Thursday, July 29, 2010


So my sister-in-law does flashcards with her little girl and I think it is a wonderful idea. I had never thought of it and I am also looking out for books to help teach Logan his numbers, colors, ABC's and such. So I thought that I would just make him some flashcards for his birthday. I figured that since I have a circut it would be pretty simple and I could just cut everything out on it. So I did and they are almost finished. All I have left to do is lamenate them.

COLORS: I just did a small picture of the color with the name.
NUMBERS: I put the number and name on front and then dots that we can count on the back.
ALPHABET: I put both the upper case and lower case letter on front and then a picture and a word on back. I tried to use words and pictures of things that Logan already kind of knows what they are.
SHAPES: I just put the shape and the word on the front of the card.

I am actually excited to use them with him. We have done the ABCs and the numbers as a trial to see if he likes them and he sat there and we went through them. So one present down many more to find.

Our Little Girl

So yesterday Matt, Logan and I went to my doctors appointment, because we were going to find out whether we are going to have a little girl or little boy. I wanted a little boy, so that Logan could have a little brother and Matt was hoping for a little girl. But really neither of us cared as long as everything looked healthy and normal. So we are PROUD to announce that we will be welcoming a LITTLE GIRL into our family. She is due December 11. We are so EXCITED!!!! I am not sure Logan knows what is going on but today he came up to me out of the blue and touched my tummy and said "baby". It was one of those awesome moments. I just love him to death and I just know that he will be the BEST BIG BROTHER EVER! So not only are we having a girl, but so far everything looked healthy and great. So no more worrying right?! Yeah right. That's one of a mothers jobs is to worry. But it is always good to hear that things look great.

We are pretty set on a name: Ashlee Nicole Jacobson.

The lady doing the ultrasound said that she is going to be a snuggler, because she was snuggled right up against the wall. I sure hope so. Logan has never been a snuggler. So it will be something different.

I was at WalMart the yesterday and I couldn't pass these up. They are nothing fancy but I thought that they were simple and cute, so I had to get one in all the colors. I just love onesies and little sweatpants.
The best part is that they were on clearance for only $1 a piece. So the shopping and deal hunting has officially started. I cant wait to see what cute clothes and good deals I can find. I also cant wait to make bows to match all of her cute outfits that she will have.

I just cant believe that we are over half way to having another wonderful addition to our family. I already feel so blessed with such a wonderful husband and little boy. Now we will be adding a wonderful and precious little girl to our little family. Don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful life, but I sure am a very blessed WIFE and MOTHER. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

MoRe SuMmErTiMe FuN !!!!

Cant get enough pics of Logan enjoying his pool.

So he finally figured out that it is super fun to run through
the sprinkler. I couldnt get him to stop so that I could go inside
and make dinner. He could have played in it all night long.
But we got inside eventually.

What more can I say, he truly is all BOY!
So I have to tell you about these shoes. He cant go
anywhere without them. He even wakes up in the morning
 and asks for his shoes instead of his juice like he used to. He
can even put them on himself. So he literally goes everywhere
in them.  I love it!

So speaking of shoes. I think this kid is going to
have a shoe fetish. He had to put Abbeys pretty pink shoes
on, which I am not so sure she was okay with. But he
sure thought that they were pretty cool.

Helping feed Hailey. He shared his bowl of crackers with her.
I thought it was cute. He is going to make the best big brother ever.

And just some cute pics of him trying to avoid the camera.
But I tricked him and got a few cute ones.


SuMmErTiMe FuN!!!!

Now that things have warmed up a bit, we have been enjoying ourselves outside. My Aunt Vicki was here all this past week, so we went and played at my Grandma Jaynes a couple of days.

Abbey, Logan and Hailey enjoyin the pool.
Hailey didnt like to be in the cold water, but
she loved to splash from the outside.

What a handsome little devil this one is!!

Abbey loved the camera she is just too cute!
She also loved the fact that her and Hailey had the exact
same swimming suit.

Hailey lovin the pool.
Not lovin the water in the face :(!
Just warmin up after a day of playin in the pool.

They all sure had fun just being out in the SUNSHINE :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Few Naughty Moments

So I have officially decided that on a normal day I have absolutely no patience. Seeing as how I am pregnant I now have negative patience. I feel like all I constantly do these days is yell at, spank and put Logan in time outs. All of which do absolutely nothing to my stubborn little boy. So really it does me no good to yell or spank but the timeouts seem to do the most damage. Anyway, so just the other day I had gotten myself some cereal and had Logans bowl sitting on the table awaiting him to slow down enough to stop by occassionally to take a bite. I had finished and had left the kitchen. Apparently my child is sneeky or I was just clueless that morning but some how he managed to get the milk pitcher, which was pretty much full, off the table and without spilling any on the kitchen floor proceeded to empty it on the living room carpet. Yes thats right on the CARPET!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!. I was sooo steaming mad! I didnt know what to do. I scrubbed the carpet trying to get all the milk out, but honestly how easy is it to get a gallon of milk out of carpet. I think that I can still see the milk and I have scrubbed it several times. Needless to say after that every little thing he did irritated me and he got in trouble for. But we are over that and if Matthew remembers to grab my moms carpet shampooer then hopefully I can get the other half a gallon out of the carpet so our house wont smell like rotten milk. Rotten child anyway :)!

