Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On This Extra Day of 2012

So we didnt do anything special this the 29th of February. Although I thought about doing something special today because it was a leap year, we didnt. First of all the weather was a bit strange, I am sure it was a cold day anyway, but then all of a sudden a mini blizzard came through. All of a sudden the wind picked up and then snow was just a comin down, you couldnt see very much. Yep kinda crazy!!! So we stayed inside, because we are all trying to get over a nasty cough.

Things we did do:
Normal things like the kids and I ate breakfast together. Then I began my quest of getting caught up on laundry while watching the Netflix that came. The kids played together and then during a break between laundry I put these two water loving kiddos in the bathtub. We ate lunch and then both kids took a nap, which doesnt happen very often. So I was able to do some more laundry without any interruptions. Then the kids and I have just been playing.

A First For Ashlee and Logan

I finally painted Ashlees Toenails. She did great and just sat there and let me paint them.

Well if Ashlee gets hers painted naturally Logan wanted his painted. I however told him that boys dont get their nails painted and Matthew was there to confirm our discussion. But I did however paint them with CLEAR polish so that he wouldnt feel left out. He was okay with that!

Yep so that was our fun filled extra day this the 29th Day of February 2012!!!
Happy Leap Year!!!

Here Is A Fun Project that I did Last Night!

It was a little harder than I thought that it was going to be, But I am really happy with how they turned out!

I wrapped letters in yarn. It was an idea I saw on pintrest.

I have had these letters for quite some time and I just wasnt sure what to do with them. I am glad I waited and I cant wait to hang these on my wall.

Yep they are going on my future FAMILY wall :)!!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What a little Stinker

So lately I have to just laugh. Logan has quite the personallity and here are a few of the cute/ not so funny at the time/ and did he really moments from the past few days.

On Sunday during sacrament, I was passing the sacrament tray to Matt and my arm just happened to be at Logans mouth level (he was sitting on my lap) and he put his lips to my arm and blew to make a farting noise. OH MY GOSH it was loud and during sacrament which is super quiet. I could have killed him, but he looked up at me and just laughed, so I just laughed with him :)! What a little stinker!!!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of loading the kids up and heading to town to get much needed groceries. Of course since it was Monday and my mom doesnt work on Mondays we had to meet up with her. So we stopped by her house to see the progress of her kitchen remodel and then she took Logan with her to the bank and I took Ashlee with me to the post office. Well I guess while they were at the bank Logan told the teller that his mom was sick and that she had two sores on her lips. WHAT!! It sure was a good thing that I wasnt with them, what a little stinker. So not that I like to share it, but I guess that it is a fact of life. I had been sick last week and I got a couple cold sores on my lips. So thanks for sharing little man :/!

After the bank and post office we met up again to do a little shopping. We went a few places, but while we were at Maurices Logan showed off his dancing skills. They always have music going in Maurices and the lady at Maurice was talking to us and Logan says to her watch this and proceeds to bust out his AWESOME Dance moves. What a nice lady to tell him his dance moves were pretty cool! He definitely doesnt need any more encouragement to show off his dance moves just ask him and he will show you. I had to just chuckle to myself. Gotta love this little Boy!!!!

I took mom to lunch and we decided to take the kids to Arctic Circle because it had a PlayZone! They had a blast. Logan will play with any kid that will let him play with them. So he had fun running around. We put Ashlee up on it so that she could go down the slide. It surprised me that she just went to the slide turned around and went down on her tummy. No one helped her and no one showed her, she just did it. The second time she went down she was up on her feet and if only I could have caught the look on her face it was priceless. She is pretty fearless, and I am not sure how I fell about it.

What a Fun Day!

So although my kids can be little stinkers sometimes, I sure love the memories I have with them!

Friday, February 24, 2012


So today was a okay day. It was sunny and warm enough to let the kids play outside for a little while. I was getting them ready and realized that Logan is set to go with warm play clothes, but I seriously need to get Ashlee some warmer play clothes. I mean I have a coat and stuff for other days, but I didnt want her to get her good stuff dirty so I just bundled her up the best I could for the few minutes she would be outside. It sure is a good thing these two wonderful kids love to play together most of the time. They both love the outdoors as well, so it sure is going to be a fun spring, summer and fall this year :)!!!

Enjoying her time running around outside.

His favorite place to play, in the flower bed outside the back door :)!

Chasing each other in the front lawn.

Logan and Ashlee both enjoying the dirt ;)!

Neither one wanted to sit very still for a picture.

Playing on the slide :)!
They were both just as happy as could be to be playing outside. Hurry up and get here Spring, everyone at this house is sure ready for you to get here :)!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bright White

So for the longest time I have wanted to bleach my teeth. I have wanted to bleach them ever since high school, but I am too cheap to buy the whitening strips and it is kind of expensive to get bleach trays from a dentist. So I have put it off and put it off, until now :)! They started a dental hygiene program here at CSI and I have taken advantage of helping them with their schooling. How nice of me, right :)?! Well all I can say is that when you don't have a lot of money and no dental plan on you insurance, the dentist is the last place you worry about going. So lets just say it has been a while since I have gotten a cleaning from the dentist. Well to kill two birds with one stone, I decided that I would help a friend out and I became one of her patients. This allowed her to get some more experience cleaning teeth and I was able to get my teeth cleaned, x-rayed, and I got bleach trays at quite the discount! All I can say is that I saved about $180 on just the bleach trays and probably even more on the cleaning and x-rays. It was great to get my teeth cleaned, but I am the most excited about finally getting my bleach trays. I officially bleached my teeth for the first time last night and I cant wait to get them white and keep them there. I don't want anyone to think that I have really yellow teeth, I just would like them to be a little whiter. And I also am doing it, because my awesome sister who is a dental assistant has told me on more than one occasion that my teeth are yellow-ish (talk about adding salt to the wound). I cant wait to see my new pearly whites :)!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Busting Out The Paints...Finally!!

