Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting Ready For Tianna and Richard

So the countdown began. Tianna and Richard would be here from Mississippi in less than a week. So I helped Lisa get her house ready for all of us to be there for an entire week. We cleaned and organized every room. It was fun to help, I like cleaning other peoples houses.

(I am going to get pictures of the playroom that we painted, so I will have to update this post when I get them). 

We cant wait to see Tianna and Richard and get to spend the week with everyone!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Week Gone

Starting Sunday the 17th to the 23rd the kids and I were asked to take care of the dogs for my mom and her boyfriend while they went on vacation. We had to feed them at night and then again in the morning so we would head in at night and then just stay the night and get up in the morning and take care of them again. So it was a long week.

Monday we got up and we were able to head home and spend some time with Matt. 

 Tuesday we got up and went to my grandparents and knocked a few of the things my grandpa needed me to do, but it took us a good part of the day so we just stayed in Twin. 

Wednesday we got up and got groceries which took a good chunk of the morning, then I went home put the groceries away and then I headed over to the Garners and we went a picked strawberries so that we could make some freezer jam. So it was a late night and I had to pack the kids up and head back into Twin. Logan was sad and he stayed home with his daddy!

Thursday we got up and headed home so that I could make some jam, before the strawberries went bad. I also had to get home so that I could get Logan so that Matthew could go to work. 


Last Crop of Strawberries from Raugust , the berries were super tiny and I didnt get as much I would have liked but at least I got some.

This is the pectin I like to use. It use a whole lot less sugar. It is 4-1/2 cups fruit to 1-1/2 cups sugar!

My little helper this year. She LOVES strawberries and would just keep grabbing them and shoving them in her mouth :)!

Yep there she goes again!

Holding her hard work!

I was able to get 16 cups of jam.

She screamed at me when I took the picture above so I had to get her in the picture. Look at that smile and those strawberries on her face.
Of course we had to spend some time playing at home before we headed back to Twin.

Logan doing his exercises as he calls them.

He is getting pretty good at it, I would say :)!

Friday we got up and did a little shopping. Shopko had some pretty good deals and we had to take advantage of them. Then we headed over to my grandparents so that I could mow the lawn. Then we headed home and mowed our lawn and played outside. Just to head back into Twin and we spent the evening with Michelle, Val and Richard at my grandparents house because they came down for the weekend to help my grandpa. We made dinner and played games. Then poor little Logan wanted to go home and see his daddy, but we had to stay in Twin and it took a little to calm him down., but he did great.

Playing outside with our new slip-n-slide that we got at Shopko 

Uncle Dylan even stopped by to cool down and play.

He help push Ashlee down the slide :)!

Saturday Morning was the last time to take care of the dogs and then we went and saw Michelle and the gang again before they headed back to Pocatello. Then it was home to make sure that things were ready for church the next day.

What a long week! It was sure great to get home!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

So Father's Day came and went pretty fast this year! Logan and Ashlee are pretty lucky to have such a wonderful DAD! They sure do love him. I love to hear the door open (as Matthew comes inside) and then not far behind is the sound of little feet running to the door and then comes the wonderful sound of DADA and Daddy Your Home! As both kids run to give daddy a hug :)! What a wonderful day to celebrate what wonderful men we have in our lives. I want Matthew to know how great it is to have him in our lives and just what a wonderful Father he is.

We didn't do anything fancy for him, but we did get him  his own box of fish to eat, a case of his favorite pop (Cherry Coke), we got him a little picture book with pictures of the kids, and a awesome key chain with a picture of the kids on it. (He will be getting spoiled very soon, so stay tuned)

At church the dads were given bag of M&Ms that were tied in the middle (looked like bow ties) and had a bobby pin attached so that they could wear them like bow-ties. Most of the dads were good sports and the kids thought they looked pretty cool.

Also a Happy Fathers Day to Flint and my dad! Thanks for being great examples. We love you too!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Non-Stop Week!

So life has been pretty darn busy around here lately. I am not complaining because I would rather be busy that not have much to do. But here is the break down on how my last week had been.

Thursday 6/7
Got home from Moscow, unloaded the car, let the kids run, weeded the garden, did a load of laundry, packed stuff into the car for a yard sale I was doing with my mom. Then repacked bags so that I could go to Twin and stay at my moms so that I could get up early for the yard sale the next morning.