Then  his other naughty habit is to get every box of cereal or crackers out of the cupboards and he dumps them out on the living room carpet. I am not quite sure what his attraction is to dumping things on the living room carpet but I am sure going to nip it in the butt before it becomes the death of my child.

And to think I want another boy. Maybe I should rethink this one.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Logan Pics

Being gone to camp for a week, Logan got some real bonding time with Matthew and they are best buds now. I just love it. He sure loves his DADDY!

I cant ever get him to look at the camera when I want to take a picture. He does cute things then I get the camera and he wont look at me. I sure hope that he will out grow this and start to like the camera.

Filling up his new pool. We got this Saturday and while we we in town getting it we stopped and got SnoCones. Logan loved it. It sure was a fun Saturday. We loved having Matt home, and we sure made it a fun Family Saturday. :)

Having fun trying to get daddy wet. He would just laugh and laugh and laugh trying to get Matt wet. It was so fun to watch them.

So we decided that after it was completely full that we are a little nervous to put Logan in it. We got him some water wings, but now we are thinking about a life jacket. So we will see how it goes with the water wings first.

Sooo funny. He fell and got stuck in this bush trying to catch the kitty at Grandma and Grandpas. I had to laugh and take a picture before helping him out. He kept saying I stuck, I stuck and whinning. HEHEHEHE

Yeah he loves chocolate. He grabbed 6 fun size crunch bars and proceded to eat them all. He sure is a messy kid when it comes to chocolate. 

Loves helping do dishes. This is at Great Grandma and Grandpa Petes house.

Not sure what he is doing here. Maybe he has a booger on it.

Sorry its sideways, but it is the cutest video and I cant get him to do it again for the camera.

But BYE BYE for now :)!

4th of July 2010

This year the 4th ended up being on a Sunday so we celebrated it on the 3rd with the Jacobsons. First Lisa, my Aunt Vicki, and I walked in the 5K before the parade here in Buhl. I didnt get a picture but I should have. We had fun and it was definitely good for me to get out and do some real physical exercise. I am use to chasing a 2 year old, but it was nice to just get out and walk. Dylan and Kagen ran the 5K. It sure was fun and next year my goal is to be in shape after having baby #2 and actually run the 5K. So I will have to get my butt in gear after December and get in shape.

Then we stayed for the parade. It was an okay parade. Not to many cool floats but lots of horses, tractors, and equipment. Which was okay because Logan sure enjoyed everything. He got so excited to see all the horses and tractors. Oh yeah and of course he enjoyed all the CANDY!!!

I love these two pics. He would raise his hands and jump around when he got excited. Love it!

Jace, Carson and Logan waiting for them to throw some more candy.

My Little Sheriff

Then after the parade we went back to Flint and Lisas to enjoy the festivities. This year Tanille put together her version of Minute To Win It. It sure was fun. Then we just enjoyed spending time together. It was too windy to go outside and enjoy the water which was kind of a bummer. So not pics of water activities this year. But we did go outside and played on the tramp and blew bubbles.

We had fun all day. Then we had dinner enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, homemade rootbeer and icecream and dutch oven cobblers. We waited for it to get dark and then we had our own fireworks. Which were great but Logan was soooo tired and fussy so he fell asleep and missed the fireworks. So he will have to wait until next year. But once again it was a great 4th of July with the Jacobsons. We did however miss Tianna and Ty.

JAM, JAM and more JAM

So Wednesday we made jam with the beehives for mutual. Some had never done it before so it was fun. Bernadette went and picked a gallon for us to use so we made a couple batches and then each of the girls got to take their own container of jam home. They had fun. We even ate some of the extra with homemade rolls and homemade ice cream. Can we say YUMMY!


Then on Friday, my mom and I got up early and headed to Raugust (u-pick strawberry farm) and we picked 5 gallons of strawberries. It didnt take long to pick. Then we spent the entire morning making strawberry freezer jam. I am pretty much stocked up for year. Now I just need to find some raspberries so that I can stock up on jam for Matthew.

I took home all but three of these containers.

This is all that my mom kept plus three of the other containers.

I brought these home to freeze so that we can enjoy fresh frozen strawberries.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garden Update

So after being gone to camp for a week. The garden survived. We lost two of our green pepper plants, and some of our cucumbers. But everything else looks great. The only thing I had to do was weed it, which took me two full mornings. It looks pretty good, so heres to hoping that I can keep it looking this good.

Stake Girls Camp 2010

This year Stake Girls Camp was up at Cabin Creek near Lake Alturas. It was a beautiful area. The weather cooperated all week and we were able to have a very enjoyable week.

