Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kid Funnies 2013

I need to get these down on paper, before I forget them. Sorry to anyone who reads these and doesn't find them funny, but we sure laughed!!!

First off is Logan and may I say that he is truly all BOY!!!
So Logan has a problem that I am not sure how to correct and after talking with Matthew I am not sure that it will ever be corrected. So anyway, Logan has a problem when he is laying down to watch a movie or pretty much just laying down. He cant keep his hands out of his pants. He just really finds it fascinating to play with himself and I get after him, time after time, after time. GRRRRR! Well one night I was reading to him while he was laying in bed and he tells me, "Ha mom you didn't see me playing with my weiner!" So I got after him and then just ignored it. I keep reading and can tell that he is still playing with himself. So I stop reading and tell him to stop playing with his weiner, because it isn't a toy! You pee out of it, you don't play with it. He then says to me," if I make it a pee toy can I play with it." I literally laughed out loud and shook my head.

Oh, Ashlee, sweet Ashlee!!

So being pregnant I have a huge belly just like all pregnant women. Well Ashlee sits next to me and rubs my belly and sometimes my chest. When she rubs my chest, she asks me mom what is this, and I would usually say it is my belly (i know not true, but she is only 2) she would say okay and be happy. Well one day she was rubbing my chest and asks me what it is again and this time I decide to tell her what they really are. The conversations went something like this: 
Mommy what is this (as she is rubbing my chest)? 
Those are boobs Ashlee. 
Ashlee wants boobs too!
Don't worry you will get them when you get bigger.
Oh, ok!
Then Logan joins in, boys dont have boobs huh, mom?
No bud they sure don't, but you will get some when you get married.
As Matthew is sitting nearby with a smile on his face, shaking his head!
I still laugh thinking about it.

She will randomly bring up that she has small boobs and that she wants big boobs like mommy! Doesnt matter where we are. Did I mention that she is only 2!!!

Kids you have got to love them!! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Garden 2013

Here is my garden for 2013!

Potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, lots of peppers and roma tomatoes!

Cucumbers and watermelons!

Gardening has been fun this year being that I am very pregnant! I do still enjoy going out every morning or night to weed and water it. It is just so relaxing. I am not sure what I am going to get canned this year, but I hope that I get enough put away to make all my hard work worth it. I am sure everything will ripen about the time Mishagan decides to come! So until them happy gardening!

A few of my first pickings so far this year.

Banana peppers that I will pickle for Matthew!

Green peppers!

Jalapenos that I will also pickle for Matthew! 

Our first cabbage that we will use to make Fumi Salad, YUMMY!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mishagan Update

So since I have gestational diabetes, the doctors had to check Mishagan's size to make sure that she wasnt getting too big. With gestational diabetes I read that the babies usually put on a lot of weight in their upper bodies, which could cause some complications during birth if they were to get stuck at the shoulders trying to come out.  So I had an appointment on 7/11/13 to see the doctor and have them check Mishagan's size. Everything seemed to be fine her heart rate was good, my blood pressure was good, my blood sugar had been easy to control with diet, my weight has been good, but the ultrasound showed that she was head up! Little stinker is trying to be like her big brother! So since she was breech we just had to keep an eye and her and hope she would turn and she only has about a month to figure it out. 

Fun Picture of Mishagan sticking out her tongue!

I knew she was going to look a lot like Logan and Ashlee, this profile picture is just what they looked like!
So my diabetic diet is going well. My blood sugars are within the range they need to be. I have an occasional one that is out of whack. So I can have about 30 carbs for breakfast and then for lunch and dinner it has to be between 55-65 carbs. It has been interesting for me to do this diet. It is pretty easy most days, but then I have some of my weak moments and want eat a sweet or two. I would always remind myself that it isnt permanent, and I need to keep my blood sugars where they need to be so that I will have a healthy baby. 

My Breakfasts:
Usually consist of, eggs (scrambles, over-easy, or hard), meat (sausage, bacon, or ham), a glass of crystal light or water, an occasional handful of grapes, and lots of tomatoes smothered over my eggs.

My Lunches:
Usually are a turkey sandwich or a pb&j or some kind of left over. Then I usually have about 1/2 lb. of carrots.

My Dinners:
Meat (pork chops, lots of chicken, hamburger), cooked carrots, salad, more carrots, or a pb&j.

