Thursday, September 23, 2010

More of Logan

So while Michelle and I were canning, Matt had to go move some bales so he said that he would take Logan in the loader with him. So I couldnt miss out on getting a few pics of Logan going to work with daddy.
Not sure about it.
Feelin pretty good about it now that daddy was going to let me drive. :)

Matt said that Logan fell asleep on the way to the field so he had to move bales while holding a sleeping little boy. Maybe I need to work on my timing of sending him to work with daddy. I need to pick a better time than nap time. Oh well!

Pictures of Logan enjoying one of his birthday presents.

Playing with Hailey and Aunt Nana

Figuring out the water wheel.

Can we say too CUTE!!!!!!!!

Canning Season

Yep as all of you know it is canning season. And that is all I feel like I have been doing lately. I got roped into not only canning for us, but also for my mom and my dad. I really dont mind helping out, but I guess I didnt realize how draining it would be to can while I am pregnant. I  sure hope the season starts winding down faster. But I think I still have lots more to do.

But my recent project was to can pears, pears, more pears and peaches. I was grateful that my sister came out on Saturday and helped me can the peaches. Then I tackled the pears on Monday and Tuesday. It is always a lot of work but it sure is worth it to enjoy fresh produce year round.

We had three boxes to can and I was able to get 26 quarts.

Pears are the favorite around our house. Logan can eat a whole quart in one setting by himself. So we have alot of them to can this year.

In fact there was 5 boxes that I had to can. I was able to get 55 quarts.

I got alot stocked up and this year we get to enjoy 41 quarts of pears and 9 quarts of peaches. 
So glad that a couple more things are crossed off my canning list for this year. Only a few more to go.

Friday, September 17, 2010

2 Year Check-up

So with another birthday came yet another doctors visit. Wasnt worried because Logan is healthy and happy most of the time. We never have to worry about small illnesses with him, its only big, worrisome illnesses. I take Logan to the same pediatrican that I went to. I think the world of him and I hope that he doesnt retire until I am done having kids and they are all grown, but I doubt that will happen. I am sure that the others are just as good.
Since we have spent many hours and made tons of visits to see doctors over these past two years, Logan freaked out just walking into the room. GRRR! I had to get him undressed and he didnt care for that, so after they weighed him and measured him, we put his shoes and shirt back on to try and calm him down. It didnt work, he kept walking toward the door and saying come on, and waving his hand at me. What a little stinker. He only had to get one shot and he handled it pretty well. He cried louder and longer just sitting in the room than he did when he got his shot. What a weird child we have, but I guess it is understandable.
But all in all the visit went well. He is in the 95-100  percentile for his height and was a little under on his weight, which surprised me. Dr. Trotter said that he wouldnt worry because he would rather see taller and slender kids. I thought that a 30 lb 2 year old was pretty heavy but I guess not. Oh well he is healthy and doing well. Thats what I love to hear after a doctors visit.

So our little guys is growing fast and is healthy. YAY!!

WEIGHT: 29 1/2 LBS

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday LOGAN!!!

Wow it has been a short two years since we were in the hospital waiting the arrival of our precious little boy, Logan. We sure have experienced a lot with this little boy. We have had tons of moments spent laughing at the cute and funny things he has done. We have spent many hours walking the floor with a sick or fussy little guy. We have shed many tears over long hospital visits and surgeries. But we have definitely been blessed with such an amazing little boy. You are never ready for them to come, but once they are here you couldnt imagine life without them. What a wonderful two years we have had learning how to have patience, love and understanding. There is nothing better than being a parent. We sure have the best little boy in the world. It has been a wonderful two years and we cant wait for all the new experiences ahead. Happy Birthday to our precious little boy. We sure LOVE you Logan!!!!!


Logan loves Spongebob so I made him his very own Spongebob cake.

All the wonderful family that came to share and make this a wonderful day for Logan!

Opening presents.

I had to help him again this year. He just isnt much into opening presents. So we will try again with Christmas.

We had to get some help from Carson, because opening presents was taking too long, since Logan pretty much didnt care. Thanks Carson!

One CUTE little BOY!

Push-Pops! Or should I say more candy :)! He already has a sweet tooth, maybe we shouldnt have added to his addiction.

From Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson.

He did good and blew out his candles all by himself.

All done with presents and waiting for someone to bring him some cake. (Sitting on the water table that Grandma and Grandpa Jake got him).

Thanks again to all the family that came to help make this a special day for Logan. It was a fun time getting to see everyone and Logan had a blast playin with all the cousins.

A Few Random Moments

We got to have Carson over to play last week and after hours of constant playing, they decided that they wanted to sit down and watch the Little Mermaid. So I put them on the couch and started the movie and this is what I found. They crawled right next to each other and got under the blanket. I thought it was too cute and I luckily got a picture before Logan realized what I was doing and jumped up.

While I was helping Tianna, we realized that Logan wasnt being loud or causing trouble. So Tianna went and checked on him and she found him sound asleep, somewhat covered up with the blanket. The kid must have been pretty tired to have laid down by himself for a nap. What a CUTE kid!!!
So I needed to get a few things done the other day and Logan kept pulling on my leg and wanted me to play. So I pulled out some paints so that he could entertain himself for just a little while so that I could finish my chores. He did a good job!

Although by the end he had more in his mouth, hair and on his hands and face than he got on the paper. But he sure had a good time. He sure is a joy to have around. I love getting to spend my days with him and watch him learn new things and enjoy the simple joys in life. Oh to be a kid again :)!

