Sunday, March 31, 2013


A lady that works with my mom asked me to make some tutus for her daughters wedding, which is in June. I got the stuff in January and I finally started them and finished them in March. I think the colors are super cute! They were fun to make, but took a while, I made 7 tutus total. I made 3 with the orange ribbon around the top and flower, 2 with pink ribbon around the top and a flower and then 2 with the green ribbon around the top and a flower.

Ashlee modeling the tutu!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Some Josie Time

We were able to have Josie Ray come over for the day. This is the little girl that is the only other kid in Logan's class at church and they have become really good friends. So we love having her come over and play. We always have a lot of fun. Today we had to find lots of fun things to do inside because it was too cold to play outside.

We watched movies
Played in so shaving cream!

There's nothing better than making a mess and not getting in trouble for it!

We played Nickelodeon Dance. They had fun and I had myself a good laugh. It was pretty entertaining!!

Fun Fitness

So a wonderful lady in our ward Kristy Gorrell started a Fun Fitness Class back in January. She is teaching several different classes for differnt age groups. Ashlee has a class and Logan has a different class. We go every Tuesday and Ashlee class is from 10:30 to 11:15 and then Logan's Class goes from 11:30 to 12:15. It is so great to get out of the house and have somewhere to go where the kids are being active, exercising and learning new things. It is also great that they get to socialize with other kids they don't know. It has been fun and here are a few picture that I have taken over the past few months.


Stretching and Warming Up

Running Through the Obstacle Course

Learning how to properly do somersaults so he doesn't hurt his neck!


This was pretty funny to watch.
Working on their bridges.

He was actually doing a crab walk, but I only caught him falling at the finish line.

More somersaults

This was pretty neat. It was a turtle challenge and all the kids in class  had the mat on their backs and they had to walk it all the way from one end of the blue mat to the other. They didnt quite get it the first time, but on their second try the did it. I was pretty impressed.

 Ashlee's Class
Ashlee's Class is a mommy and me class, so I don't have too many photos because I am always doing something to help her. She has come a long way. The first month and a half, she was shy and wouldn't do anything without me by her side, and there have been times when she wont do anything even if I try to help her. Can we say stubborn?! She has enjoyed it lately though and it is fun to watch her have fun.

Dancing with the music!

Chilling waiting for Logan to finish with his class.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Day With Hailey and Jayden

WE got to spend the day with Hailey and Jayden. They came to play and so we played. We spent a lot of time outside. It is always fun to have cousins come play. Some days mom just doesn't cut it!

Digging in the dirt
Visiting the Pigs
Eating suckers at the little picnic table

Another fun day hanging out with Hailey and Jayden!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Warm Day to Play Outside

This spring certainly has been a windy cold one. So we are happy that today is a warm enough day to be outside. So we will bust of the chalk, Popsicle, and the Jeep!

Hoping we continue to have more day like this because we are tired of being cooped up inside. We were all born to be OUTSIDE!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson

So we are very lucky to life just down the road from Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson. We pretty much live there more than we live at our house. In fact I often wonder if they ever get sick of us being there and are like, man we wish they would just go home. We just love being there and Logan and Ashlee just love getting to see Grandma and Grandpa. I love the fact that they have such good relationships with Flint and Lisa! Two of the best people that I know. We sure love getting to spend sooo much time with them. We spend most Sundays there after church and then many other days of the week also. I need to be better at taking picture, because we sure have fun and it is definitely our home away from home. Here are a few pictures that I did happen to capture.

These two have a special relationship and I love seeing it! Ashlee sure love her papa, she has been a papa's girl from a very early age!!

We are all just lounging around on a Tuesday evening! Ashlee playing with her babies!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ashlee Nicole

Being a parent has changed my life in ways that are hard to describe. The love I feel for you is stronger than I ever dreamed possible, and the sense of responsibility is larger than I ever imagined. When I look at you, I see the future about to unfold. I want so much for you to find your place in the understand the meaning of know the satisfaction found in relationships. I'm grateful to have been touched by God's hand when He gave you to me as my daughter. (Quote taken from a book called 'To My Daughter" by Marci)

What a precious little girl she is! We just love her to pieces. 

What makes her Ashlee:
-She is very stubborn!! She wants things her way and she really wont budge. Its a good thing Logan is so tenderhearted, because he gets to deal with her stubbornness more than the rest of us. He is such a good big brother!
-She is very independent! In her mind she is older than she really is because she can do everything by herself. She will put you in your place if you try to help her and it wasn't requested. 
-She is very loving!! She is sweet and love to give hugs, kisses and cuddle. I love the days that she will just come give me tons of hugs and kisses and just gives me her one of a kind smile. I love that she loves to cuddle. We can just cuddle on the couch and read a book or watch and movie and I just treasure these moments.
-She is my best friend!! Or so she tells me everyday now! I am sure she will grow out of it, but I hope not. I love hearing : "Mommy you my best friend!" It sure melts my heart!
-She eats everything! She is quite the opposite of her brother. She will usually eat anything and everything that you put in front of her. She has quite the appetite and is always saying she is hungry even after she eats a  large meal. Just to prove she is a good eater, One day we were at my grandparents and she ate 3 whole hot dogs. I was waiting for her to puke, but she didnt. Way to put them away, I cant even eat 3 hot dogs!
-She is a daredevil! She is not afraid of much and scares me to death most of the time. I certainly have to keep a close watch on her, because she will do whatever anyone else is doing!
-She LOVES- Her Wogan (aka Logan), Dora, reading books, her stuffed puppies, babies, her blankets, her daddy, Marshmallow cereal, water (she asks for it all the time), playing outside, kitties, shoes, and probably many other things that I cant think of right now.

She is definitely one of a kind and we are so happy that she is a part of our family!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lunch Date

So we had the privilege while Tianna was here to get together and go to lunch at Applebee's with Jamie, Tianna and Owen. Being the lame photographer that I am the whole time that Tianna was here this is the only picture that I took. We sure enjoyed getting to spend a lot of time with her and Owen. Logan and Ashlee just love Baby Owen. In fact they ask almost everyday when we are going to have enough money to go see Tianna, Richard, and Baby Owen in Mississippi. Maybe one day we can make our way there. It sure would be fun and we are all in need of a good family vacation. 

Jamie, Logan and Ashlee