I usually only drink water or some kind of crystal light. I have completely cut back on milk, which has been hard for me because we drink a lot of milk at our house. I do good most days with what I eat, but I do have days where I just want to eat a ton of sweets or even drink a gallon of milk. I do have to say that this diet sure has helped me keep my weight down this pregnancy. Only about a month to go! I can do it!!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Very Own Swimming Pool

Since the kids did so good in Swimming Lessons we decided that we would once again get a swimming pool for them at our house. We bought it back at the beginning of July and they have enjoyed is quite a bit already this month.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July 2013

 Happy Independence Day 2013!!!

Also Happy Birthday to my brother Josh, to Nana Shauna and to Tim!

First I want to say Thank You to all the men and women who fight to protect our freedoms! I feel very blessed to live in America! I am grateful for the freedoms that I get to enjoy and know that they are not free. I appreciate all the sacrifices that have been made for our country. 

I have to say that the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. We are lucky to live so close to Matthew's family and we have set the tradition of getting together with his family every year since we have been married. We always have such a wonderful time and I look forward to it every year. We start the day off by several people running in the Fun Run before the Parade in Buhl. This year Matthew, Tanille, Ty, Maricela, and Maricela's friend all ran the 5k. So I got the kids up and ready and we headed into Buhl so that we could see the start of the race. We were able to catch Matthew as he had begun the race, the kids thought it was fun to cheer for him. So we waited at the finish line and the kids played waiting for daddy to come in. 

Logan, Ashlee, Hailey

I couldn't get them to sit still and let me take a good picture. They kept trying to be funny. So this is all I got. I was even bad and didnt get a picture of anyone finishing the race. I was so proud of Matthew. He ran the 5k in about 22 min and ? sec. I cant remember his exact time. He did great!!! Ty came in right behind him and then Tanille and Maricela. They all did a great job, I think that I going to get in shape and run it next year, I think that I am going to try and have Logan run it with me. It should be fun!!!

Next was the parade!

It was definitely a hot day and the kids got lots of candy. Apparently when I am pregnant it affects my picture taking skills so really I just sat and watched the parade and the kids having fun.

After the parade we made our way back to Flint and Lisa's. The kids played all day out in the water and had fun. I took and nap and missed whatever fun they had during that. Then it was time for dinner. It was kind of a crazy weather day. During dinner it got really, really windy and we had to go inside and wait it out before we could start fireworks. It finally calmed down and we were able to go outside and enjoy our own firework show (thanks to Ty)!

First off the kids got to shoot off some Roman Candles and I was able to get Logan and eventually Ashlee to shoot some off. I didnt get a picture of Ashlee because I had to help her, but once she started she didn't want to stop.

Logan with his Roman Candle

Ashlee trying to show me her mean face!

Then I got her to smile!
Ashlee chillin with Daddy!
 Time for the Fireworks!

It was a great fun and relaxing 4th of July!! Can't wait until next year!!

Sunday the 7th of July

Blessed to have these two in our lives!! Logan and Ashlee !!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

1st Year of Swimming Lessons

June 24, 2013
This year I finally got both Logan and Ashlee signed up for swimming lessons. They offer them at the Buhl City Pool and they went from June 24 to July 5. Two whole weeks of swimming!!! 

Sporting their new towels and their excited faces as they get ready for their first day of swimming lessons.

Logan did great just about everyday. He did what his teachers asked and wasn't afraid to try anything. I was so proud of him and after two weeks of swimming lessons he will put his entire head under water and hold his breath. Not to bad for his first year :)! 

Ashlee did great most days, but she did have a few days where she didn't want to do anything. She did great for only being 2!! She did what her teachers asked and learned a lot. She had fun and loves to be in the water with Logan. 

Kristine and Addee -Level 1 Teachers

Getting used to the cold water. BRRRR!

Learning to kick with a noodle.

Back floating, eventually she would relax and put her legs and head in the water.

Logan doing a great job floating on his back.

They would make a noodle train and go across the pool.

Having fun!!

Can you see Logan putting his entire face in the water and blowing bubbles!


Cute Little Ashlee

Both kids showing off the back floating skills.
The last two days of swimming lessons the kids got to put on life jackets and go jump off the diving board. I wasn't sure they would do it, but they proved me wrong.

Logan was fearless and would just walk to the end and jump. He jumped off the diving board 3 times.

Ashlee was a little more hesitant and walked slowly down the board, but she wasn't afraid to jump and she jumped 2 times.

It sure was fun to get to go watch them learn and have fun. I can't wait to take them both back next year!!!