Friday 6/8
Got up early and we got the yard sale set up and it went from 8-1pm. Then we packed everything up so that we could get up and do it all over again the next day. Then I went and mowed lawn at my grandparents. I was then able to head home for a night! So then I got home and got a few more things ready for the yard sale the next day and went to bed.

Saturday 6/9
Got up early again and headed to Twin with the kids for the second day of the yard sale. We got things set up and then a few hours into the yard sale it started to rain and so we put things away and called it quits for the day. (so we are going to have a yard sale again in July) So then I had to go into town to get some ribbon to make a few bows for a lady. I spent a few hours doing that and then the kids and I headed home, but stopped at Flint and Lisas house to say hi. Lisa and I went through some of her kitchen cupboard and organized them. Then we headed home, with Matthew, to relax and get ready for church.

Sunday 6/10
I had to get up and get ready early because I had ward council. So Matthew had to get the kids ready and bring them to church. Primary is always hectic and most Sundays I come home exhausted and not sure that I got anything from it. But it is always nice to go! So then we came home and ate lunch and we were able to go hang out at Flint and Lisa's. I think I love Sundays because I know that it is a day that I will get to relax, because I never plan anything! Brandon and Maricela come out and Zac and Laura were there, so it is always fun to have family get together. We came home and I spent the evening making the bows for the lady that placed an order, because I needed to sent them out Monday and that was the only time I had before Monday. So it was another late night!

Monday 6/11
I had to get up and head back into Twin for an appointment. Then after my appointment the kids and I stopped by my moms house to help her with her house that she is remodeling. So we spent quite a few hours there and didnt get home until about 7pm. So then we actually spent some family time together and then I went for a little run. I am determined to get into shape so that I can run in the 5k before the 4th of July run this year. 

Tuesday 6/12
A repair man came out and looked at my dishwasher and he had to order parts so my dishwasher is out of commission until the 25th. Then I headed down to help Lisa start rearranging her rooms. We all pitched in and painted Tianna's room a light blue, because she is turning it into her sewing/craft/guest room. Then after we got started moving stuff around she decided that she also wanted to paint the walls in the room we turning into the kids playroom. So we decided on a different color for each wall and started painting! (I will post a picture when it is all completed). I ran again which is a new record for me, 2 night in a row!

Wednesday 6/13
The kids and I slept in! YAY! I gave them a bath and then we headed outside to mow our lawn. Then after mowing our lawn we headed over to the Garners to eat lunch and spend the afternoon with Shauna. So we ate lunch and then I helped her with a little errand and then we planted her garden. Then kids wanted to swim in the cuzzi (Jacuzzi). So Shauna and I talked and had a good time. Then the kids and I headed home for another late night. But I was also able to get a run in before bed, 3 days in a row, after I was done running I literally couldnt walk (guess thats what I get for being lazy and letting myself get out of shape!) and then just went to bed. 

Thursday 6/14
Had a presidency meeting in the morning and Laura was nice enough to watch my kids so that I didn't have to drag them to yet another presidency meeting. So I was able to get more accomplished at my meetings besides chasing kids and they got to play with Carson and Macey. They had a blast! Then Laura and I met up at Lisas and did some more organizing and painting. We did as much as we could and then I headed home and was able to go for another run. I am just proud that I have finally done something for 4 consecutive days. I have been running 1.5 miles, but need to get to at least 3.2 by the 4th of July. In my head it seems like its out of reach, but I am going to do it!

Friday 6/15
That's today! Wow what a day it has been! We got up and headed to Twin yet again, because it was time for me to mow my grandparents lawn. So I did that and we always have a good time seeing them. It was a little rushed because I had to get back to Buhl by 2. So I mowed lawn and then had to go pick up Matthews pay check, stop by my moms house and drop some stuff off for her and then head to Buhl. So how I got it all accomplished and made it back to Buhl so that I could do my visiting teaching. My partner and I have two sisters to visit and today we spent about an hour and 15 minutes at each house. Which it was great to sit and talk with them, but it was sure hard on Logan and Ashlee. We then did a few things in Buhl, and I even stopped and got us all an ice cream. Then we came home and I put the kids down for a nap. I payed bills and I am finally updating my blog. Now I am going to motivate myself to go for a run and when I get back I have a messy house calling my name :)!

