Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to Normal

So Mister Logan got his cast off yesterday March 30th. He broke his arm Feb 21st and had the cast on for five weeks. He did pretty well and by the end I dont think he knew he had a cast on. He loves baths and even with the cast he always wanted to take them, but would cry when I had to put a bag over it. It sure didn't slow him down any. He still tried to climb on everything, he would hit everything with it because it made a cool sound when it did (even mom and dad made funny sounds when they got hit), and he just loved to play and just got used to the cast being on his arm. I am sure five weeks didnt seem like much to him, but this mom is sure glad to see him playing with both hands and bath time sure is easier these days.

While we were in our room waiting for the Dr to come and read the final xrays to make sure that the break was healed, Logan kept using my shirt to scratch his arm and get all the dead skin off. So I looked like I had dandruff (JK). I remember the feeling after getting a cast off, the air and having someone scratch your arm are the two greatest feelings in the world. Then when we got home he came crying to me and rubbing his arm, because his skin was peeling. I just laughed. This is one of those times when I wish that I could have know what was going on in his head. What a precious little boy he is and what an adventure it has been these past 18 months.


No Cast

All in all it is good to have him back to his normal little self. We sure love this little boy!

Project Circut

So I finally have gotten to sit down and use my Circut. So for Young Womens they asked me to make magnets every month for each class with their activities on them. Last month was my first month and I made shamrock magnets, they were cute but I didnt take a picture of them. So here is my magnet for April. I think they turned out cute and I cant wait to create next months.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yard Work

Matthew and I spent Friday and Saturday doing nothing but yard work. So by the time Sunday got here we were pretty tired. We sure got a lot accomplished. Here is our proof.

Matthew rototilling one of our many spots.

Our garden spot, I CANT WAIT!!!!

So this is proof that a lot fo work was done. You can actually see through the fence. There used to be tons of weeds surrounding it all the way around. It looks great, even if I am the only one who can truly apprecitate it.

Our little helper. Yes Grandma Jake we borrowed your little shovel. Thanks.

Future farmer and my future slave. Cant wait!

Cute little Logan and my good side (cold sore and all). Oh well you gotta take the good with the bad.

Easter Pics

These are all the Peterson Cousins:

Logan Matthew

Addyson Dee

Harper Grace

All Three

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out of Season Project

If I could find time between work, making bows, being a wife and mother, and church I have a small project that I would like to finish.

I found this awesome deal at DI a while ago. It is a little out of season, but you cant pass up a good deal like this.

I paid $3 for this. It was such a mess so I restrung the balls. Now I am going to find a cute Christmas sign to put at the bottom, or a cute bow or both and then I am going to add a snowman to the middle since I collect snowmen for my Christmas decorations.

When I bought it a guy at DI asked me what in the heck I was going to do with it. I said that I was going to fix it up, add a few things and then hang it up at Christmas time. He seemed a little shocked. But when I bought it I saw what it CAN be and not what it was. I think that I might have possibly gotten a small part of my moms crafty gene, after all. Or maybe she is finally rubbing off on me. I ususally think "Well thats just junk," now I think wow thats cheap, I could fix it up and make it cute. Oh how life changes and oh how it makes you eat your words. Lesson learned: Watch what you say, it might come back to bite you in the butt! (I say this only because I used to make fun of my mom-sorry mom I LOVE YOU!)

Growing Up Way to Fast

I seem to find excitement in the smallest things sometimes. Yesterday I got home from work and fixed Logan some lunch. I just piled all his chicken nuggets and fries on his plate and put a dab on ketchup on it as well. Then I went about washing dishes and folding some laundry. I was shocked to see he was just sitting at the table eating everything instead of playing in it and throwing it on the floor. He is just getting so big. What happened to my little boy?! I do however love these little moments.

He sure does love ketchup and he didnt make too big of a mess, just a little on his shoulder and a lot on his face :)!!!! The joys of being a mommy!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good News

I took Logan in today for his check up and his arm is healing great. It hasn't healed enought to take the cast off. So three more weeks in the cast and then off it comes. YEAH!!!!

Despite it being a long and frustrating day for me. We are officially getting things in order for Matthew to start back to school. He will be doing his schooling through an online school. It is a self-pace program, and then after he finishes and passes his exams he will be a Registered Nurse! So looking forward to it. Somedays things are looking up and then others I seem to get into a slump. I will just keep trying to keep my chin up, I always seem to make it through the hard days too.

Oh and I have to post this so that I will remember. Although Logan isn't saying too many words yet. If you point at a picture of a Temple and ask him what it is he will say "TEEEMP...PLLLLLE". So we drove past the Twin Falls Temple today and Matt and I were talking and all of a sudden we heard Logan say "TEEMP...PLLLLE", we thoguht it was the coolest thing because we didn't say anything to him, he noticed it on his own. What a special little moment.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just to Catch Up

This past week my bother and sister-in-law came home from Connecticut so we spent most of last week in Twin hanging out with them. It was great to see them.

This is the Peterson side: My Grandma and Grandpa Peterson, my dad and Cyndi, all my brothers and sisters (Michelle; Josh, Lauren and Harper; Lance, Courtney and Addyson)

Logan and Addy playin with the bubbles at Grandmas house.

Cute Little Miss Harper Grace

Car Update

So our car got fixed a few weeks ago and I am finally getting pics posted. But it looks great. Both Matthew and I were afraid to drive it after it got fixed. It looked like a brand new car. It drives great and we are just glad to have it back.



A Day at the Garners

We spent yesterday at the Garners. It was such a nice day outside. We had to wait for them to get home from church so we took Logan outside and let him run around. He played with his ball, threw rocks at Reggie and just enjoyed the SUNSHINE. He sure is getting big and it is sooo fun to watch him learn and grow. We sure had a good time, eating good food, playing games and catching up. Its always fun to have no worries on Sunday then you have to start back to real life on MONDAY :(! But what a good way to end the week.