Friday, November 30, 2012




Ashlee, Aiden and Kamry in the High Chair

My little cheezer bug!!!

Oh the boys and their computer games!

At least they have fun together!

Red Solo Cup!

Getting ready to eat some yummy turkey!

Hailey, Aiden and Ashlee

Thanksgiving seems so long ago, I really cant remember what happened. We did however have a wonderful day! We were able to get together with everyone (minus Tianna and Richard) down at Flint and Lisa's. We always have a fun time eating yummy food and playing games. We also spent the day looking through the ads getting out Black Friday lists put together. The bad thing about this year is that Black Friday actually started on Thanksgiving Thursday. Holy Moly!!! I had one thing that I wanted to go get for Logan at Walmart. I cant even remember what time it all started but lets just sum up my shopping experience. I met up with my mom at Walmart, we couldn't find what I went for, but we snatched a game, books and some jammies and I was out the door. Then we drove around to Target and Shopko, saw the lines and left. I so was not in the mood for all the people this year. Needless to say I was home and in bed about 10:30pm if I remember right :)! Crazy to think that I drove into Twin to get an item and when I got home I found it on Amazon for even cheaper than it was in the Black Friday ads. I think I might just do some online Black Friday shopping next year.

November Happenings

I just cant believe how fast time is going. My days turn into weeks and weeks into months. I sure wish it would slow down so that I can enjoy my kids for longer and enjoy all the fun memories we have. Life is just crazy and I am having trouble keeping up with everything. November 2012 has come and gone, but here are a few of the things that I remember happening.

I finally got a ribbon holder made so that I can see all the Ashlee's bows.

I think I need to get her some more ribbon bows, she definitely has plenty of flowers.
 When I take a picture of one kid, of course the other needs their picture take too!

I did try to have a little photo shoot outside with the kids so that I could have some updated pictures, and who knows maybe one of these days we can get Matthew and I in with the kids so that we can have an updated family picture, but I am not keeping my fingers crossed. So enjoy the ones I took of the kids, at least:

 I have to say that I really do have the best kids in the world. I just love every minute we get to spend together. They sure make life great! I love their little personalities which are quite the opposite might I add. What fun they are!

Phone, purse and her hand in her pocket, this girl doesn't need anything else!
We were able to go into my grandparents and put up all their Christmas decorations. It was fun, because it sure lifted their spirits, which are pretty gloomy most days. But we had fun and the kids did great helping. This was Ashlee's favorite decoration, she wouldn't leave it alone. She loved how pretty and bright it was.