The theme was M*A*S*H (More Active Spiritual Homes). So each of the girls was issued a hat, t-shirt, dog tag, and songbook upon arrival to Camp Zion: Operation MASH.

I will be honest I thought that I would be able to snap alot of pictures of all the activities, but I was in the middle of helping with everything that I didnt get really any. So note to self for the future. Call someone to be the camp historian so that everyone can enjoy pictures of camp. My roll at camp was Assistant Stake Camp Director, which was quite a change seeing as how the last time I attended camp was as a girl.

It sure was a fun experience, but glad to have all the meetings and planning over with. We started planning back in February and girls camp was June 21-25. So you can guess that we had quite a few meetings. But after many disappointing, successful and frustrating meeting. Things came together and it was a success!

Monday: Just the stake leaders, cooks and Junior leaders set off for camp. We got everything ready for the next day when everyone else would be arriving. We had plenty of free time to play games and enjoy nature. Then we enjoyed a dutch oven dinner. It was incredible to say the least.

Tuesday: Everyone arrived and put there stuff in their cabins and then headed off on their hikes. Then came back, decorated their cabins, got stuff set up, showered, and had free time. We ate dinner and then did our skits. We had them do their skits like a t.v. commerical trying to sell us something that would help make our homes more spiritually active. They were really good and they sure put some time and effort into them. Then we played games at the lodge and went to bed.

Wednesday: The 1st and 2nd years did their certification and then 3rd and 4th years did crafts. Then in the afternoon we had four 30 minute classes that everyone rotated to classes on the importance of recognizing the Holy Ghost , Family Home Evenings, Your attitude affects your home, Building Family Unity. Then it was Bishopric Night/Testimony Night.

Thursday: Morning was 1st and 2nd years crafts; and 3rd and 4th years certification. Then in the afternoon we had two boats and the girls got to go enjoy the lake. Then it was Stake Night. We had a live band play a few songs, then I gave a presentation on Spiritual Homes and used our family life growing up and my life now. Then a member of our Stake Presidency President Montgomery talked to us. It was a wonderful meeting.

Friday: We packed up and headed home :)!

We had a bear experience this year as well. We had a bear that was in our camp the first day. It was on the porch of my cabin, but we chased it off. Then the second day, I was headed down to talk to a cabin and on the path to the cabin about 50 yards or so away from me was the same bear. It was a little too close for comfort. So I turned around and hustled back to get our guy that had his gun. He chased it away again. I swear that the bear just looked at me like "Hey how are you doing". She didnt care that I was even there. She wasnt scared a bit. Just kept on walkin and didnt even mind that we were there. So the guy chased her off and she hissed at him so he put a bullet or two in her. Which upset several of our girls. They didnt understand why the could just come set a trap and haul her away. But apparently it was still bear season and the fish and game werent going to come get her. Instead they said that if she was going to be a bother to shoot her, so thats what happened. I say better the bear than one of the girls.

So we had a very good camp, with a little drama and a few pranks. But hopefully the girls had fun and enjoyed themselves like I did. :)!!!!!!!!!!!

This was one of the crafts. There was tons of different paper to chose from and the girls were very creative.

Friday, July 2, 2010


We are proud to announce that we are expecting baby #2. We were planning this one and cant wait for it to officially be a part of our family. This is such an exciting time for us. But we have to say that we are a little nervous. I guess that you are until the baby is here and everything is fine. But so far we were able to hear the heart beat and everything sounded fine. The nurse also gave me an educated guess on the babys gender based on the heart beat rate, but I am going to keep it a secret until the 28th when we officially have our ultrasound to see what we are having. So I am 16 weeks and 5 days along. I think everybody is thinking why did you wait so long before you went in, even the nurse thought that. Oh well. I figure that if I take my prenatal, eat healthy and take care of myself, then everything will be okay. So we waited and now that I am almost half way there, this pregnancy will go by fast not only for us, but for everyone else.

I havent been too sick. I have been nauseated just about everyday for the past 16 weeks. But I dont throw-up. I have been extremely tired which has been a challenge seeing as how I have had both Logan and Hailey. But we have gotten through it. Things are getting better, nausea is almost gone, but I am still extremely tired most days. Which wouldnt be so bad if my list of things to do would stop growing. I am just glad that so far things are going well and that we are half way to adding a new addition to our family. I cant wait. Oh yeah and Matt wants a girl and I want another boy, but seeing as how we dont get any choice in the matter, we will take what we get because you cant send them back and you wouldnt anyway. We just want another healthy baby no matter whether it is a girl or a boy.


So we have had requests for the;
8th by Tianna
10th by Flint and my Aunt Shelli
23rd by Kyanna (but sorry Kyanna I sure hope that I have the baby before then)

Check Back on the 28th and hopefully we will know whether boy or girl. YAY!!!!!!!!!!