Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Party #1

We threw a Halloween party for all the young women, since our ward didn't have one this year. We had dinner and then played pictionary and then we played bunco. It was fun each of the girls and the leaders dressed up and it was fun. I got to borrow an outfit that my adviser brought back from Egypt. It was fun and don't think that I have dressed up for Halloween since I was about 12 or before. It was fun and I can't wait to dress up tomorrow with Logan, so stay tuned for yet another awesome costume.

Monday, October 26, 2009


While we carved pumpkins Logan and Hailey played, under Maricela's supervision, of course. Logan hasn't mastered the art of playing soft. It was cute though Hailey would keep her eyes on Logan and just smile and laugh at him. She is jsut sooo stinkin cute.

Then after everyone left we went to play and Logan now loves to climb in this chair and he hangs his legs and just swings them back and forth. He is just learning soo many things lately and he just looks so darn cute doing them. Just love it when he smiles and shows those pearly whites, it just melts my heart.


We had a few people come over and carve pumpkins at our house this year. Brandon, Maricela, Hailey and Mason and Whitney. We had fun. We ate dinner watched a little Bill Engvall and then carved these marvelous pumpkins.

At least a few of us smiled!

Whitneys Pumpkin
Brandon's Pumpkin

My Pumpkin
Mason's Pumpkin

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Food Storage...

First of all, I am kind of glad that canning season is over for me. I do thoroughly enjoy canning but with everything else I am glad I am done. I had a pretty good year and am glad that we have a start on our food storage. I really struggle with my water storage, we have a 50 gal tub just sitting in the basement waiting to be filled and it has been that way since oh I don't know April. I keep saying we need to get this filled, this Saturday and then for real this Saturday and yet it still sits empty. I am really going to try before the winter comes. But here is what we have put away so far. I am just curious what are some of the things others can and what are some other ways people store stuff. So anyone who reads this let me know what you guys do. I am up for new ideas and love to see what others have done. We always had a good food storage growing up and someday I will reach that point for my family, but I guess that I have to start somewhere.
Some of the things we have:
Spaghetti Sauce
Green Beans
Grape Juice
Apricot Nectar
Soups(Tomato, Chicken Noodle, Cream of Chicken)
Tuna and Canned Chicken
Honey, Butter, other misc items
Camp Stove and Propane
Hot Chocolate
Ramen Noodles
Mandarin Oranges
Peaches and Pear
Very limited water supply

I would really love ideas on how to improve upon and add to our food storage!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Like Daddy

Whoever knows Matthew, will find this funny (or at least I find it to be funny). First here is the pic and then I will explain. Here is the senario: We go down to Flint and Lisa alot and we get into some deep conversations or at least they can be. Anyway, we will be talking and everyone is sitting down, including Matthew, and then sometimes he just gets so excited or he just wants everyone to hear what he is saying or he has to stand up so that he can get his point across. Whatever the reason, in the middle of everyone talking he will just jump up and stand in front of everyone. It is just funny to me that everyone else can sit down and say there peace, but Matthew has to jump up and be in front of everyone. This picture makes we laugh because Logan was in front of me and Matthew just a blabberin' away. He is going to be just like his dad, ATTENTION PLEASE. Gotta Love Em Both!

Mommy's Little Helper

Whenever I go do laundry, I always find that I have a little helper. He always helps me pull the clothes out of the dryer, but apparently I am too slow for him. I am trying so hard to figure out how to fold and hang clothes up faster. They just seem to pile up on the floor in front of the dryer. Well the other day he was going super fast and I went to grab a hanger and looked down and this is what I saw:
Now I understand why he was is super helper mode- the little turd wanted to get into the dryer. Here I thought I was just not keeping up. Although, I will keep working on it for the future.

Girls Night Out!

The other night a group of ladies from my ward got together and went out to dinner. To decide where to go we all met at the church and everyone wrote their favorite restaurant on a piece of paper and then Lisa drew one out. We ended up going to a restaurant in Hagerman called the Snake River Grill. It was fun and the food was great. We then went back to Lisa's for desserts and then we just sat around and everyone talked. We were supposed to play pictionary, but everyone had fun talking and eating desserts.
Here are the pics of everyone eating:

I thought that I was safe because I had my camera and so I could take the pics without having to be in one and then Lisa took my camera and took a pic of me, so here I am!

Monday, October 12, 2009

MMMM...French Chewy

The other night for mutual we had the privilege of having Bernadette teaching us how to make her french chewy. It was a blast. It was fun watching the girls pull it. I had to partner up with one of my beehives so I didn't get any pictures of this part, but it sure was a blast and eatting it was even better. I can't wait to make it again. I also had the girls make their own dish towels. They turned out great, I actually got pictures of these. We got a new girl so now I have five wonderful little beehives. We have soo much fun together.

Climbing to New Heights

Usually when attempting to get on the coffee table, Logan needed the aid of a couch cushion. But lately he has learned that he is just too big for help and can now climb on all by himself. He has even gotten brave enough to stand up on it. Now all I am waiting for is for him to come tumbling down and who knows a broken arm or something, just what this kid needs. Oh well I guess he has to live and learn. I bet it will only take him one time of falling to learn that maybe it is not soo smart to stand on the table. But for now he is just sooo darn proud of himself, I would hate to squash his accomplishments.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Here are just a couple pics of Logan down in Utah.
He loves climbing stairs.

Cyndi helping Logan pull all the little snack bags out of the box (this was at her house and she said it was okay :). He sure thought it was fun! But I didn't when I had to put them all back into the box. You just got to love little boys!

Guess Who We Saw?

We got to go to Utah this weekend and we got to see Lauren and Miss Harper. It was super fun and it was great to see them. We haven't seen them since last November. Lauren is beautiful as always and Harper is just a doll. She is precious and it was great to get to hold her.

Harper and Logan both had BYU shirts so we had to take a picture. Soooo fun!

My Cute Little Beehives.

The other night for mutual we were supposed to go swimming but it was way too cold. So the girls decided to make dresses out of tissue paper and newspaper. Here is how it went: (it was soo much fun)




Finally Birthday Pictures!

We had quite a house full for Logans Birthday. It was great to have everyone there to share this special day with Logan.
He got tons of toys and clothes!

One of his little helpers: Carson!
and his second little helper: Jace!
Yummy Cake!

Logan 1st Birthday Cake (which he enjoyed)!