Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

What a fun Christmas it was this year! Logan is just getting to be such a fun little boy! To see the excitement in his eyes was all the Christmas present that I needed this year. When he finally rolled out of bed, he had to go check and see if the reindeer ate his food he left for them and also if the cookies he left for Santa were gone. Much to his surprise they were both gone. So he knew Santa had been to our house :)! He was pretty excited to open all the presents he had under the tree but we had to hurry and get ready for church. Seeing as how Christmas was on Sunday this year, we had only one hour of church (Sacrament Meeting). We did however let the kiddos open up their stockings and they sure it gold there.

Patrick Star Ornament and Thomas the Train Movie

Good Mornin'

Some of Logans Loot-If you know this kid he LOVES gum, so his stocking was loaded with it :)!

Ashlee enjoying her M&M's

Logans Stocking: Patrick Star Ornament, Thomas the Train DVD, 2-Spongebob Bath Soaps, Spongebob Toothbrush and Toothpaste, GUM, GUM, GUM, and M&M's

Ashlee Stocking: Abby Caddabby Ornament, Baby Looney Toons DVD, 2 Johnson&Johnson Shampoos, Dora Toothbrush, 3 pair of tights, Hello Kitty Cup, M&Ms

We spent a little too much time looking through the stockings so we had to rush to get ready for church. We did make it only a few minutes late. It was a good Christmas program by our choir and then we headed home so that we could enjoy opening presents. When we got home Logan bolted to the tree, but we made him stop to try and get at least one cute picture of the kids in the Christmas outfits.

Christmas 2011 (Logan 3, Ashlee 1)
I really didnt have much options because this is a long as Logan would sit still. But I think it turned out cute! Love these two little ones, make life worth living!

So now it is on to the presents. I have to say that Ashlee was about as interested in opening presents as she was at her birthday (not at all!!!) So it was a good thing that Logan opened pretty much all of them. He sure did a good job. He just ripped through them one right after the next. Sure was fun watching him.

Lookin Cute in her new dress!

Love this little girl, Ashlee Nicole!

Opening the presents Santa left!

The same kind of truck as Papa Flints :)!

Another Train for his Thomas Tracks :)!

Cars Track, and Cars 2 DVD :)!

Opening her new phone with daddy :)!

Trying to get her interested in opening presents.

Santa brought the family a Wii this year!

Her very own CD player, because this girl loves to dance!

Cute New Boots!

New Shirts!

Art supplies for his new desk, and for a big special project mommy has in store for him this year. 

His new desk! (Have to write about this, I walked into Kings one day and they had these desk at the front with a pink sticker on them. The pink sticker meant that they were 75% off. It was a $45 desk and I got it for $12. I was super excited about it. We didnt plan on getting it for him, but I just couldnt pass up such a sweet deal :))!

All of his Christmas Presents this year! All the games were to both Logan and Ashlee, but ended up in his Christmas loot picture. I think this kid is well loved (spoiled)!

Ashlee got a ton more clothes, a baby doll, cd player, her own phone.

Mine and Matts Loot: I think we all had a wonderful Christmas!

Ashlees Doll Stroller

My Hootie-Footie! Which I love! (Post coming soon!)

BSU Shirt!

Joseph Smith Papers Book

Cupcake Carrier
So as you can see we sure all had a wonderful Christmas this year! Thanks to everyone for making this such a wonderful Christmas for our family. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

ChRiStMaS eVe!!

Cant believe it is already Christmas Eve and we are about done with 2011. This year all the Jacobson's will be together for Christmas. We get together Christmas Eve and have a fun evening! We always eat good food and play games. It truly is getting harder and harder to play games, because there are getting to be more and more little kids and you always get interrupted for one thing or another, but we still managed to play a few games. I sucked at getting pictures of Christmas Eve, but just know that it was a wonderful evening, but it always is.

We each brought a finger food and then a Christmas treat to share. Then we had a meat and cheese tray and rolls for sandwiches. Made for a lot of yummy food!

Along with playing games, Grandma made some sugar cookies for all the kids to decorate for Santa!

Daddy helped Logan decorate these! Good Job Logan and Daddy! I am sure Santa is going to love these!
 Then after decorating cookies we all sat down to watch an animated movie about the Birth of Christ, so that way we could all teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas. It was very good and the kids, actually sat and watched it. We also tracked Santa on the internet and the kids kept checking to see where he was. Logan was very much interested in watching Santa and there was a point when someone did something that made Santa disappear from the screen and Logan came bawling to Matt, that Santa was gone. I dont mean he was just a little sad, he was very upset and bawling that Santa was gone, made me laugh a little, but at least I know he is starting to get the whole Santa thing and what a wonderful thing :)!!!

So then it was getting late and we needed to get home so that everyone could get in bed, so that Santa could visit our house. So the kids got to get into their Christmas Eve jammies. Which this year were homemade!
(I cant take the credit for the sewing, my mom did it, but I did the rest.)

Logans Monsters Inc Jammies
Ashlee's Abby Caddabby Jammies

They turned out great and I think this is going to be a tradition that we do at our house. Homemade Jammies for Christmas Eve!