Did I say that being a stay at home mom is great! So here's to seeing what kind of a crazy week I can have next week. But I hope everyone has a wonderful Fathers Day weekend :)!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Moscow Bound

So Miss Addyson had a dance recital on the 6th of June and the kids and I were able to tag along with my dad and my grandparents. We were all going to head to Moscow, Id for a long but very short trip. We got in the car on Wednesday (June 6th) at 7:30 AM and we headed down the road. We were able to take my dad and Cyndi's Tahoe which had a DVD player in it for the kids and enough leg room for us adults. I should have taken a picture of us all in the car but I didn't. We were in the car for a total of about 9 hours! The kids did really well. We stopped and ate, stopped for potty breaks and to get fuel. We really didnt have to stop all that much. The kids watched a movie on the way up and then we just played and talked with them. I got a little car sick and had to take a little nap myself. But we successfully made it to Moscow with 3 hours to spare before the recital. So we went and checked into our motel and then my grandparents took a little nap and my dad and I took the kids for a little walk.

Sitting on the steps outside our motel. 

Couldn't get them to sit still for a least one good picture with me, but after  sitting for 9 hours I think it was a little too much to ask :)!

Stretchin' out their legs with a little run :)!

Pickin Wildflowers!

Looking at some water!

Silly Boy!

Pretty Little Ashlee

More Flowers!

My two angels!

She found some water on the path and of course she had to step in it!

So glad they love to do things together!

Ashlee with Papa Brad!

He is just the best little boy. I love him so much!

All our wildflowers!

There was a little bunny on the trail and they are trying to find him.

Eating some ice cream with Papa!

The traveling crew chilling in the motel.

So we hung out in the hotel and gave the kids a bath and then we all got ready to go see Miss Addyson dance! (I hope my sister-in-law doesnt mind me stealing these pictures from her blog, but I didn't have my camera out at the recital)

Beautiful Miss Addyson!

She did such an amazing job dancing! So fun to get to be there to see her perform!

Sisters! I love this picture! Two beautiful little girls, Addyson and Blakely!

We were able to go out and eat after the recital. It was good to get to see everyone and it was fun to watch Logan and Addyson play together. It was a late night and we headed to our motel. We had to get up early and head back home the next morning. So before we headed home Lance and Courtney let us stop by their house so that we could see where they live and to see them one more time before he headed home.

Ashlee found the little play kitchen and pretty much played there the whole time we were there.

Papa with Addyson, Blakely and Logan!

Cousins on the top bunk of Addyson new bed set. They all loved climbing up there together.

Aren't they just all so stinking cute. They much have some good looking parents :)!

Logan running and having a good time!
It was way too short of a trip, but we were sure glad that we were able to tag along and that we were able to be there to watch Miss Addyson perform. What a beautiful little girl she is, and we are sure proud of her! It was great to get to see everyone, because it sure had been a long time since we last saw them. Thanks for letting us come and visit and be apart of Addysons performance :)!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Fun Day

Yesterday was a very hot day! We got up mowed the lawn and worked in the garden. Then after we ate lunch and did a few more things outside we decided to take a break and play in the water. First we just turned on the sprinkler and had fun running through it. Both Logan and Ashlee were afraid to run right in the center so I had to join in and show them how to play in the sprinkler. It was sure a sacrifice I was willing to make :)!

It sure is fun to have siblings to play with!

Cute Little Miss Ashlee!

I talked him into trying to sit on the sprinkler and he did it and then I couldn't get him to stop :)!
Then I remembered that my Aunt had given me a slip-n-slide last fall and so I had to go dig it out of the basement. The kids would run down it instead of trying to slide so once again I had to sacrifice and show them how to do it. ;)! It sure was fun and we had some good laughs!

I love this picture because it shows just how much I hate water splashing in my face :)! LOL!

He did this pretty much the whole time. He loved it!

Soaking up some sun!

Hanging out in the pool at the end of the slide :)!

It was just a fun day and we got to end it with some cake and ice cream out at Zac and Laura's for Carson's Birthday!!!