Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End of Fun Fitness

We were sad that Fun Fitness was done, but it is time for summer break and I am sure we will pick it up again this fall. The kids really enjoyed it and it was fun to get out of the house and go do something active.

 Ashlee's Class
Macey, Mackay, Tessa, Jaydaka, Ashlee and Joe

 Logan's Class
Mckayla, Sadie, Sam, Logan, Curtis, McKinley, Brinley
A big thanks to Miss Kristy Gorrell. She sure had a lot of patience and fun with these kids. She was so sweet and gave all the kids a medal, a water bottle with their names on it and a little certificate. We cant wait for the fall to come!

The back of the medals said:
If at first you don't succeed try try try again!!!

Last Day of Class 4/30/2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Hailey!!!

Logan was so excited that we got to go to Hailey's Birthday Party because she was going to be 4 just like him. For those who don't know Logan and Hailey are pretty much best friends. He loves getting to hang out with her. So we just couldn't miss going to her Birthday!!!! I just wish I would have gotten a picture of all the kids around her awesome cake. So here is her opening her presents and then the fun pinata.

Everyone getting their turn at the Pinata!! Oh how the kids love CANDY!!!

Hailey getting her turn!





Happy 4th Birthday Hailey Brooke Jacobson!!!!!!!

Growing Up!!

Cant believe my babies are 4 and 2!  I told Logan the other day that he needs to stop growing and getting so big. He told me he couldn't because he eats lots and grows big! I really have the two greatest kids in the world. Time just needs to slow down so that I can enjoy the precious days I have with them longer! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Glasses

Ashlee got some new sunglasses for summer and she loves to wear them. She wanted to wear them all day, everyday after me got them. Can't tell you how much we love this little girl and her personality.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Beautiful Gift

My wonderful adopted parents Shauna and Hal Garner bought me this wonderful temp-tations bake ware set. Every time we go over to their house and Shauna had something baking in her set, I thought to myself man those are nice. Apparently maybe I said that I liked them, because one day I got a package in the mail and to my surprise this is the set and color that I received.  

I called to thank Shauna and I joked with her that she got them for me so that way maybe I would be more motivated to cook (for those who know me know I absolutely hate cooking).  I have used them quite a bit and I absolutely love them. To prove it the first time I used them I made two loaves of banana bread. I have used them many times since so who knows one day I might like to cook. (but not likely) 

Thanks again Shauna and Hal for the beautiful gift!  I really appreciate all that you do for my family. We sure do love you and are grateful that you are in our lives!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter 2013


Our First Easter Tradition is that the Easter Bunny always visits our house Saturday morning and if the kids are good he leaves them some goodies in their baskets. This Easter Saturday, daddy had to work and he worked all day so we had to enjoy some of our Easter Saturday without him.

Checkout their Easter Baskets

Logan's Basket
 Logan's Basket Goodies- New McQueen Rain Boots, McQueen gloves, a watering can, rake/shovel/hoe, Angry Birds board game, gum and a little bit of candy!

Ashlee's Basket
 Ashlee's Basket Goodies- Hello Kitty Rain Boots, Dora gloves, watering can, rake/shovel/hoe, FurReal Pony, gum and a little bit of candy!
They must have been good!
Sportin' their new boots!

Headed outside to play
 When it is a nice day we have to take a spin around the dairy in the JEEP!!

We played and kept ourselves busy until daddy got done working and then we headed outside for another Easter tradition of having our own little Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.

Ready to Hunt some Easter Eggs

 Getting their Hunt On:

Matt didn't tell me he was taking a picture so this is me Easter saturday!

It's time to open the Eggs and see what's inside:

Look at all our candy!
 That evening we headed down to Flint and Lisa's to color some eggs and look who came to see us, Aunt Shell. Brandon, Maricela, Hailey and Jayden were also there.

Having Fun Coloring Eggs

Aren't they Pretty?!
 We had a fun Easter Saturday and can't wait for Easter Sunday for more Family Easter Fun.


Easter Sunday 2013
She looked so pretty in her Easter dress and I crimped her hair
 We had a good day at Church and then it was a busy afternoon trying to make it to two more Easter Egg Hunts. The first one was at Papa Tim's and Grandma Maries.
Mom put balloons in the yard and the kids couldn't stay away from them.
Riley and Logan


Hunting Eggs

Lance, Courtney, Addyson and Blakely were there as well. I guess I didnt get any pictures of them, but I know I got a whole lot of video footage of them. Addyson and Blakely were cracking me up, two beautiful little girls. It was fun to get to see them and have fun for the short time that we were together. We had a delicious lunch and then we had to hit the road back to Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson for our last Easter egg hunt. Neither Matt nor I must have grabbed the camera because I cannot for the life of me find a picture of our Easter Egg hunt there. We had fun and of course it is always fun getting together with Matthew's Family. So it was a wonderful Easter for us this year. We got to see a lot of Family and we made some great memories with our kids!

Happy Easter 2013