Monday, February 29, 2016

February Rugrats

So I did a little early spring cleaning hoping to get things less cluttery before Porter gets here. Logan was also a rockstar about getting rid of some of his toys, It always feels great to get rid of stuff that is just laying around to make room for some new stuff

Sold his tool bench to make money for some new toys 
My big pile of stuff to get rid of.
 Miss Ashlee got the privilege of taking a quick trip with Grandma Rie to Boise. They took Grandma Jaynes up to Boise to stay with Uncle Jerry, She was so excited and had a blast!

Bags packed for her trip with Grandma Rie

So cute pictures of my girls in the car!

Spunky Mishagan with her glasses upside down!
 Someone got a hold of my phone!

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