Once we got home we needed to spread the food out for Santas Reindeer. I put these together this year and hope that it will be something that we do every year!

Reindeer Food!

Logan was so excited to sprinkle the food on the lawn for Santas Reindeer!

I helped Logan spread out Ashlees, because she was in bed!

We went inside and put Logan to bed and told him that Santa would come, but that he had to go to sleep. It is getting so exciting now that Logan is getting older and he is getting into the Christmas thing! Santa sure stopped at our house!

We had Ty, Tanille, Jace, Aiden, and Kamry's names for Christmas this year!
So I (my mom) made them some pajamas for Christmas too!

Jaces Transformers Jammies

Aiden's Mickey Mouse Jammies

Kamry's Tinkerbell Jammies.
We had them open them Christmas Eve!
Merry Christmas!!

Cant wait to see the kids reaction in the morning, but they have to wait until after church to open presents.

1 Year Check-Up

I was a bit of a slacker when it came to scheduling Ashlees 1 year check-up. I wish they would have just done it at her last check-up, but they weren't scheduling that far in advance. Oh well, I got it scheduled and we went in to see Dr. Trotter on Dec 23rd, which was Grandma (Lisa's) Jacobsons Birthday! Happy Birthday Grandma :)!!! So we went in and met up with my mom and she took Logan so that I only had to deal with Ashlee at the Dr's Office. YAY!! Sure makes for an easier visit. Anyway, it was a great visit we just love Dr. Trotter! It is always good to hear that your child is healthy and growing and developing just perfectly. Makes for a very happy mommy! Our little Ashlee is growing, she sure is a petite little thing but she is growing!

1 Yr Stats:

Weight: 18lbs 5 oz
Length: 29 in

Just a little comparison

Logans One Year Stats:

Weight 23lbs 13 oz
Length 31in

It is just crazy how different they are in personality, growth, and many other aspects, but they sure do look very much alike.

Ashlee 1 Year

Logan 1 Year
Logan was a little chunk! I love it!
Ashlee is a petite little thing! I love it!

Wouldnt want it any other way!  

Thursday, December 22, 2011

South Hills Lights!

If you havent been this way and gone and seen the lights in the South Hills it is pretty cool. We debated whether we should go or not, but Logan kept on insisting that we go to the mountains! So we headed to Twin (Dec 22) to Jaces 5th Birthday Party and then decided that we would just head to the South Hills from there. How time is flying by, cant believe that Jace is 5! Happy Birthday to Jace!! Logan had a blast playing with all the cousins that were there. But he was sure excited to go to the South Hills, to see the lights and feed the camel. It was a fun drive to go see the lights, we talked about the camel, and what he was going to ask Santa for. I love that we can have conversations, and there is nothing better than the honesty of a child :)!!!!

What a Beautiful Scene!

We had someone try to take a family picture and this is what we got. Oh well the Lights are pretty behind us!

This was my first attempt at taking a picture of us, cant see us and I completely cut out Ashlee.

Not much better, but this was the best one so until next year!


The camel. Logan got to feed it two carrots and if you ask him he will tell you all about it :)!
Funny story about the camel. So as we were trying to get a picture of the camel, from the side (because there was a long line of people waiting to see the camel), Matthew leans over to me and says, "Do you think the camel has been standing there all day?" I was like what? Then he proceeded to point to a gigantic pile of poop right behind the camel. We both busted up laughing :)! It sure looked like the camel might have been standing in the same spot for a week. Funny boys and the things they notice :)! Sure made for a good laugh though!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kids 2011

Here are a few random pics of Ashlee! She has been such a wonderful addition to our family! We love her very much and just cant believe how fast she is growing and how much her and Logan just love to be together.

This is a picture from earlier this year, that I got off my moms camera. She loves mirrors and loves to see her reflection!

Givin' Kisses!

Wearing some of her cute Birthday Clothes to Church!

What a beautiful little girl!


Growing cuter everyday!

Add caption

Cant get her to stop eating!

The cutest kids ever! Logan-3 yrs, Ashlee 1 yr!

There is nothing better than watching your kids grow and learn new things! Logan is just such a fun little boy! He sure keeps us on our toes and we just love it! What a wonderful blessing he is! It is fun to listen to him talk! He keeps us laughing everyday with all the things he has to say and all the things he does :)!

Getting So Big and Handsome like his Daddy!

He loves playin with his trains! His new thing is putting the track on top of his building blocks! Good thing Santa has been paying attention and is bringing him so things to help build his tracks :)!

Playin with his Trains!

I dont think that Logan will ever get bored of playing outside. In fact I think that we are going to have to build him a room outdoors one of these days! I just love to see the smile on his face when he is outside! The life of a little boy!

This is the best view out my kitchen window!

I even got him to give me a wave!

A fun little thing that has become a custom between me and Logan! Before bed I get a big hug, an "I love you Mommy!" and he has to kiss both of my cheeks. Then I have to do the same to him. A big hug, an "I love you Logan!" and then a kiss on both his cheeks.

Being a MOM is the greatest thing to be in this world!!!