looked like for the almost 5 years that we have lived here.

Ready for the amazing transformation.......


First is the family room side...

Next is the office side that still has some clutter, because I am still going through a whole rooms worth of stuff from our office, now that we no longer have a whole room to shove stuff, and trying to figure out where to put it all. It is the room that needs the most projects done to complete it. But here it is up to this point...

My sister gave this to me for Christmas a few years ago, although I did some modifications, I love it!

I am still going to add some shelves above the computer for my family picture wall ;)!

The view from the kitchen.

Not sure if the pictures capture what an incredible transformation this room has gone through but I think our hard work and my moms creative touch made this into the incredible room that it is.