Made My Day

So like I have posted before I am trying really hard to be thrifty when it comes to buying clothes for Ashlee. I mean I am looking for good quality clothes and stuff for really good prices. So the other day I went shopping with my sister and I got a 3 pairs of brand new shorts, and 2 shirts for about $8. But the deal that made my day was the fact that I got 3 little snow outfits, 7 night gowns, 18 shorts/pants/dresses/jackets/hats, 30 onesies, and 27 sleepers and a little tummy time play mat all for $20. I found this add on craigslist that said over 20 sleepers and more for $20. And I cant see paying $7 or more for just one so I thought that I would check it out. And I am pretty cautious about craigslist because you never know. But I called the lady and she sounded really nice and of course I made my sister go with me, because there was no way that I was going to go alone. But we got there and everything looked great. She had a bag of 0-3 month clothes and then she threw in newborn and 3-6 month clothes and a toy. I am now set for at least 6 months (other than a few other small things I want). Then only draw back is that pretty much everything is pink. Not that I am against pink, but I would like a few other colors. Beggars cant be choosers! Just happy to be getting clothes without breaking the bank. So now I have well over 50 more items for Ashlee. It really just made my day that everything looks so nice and there is so much of it :)! Cant help but smile after a deal like this :)!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fair Days

So it is that time of year again. Rides, Rodeo, Fair Food and good times. We werent going to go this year but we decided that it was something fun that we needed to do with Logan. We were excited that it was going to be his first time on the rides and thought for sure that he would have a wonderful time. Boy were we ever wrong. I am not sure what is going on with this kid this year. We put him on his first ride and he loved it.
Loved driving his fire truck
So Serious
Cute Pic
Until the very end and then he started bawling. That was when I knew that it was going to be a long night. We took him to the next ride and he started crying as soon as we put him on it and left. So we took him off and decided that we would wait and try again in a few minutes. So Aunt "Shell" took him on the Merry-Go-Round, and of course he loved going on it with Shell.

Then we took him to a ride so he could go by himself. We put him on and he started crying. This time the ride worker asked if I wanted to come get him and I said no he's fine. So he started the ride. Once it started going he was fine. Then a few minutes later he started crying and cried until the ride stopped.

Doing just fine on his very own motorcycle.
So we felt bad for him and decided that we were done with rides and we decided that we were going to go eat. But we ran into Laura and Carson. So we thought that maybe if he had a riding buddy that maybe it would be fun for him. So we put them on a ride together.

Ridin with Carson!
But that didnt help either. He cried the entire ride. I think Carson was like would someone please get Logan to stop cryin. Its annoying! So we were done with rides. But Laura was nice and took both Carson and Logan through the Rock'n'Rool Fun House and they all had a good time.

Rock'n Roll Fun House with Carson and Aunt Laura
So it was a good way to end his first year of fair rides. Although most of the time he cried and had a horrible time, there were a few good moments. So until next year :)!


He even was weird about petting the animals, which he loved last year. He would touch them really quick and then pull his hand away as fast as he could. I am just not sure what was up with this kid this year.

But he did play the duck game where he got to pick three ducks to win a prize. All three ducks had an S on them so instead of getting 3 small prizes we were able to pick one large prize and this is what he chose

So we definitely made some memories. I was hoping that he would have liked it a little better than he did. But we had a good time being there together as a family and we were able to meet up with some good company. So all in all it was a good time and we always have next year for rides. So ends another Fair Season. Now its time to prepare for wonderful Fall and Winter Family Experiences.

26 Weeks

I cant believe that I am over half way. I have been feeling great for the most part. I am starting to see a pattern in both my pregnancies. My lower back starts to hurt about 20 weeks and hurts everyday. I sure wish these precious little babies would learn to not sit so low and so far back that they put sooo much pressure on my lower back. I try not to complain too much and just deal with it, because I guess if thats the only thing I have to complain about then I am doing pretty good. I am just sooo excited to be preparing to welcome another sweet little spirit into our home. I am also loving that I get to do some extra shopping for clothes and cute girlie things. I am certainly ready for her to be here already. Matthew is still a little nervous about having a girl, but I am pretty sure that she will have him wrapped around her finger before she is a day old :)!!!!!! I dont think that Logan quite understands that he will be getting a little sister, but he can say her name "Asheee," it is too cute. He is going to be an amazing big brother, I love watching him with Hailey. They sure have fun and he is very tender with her most of the time. I have to say that I have an amazing family and we cant wait to meet our little Ashlee Nicole :)!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

All-Around Good Day

Yesterday was just a great day. It was officially Matthews last night of working nights. No more being home at nights without him. He has orientation today for his new job, so hopefully things go well and it is everything he expects. The best part is that we will get to see him more during the week and he doesnt have to work weekends. We can actually spend time as a family and with little Ashlee on the way, it will be nice to have more help so that I dont go insane [or fall deeper into insanity than I already am :)].

Then after Matthew working all night, we had to leave our house at 7:00am to go drop Logan off at Zac and Lauras (because Laura is gracious enough to watch Logan for us-Thanks Laura we definitlely owe you) to play while we made a quick trip to Boise. Matthew is doing his RN program through an online school and when he finishes a course we have to drive to Boise so that he can take his tests. He was pretty nervous for this test, and after being awake for 12 hours straight he had to sit in front of a computer and take a test. Needless to say he PASSED! I am so proud of him. He said it was really hard, but he passed with flying colors. So one test down and many more to go.

So we are just counting our blessings. Matthew gets a better job, he passes his test so we dont have to pay for it again and he is one step closer to getting his RN. So thankful for all his hard work for our little family. We love you Matthew!!!!