So here it is almost 2 months after Christmas and I finally let Logan and Ashlee use the finger paints that we got them for Christmas. Oh well, the long wait made it all the more exciting :)!

Cute Kids All Ready To PAINT!

Look at all that Concentration :)!

Going to work!

My Little Clean Freak, was a little hesitant about getting his hands dirty!

Yep she tried to eat it!

So proud of his dirty hands!

Wearing a couple of mommy's work shirts!
Logan said all done mommy ready to take a bath and Ashlee nodded her head to agree (like this little girl was going to pass up the opportunity to take a bath)! When Logan got in he said look mommy the paint is all gone. He thought it was pretty cool that it disappeared in the bath. Sure was a fun day, being a MOM is sure the BEST JOB EVER!


So when Logan was born he had to go to the NICU for a day so that they could get his blood sugar up, and while he was there they let him use a cute orange and yellow fleece blanket. When we were leaving I asked if we could keep the blanket, because I could see then at a day old that he loved that blanket. They let us and we have one very happy little boy :)! It has been through everything with him: His stay in the NICU, his staph infection ordeal, the mud, the grass, it has eaten lunch with him, had some juice, milk, you name it and they have gone through it together. It is good to know that Logan and his Orange Bwankie have such a strong bond. Not sure what I am going to do in 18-20 years when I might have to explain to his wife, why he cant leave it behind, but by then it will be her problem :)!!!! Just kidding (I hope)!

So seeing as how big brother has such a cool blankie, it would only make since that Ashlee needs a blankie of her own to carry around right?! Right! So the other day I decided that it was time to do just that; get Ashlee her own tag-along blankie. Her story is, that she has a few fleece blankets that are the ones with the tied edges and she absolutely loves them. She has to be rubbing the knots through her fingers when she is going to sleep or just waking up. I am tired of her whining because she cant drag the big ones around so only a year late Ashlee got her own cool blankie!

I am officially the coolest mom ever at our house :)!!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

We don't really do anything super special for Valentines Day at our house. I did however get up and make us heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. Logan thought it was pretty cool that our pancakes were HEARTS :)! So at least he was excited!


Then I tried to dress the kiddos up in Valentine-ish Clothes and take pictures, but for some reason they don't like to sit very long for pictures (wonder where they got that from) so this is what I got.

Looking Good In his Red Shirt :)!!!

Cute in Pink!

Look at their excitement for Valentines Day Photos :)!

That's better. Cute kids sitting in their new Cars chairs!

Then we went to town and bought stuff to make a fun Valentine Treat, went and got a toy from Kings and rented two movies one of which was a free Valentine Movie from Redbox :)!

The best part of making the treat was that Logan sat and helped me with every step! But I think it was because I let him occasionally eat an ingredient here and there. It sure was fun to see how excited he was when we got everything done.  

Look at the concentration!

One happy boy unwrapping a Hug to eat!

We are making progress!

Ready to go into the oven :D!

Pan #2

He just sat and ate M&Ms while I put them on the melted chocolate.

Yep I think this will be on tradition that we will do every Valentines Day :)!

We had a pretty low key day with a few fun extras! So it was a great day! We got to settle down after dinner and we watched Mr Poppers Penguins (Super Cute Movie) and The Help (Also a good movie).  Matthew and I will be going out to dinner sometime next week to celebrate. So Happy Valentines Day 2012!!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Day I Realized My Babies are Growing Up

At the first part of February we were hanging out at home, just like most days and it hit me that my cute little babies are growing up :(! They sure are growing up way too fast, and it sure is such a blessing that I get to spend everyday with them, experience: new things, scary things, sad things, happy things, and funny things with them. I have to say that creating memories with these two is the greatest accomplishment of my life. Although I have days that I wish I could go back to working, or days where I feel unappreciated, or just plain warn-out, I wouldnt trade being able to be at home with my kids for anything. Here are two of the most precious things in this mothers world:

 Logan and I were playing in the living room and we didnt hear a peep from Ashlee so we went exploring and this is what we discovered. One very tired little girl.

She was laying in front of the vent. Who could blame her, warm air blowin on her and her favorite blankie :)!

So precious we just couldnt move her!!!

I believe this was the moment it hit me that time is moving way too fast.

Watching them together, sure brought a smile to my face. I just love that they LOVE doing things together!

Mr. Logan and Miss Ashlee

She would give the cheesiest smile every time I put her glasses on! Love this little girl !

My two cheese balls :)!

The two cutest kids in the world :)!!!